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Importance of Writing Skills in Social Media

In the age of YouTube, TikTok, and IGTV, writing is not as important as before. People often use Twitter that only allows a few sentences. In Instagram, where the written text is of no importance.

So, why should we still develop our writing skills to succeed in social media in this online world? Are there any real advantages? Yes, there are, and let us discuss their importance.


Social Media and Business Writing Skills

As you might be aware, social media has become invaluable for companies. Companies build their business by sharing information, thus increasing brand awareness.

Web pages, blogs, articles, and social media posts can be liked, shared, retweeted, and discussed. All these activities lend social credibility. All are much needed for the success of your business. Every share or like is like a vote that increases credibility in real-time.

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With all the social media posts, articles, blogs, web pages, and online content – content still rules the world. In simple terms, good content means more customers, more engagement, leads, and conversions.

More customers mean more and more audiences will see your brand, talk about and, hopefully, purchase your product or services. Good content will also see more visitors visiting your website.

If you aim to convert casual visitors to regular ones, you actually need practical online writing skills. Print writing and web writing are two very different media and require different skill sets. One requires specialized journalism skills different from the other. It is not just a matter of pasting written pages online.

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How Print and Web Writing Are Different?

You need to understand that print content has longevity. It is more static and has a uniform style because you usually know your audience. In contrast, with its visuals and links, online writing is dynamic and draws readership from different demographics. People with varying knowledge, levels, and interests read your online content. Therefore, its style is also more conversational. Hence writing skills play an important role depending on the env you are writing for.

Moreover, the writers need to keep in mind that web audiences read differently. A study found that 79 percent of text users constantly scanned new pages, and only 16 percent of them read word-by-word.

Experts even recommend that web pages be condensed by 50 percent content because readers read the information displayed on screens 25 percent slower. The reason is that the screen flicker and varying resolutions make reading more challenging. But the primary main reason is that most online readers are impatient and easily distracted. Meaning they want information delivered in bite-size pieces.

Therefore, you should have a team of social media writers to derive the maximum benefits from social media. Writers are qualified and equipped with highly specialized and creative business writing skills. In simple terms, they are more than simply copywriters.


Search Engines Look for Text

All those things about senses and stories are great about online content. But the technical aspects are equally important. Although search engines can now use images to recognize them and find similar ones, the main element of content categorizing is the text. It is where writing skills are important.

JWriting skills are vital as a good piece of content can help show your text higher in the search results.

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You need to understand that the appropriately placed keywords can help show your text higher in the search results. A good description, even when it is only a secondary element to a video, makes a difference.

If you have a summary, it makes the video more visible and recognizable because people can read a short synopsis before watching the entire movie.

Remember that the Social media internal algorithms also prefer to “see” a good text near a good video. It increases the weightage of the video. The unique and original content is shown to more audiences than a bare video without any description.

In simple terms, the combination of text and imagery makes ads cheaper in most cases. Solely because posts having videos with texts are considered easier to promote. You can also use text to add links and create some hidden ads right inside your blogs, articles, or web page.

Remember that writing skills are not outdated. They are still a powerful tool for creating your brand, story, and mood. They can be very useful, both technically and storytelling-wise. Note that a good copywriter can create a brand, and a bad one can even destroy it. So polish your writing art to perfection and grow the perfect story or content for your social media posts.


Why Writing Skills Matters

You need to understand that – to succeed in the social media sphere, companies must populate their various accounts with consistently strong writing. Meaning you should keep posting high-quality content, in addition to strong imagery.

The good news is that writing social media copy is not complex. However, learning how to write for social media is worth it.

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Here are some tips on how to write better content for your social media accounts and why it matters.

Why Good Writing Skills Matters

Each social media post communicates a business’ identity or brand to its clients and customers. A well-written social media post paints your business’s positive and polished image. It communicates to users that this business has something valuable to say and offer.

Meanwhile, a social post that is disorganized and unfocused reflects poorly on a business, hurting any rapport the company might have built with existing or potential customers. Also, remember that poorly written content does not do a business justice. Moreover, it can undermine a company’s success. Therefore, well-written social media posts are important and can increase the company’s brand value.

1 Consistency

Social media writing should be consistent. Your Facebook page must share the same message that your Twitter page does. In short, companies should give an even level of attention to all their social media accounts. But if anyone platform is fostering better results, you should pay more attention there.

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2 Conciseness

Remember that a successful social media writer is informative yet concise. A writer has to communicate a large amount of value in just a few words. Interestingly, a strong social media post compels your reader’s attention with carefully calculated word choice. Writing skills matter a lot. In short, writing well for the Internet involves learning the right style and presenting it correctly.

3 Tailoring the Message to the Platform

You should be careful that consistency in content does not mean a universal writing style for all social media websites. Meaning a Facebook post has a 63,206-character limit, whereas Twitter allows no more than 140 characters. Moreover, a LinkedIn post is intended to be informative and formal, while a tweet’s purpose is to be clever and eye-catching. Hence the writing skills required in each will vary.

The same word choice and writing style will not work for all social networks. But there must be a common ground regarding communicating the right content about your business overall platforms. This makes mastering the art of social media copywriting – all the more challenging.


Ways to Develop Writing Skills

Many of you underestimate the importance of having excellent writing skills. Improving your writing skills is arguably one of the most crucial skills; we call it written communication.

Hope you would agree – apart from the spoken word, writing is perhaps one of the world’s oldest forms of communication that still exists today. Even today, our daily communication is always accompanied by some form of writing. It could be a text message, daily emails, or social media posts.

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Here are some ways most professional social media team can develop their writing skills:

1 First, thoroughly research your company’s products or services as well as markets to understand the audience. Only then can you correlate the two in your writing.

2 Next, research thoroughly to understand the demographics of potential readers. This process will help you prepare informative content and presentation.

3 Always use short paras and short sentences and keep the language concise and clear.

4 Hook your readers’ interest from the beginning by front-loading paragraphs and sentences. Meaning give the most important information first.

5 Use meaningful and attractive photos, graphics, videos, and hypertext links. These will make your writing dynamic, authentic, and credible. It will also add value to your website, which leads to more likes and shares, helping you reach out to a larger audience.


Not All people Prefer Videos

It might not be true, but even in our age of visual content, some individuals still prefer good old plain letters. They might belong to an older generation and just get used to reading. They might live in places with a poor Internet connection.

Even in workplaces you might not be able to play videos. There are other restrictions aa well. It is where your writing skills become important.

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The Internet might be a problem in places. It is when plain text becomes essential. There are many who do not want to spoil their mood with leggy and slow videos. They might be at work where they can not play the video loud. In such places, they may want to read and re-think the text several times in a way and at a pace they prefer.

There are also some people who do not like voice messages, video tutorials and other similar stuff. Instead prefer stuff that can be transcribed as text.

Of course, recording a video is relatively faster than writing a text. You have to switch the camera on and start speaking. But still, to prepare a good video, you should sound loud, clear, and convenient, without stopping on the topic suddenly. Meaning you need to have good oral skills to become a good speaker for a long time.

In contrast, if you are writing a text, you can stop, read it, and change it again and again without rewriting it from scratch. So it is much easier to get a perfectly written text than film a perfect video.


Social media copy can make or break your business. It is indeed true that the benefits of web writing skills are indisputable. The right content not only creates loyal readers and customers who also become promoters of your business. Remember that word of mouth from loyal customers is perhaps the best marketing strategy of all.
So you can use social media copy as a weapon. The power of written words, along with images, is very powerful. Guiding this power effectively through skillful writing skills and audience surveys could lead to success in the social media world.

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