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Why are WordPress Themes Important?

WordPress is used to create all kinds of eCommerce websites. Hence you can use WordPress themes to make your website stand out in the best way possible.

The WordPress theme you select should complement the content of your website. For example, if you are starting a blog on politics or social issues, then you would want a great theme that improves readability.


What is a WordPress Theme?

If you are new to WordPress you might have many questions.
But if you have been using WordPress you would have some specific questions. How does WordPress work?
How do you customize a WordPress website? And what WordPress themes? As you will see all these questions are connected.

WordPress Themes 2

WordPress themes are a great tool for establishing your online presence. They make your website stand out in the best way possible. Even if you are not a designer and you have never done any coding, WordPress themes are your best option.

WordPress themes allow you to quickly set up a website and customize it just the way you would like it to be. Your website development task is simplified. This is precisely the reason why WordPress themes are so popular among entrepreneurs and retailers.


WordPress Themes 8
What is WordPress? To understand the basics behind WordPress themes, we should start from the basics. WordPress is an eCommerce platform. In simple terms, WordPress is an open-source content management system that allows you to create and manage a website with ease. You only need to have a domain name and web hosting, and you are good to go.
All this sounds fine and simple, but there is a catch. In spite of having all its functionality, WordPress looks pretty simple and dull when you first install it. The reason being the core theme in WordPress looks quite basic.
WordPress themes are very handy when you want to make your site unique and perfectly suited for your brand and business.
WordPress themes can be divided into two very distinct categories – free and premium.



Why are WordPress Themes Important for a Website?

Are you thinking of developing a new WordPress site for your particular niche? Remember, the selection of a WordPress theme is very important in making your website successful in today’s high competition.

As you know, WordPress is an excellent content management system. The platform makes it easy for developers and designers to look for ways to develop a website in an easy way.

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Here we include the different reasons that highlight the importance of a WordPress theme for your website.

1 Increases Attractiveness and Usability of a Website

With the use of a website theme, even if you are a layman with no technical knowledge can make your online store look attractive. One can choose from different themes with ease and include different features with a drag-n-drop feature. This will help you to develop a website in no time. In addition to this, it drastically increases the usability of your website.

2 Extended Functionality with Faster Results

On WordPress themes, you can extend the functionality with the help of plugins as per your preferences. By installing the right WordPress plugins(like Google map plugins) you can simply build a website which looks more efficient and includes the features you desire.  Visual Composer Starter theme is another such functionally – a fast and simple solution to create a website.
In case you do not have any developer, it is possible for you to set up the website using WordPress. You can use any of the WordPress themes to do so. By using comfortable and cheap WordPress themes, you can obtain a fully furnished website in a few simple steps.

3 Keeps Websites Updated and Maintains High Quality

One of the potential benefits of using WordPress themes is that you can keep your website updated and prevent any attack of malware. In addition to this, the WordPress themes help you to maintain the quality of a website as it uses well-organized and WordPress SEO optimized codes. This is because the coding is done by experienced developers and hence ensures a smooth experience for your users.

4 Supports Easy Browsing and Provide Beneficial Features

A WordPress theme is so designed that they ensure easy browsing for your visitors. It is designed by taking into consideration all the available browsers. This will help you maintain a high volume of traffic on your online platform. WordPress themes also provide advanced features to your website thus boosting your online presence.


Free WordPress Themes

The biggest advantage of using free themes for your website is that they are completely free to use.

Another benefit of using free themes is that they feature a simple design with fewer customization options.

This makes it easy for you if you do not know to code. In addition, it also makes it easier to work with if you are a beginner.

WordPress Themes 4


Free WordPress themes strictly mean those in the WordPress.org theme directory. You can find many such free themes all around the web, but the ones you find in the official directory undergo a strict and meticulous quality control process. If you download the free themes from anywhere else there could be a risk of running into a theme with faulty code.

The disadvantage of having a free WordPress theme is that – no one can guarantee you that the theme you have selected will get adequate support after a few years.

Remember that free themes usually have a limited range of features. You can solve this problem with various plugins or even by adding some custom css, if you are familiar with coding. Meaning if you can code you can extend the functionality of almost any WordPress website.

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Today many of the WordPress themes come with tons of customization options. If they are not coded properly, these options can make it difficult for you other WordPress plugins. You could be locked into that theme or might have to pay a developer to resolve the coding issue. Hence you have to select free or premium WordPress themes based on your requirements and priorities.


Premium WordPress Themes

On the web you can find many marketplaces where you can choose and purchase premium themes. Same is the case with WordPress.

If you purchase a premium theme, you will have far more features than you would get with a free WordPress theme. There are several advanced features that allow you to expand and customize your website in a multitude of ways.

WordPress Themes 5

As with every product buying a theme can bring many benefits to your website.All of the premium WordPress themes are cross-browser compatible and are updated with the latest WordPress version. They also work well with most WordPress plugins you can find online. WordPress is renowned for its website builder and web hosting solutions which can be easily customized.

Listed below are interesting premium themes you can check out.

1 Avada

This is an extremely popular theme having a vast number of templates. It is the number one bestselling WordPress theme on ThemeForest. There have been over 680,000 sales, the reason being it is simple: it is a very simple premium theme out there. With the Avada Builder plugin, you can build a layout fast with impressive customizations. Avada comes with more than 80 website templates, enabling you to have a site designed and uploaded in no time.

2 BeTheme

A fantastic and versatile theme with loads of advanced features and vast customization. BeTheme comes with Muffin Builder, allowing you to build and customize your website and pages using containers. You can also make the changes globally which allows you to save time.

3 Kallyas – WordPress Themes

A popular theme with many options. The drag and drop interface is a feature many customers look for. This WordPress theme is fully responsive and retina-ready, and it fully supports all the latest features including being translation-ready.

4 Monstroid2

This theme provides an extensively customizable layout and has a wide number of website templates.

5 Oshine – WordPress Themes for Designers

A great versatile WordPress theme which has a particular focus on photography.


Benefits of Buying Premium WordPress Themes

It is important to note that a WordPress theme is an integral part of every WordPress website.

Besides, providing you with multiple customization options, it can help you manage the way you want your website to look and function.

WordPress Themes 6


1 Design

Most premium theme authors pay attention to the design of their themes. Besides making them functional, they are styled in a way that fits your small business needs. Their huge team of designers, illustrators, animators, UX and UI experts and artists ensure every aesthetic and functional detail in each of the themes.

2 Animations and effects

You can select a premium theme that can often have different types of animations to improve UX. These could be hover animations, loading animations, animated backgrounds, functional animations such as switchable buttons, and many more. All these different animation features help to improve the overall browsing experience.

3 Page builders

Whether you want to build layouts from scratch or customize the predesigned page templates, page builders can help you do it with zero knowledge on coding. Most page builders include drag-and-drop functionality, which makes page building even simpler for you. To ease your experience, many theme creators include some type of page builder with their themes. For example, are WPBakery page builders or the Elementor page builder.

4 Typography

Most of the premium WordPress themes have organized typography with defined headings, subheadings, and text, all are adjusted to fit the overall style of the theme. Even the choice of fonts in premium themes is better.

5 Widgets

Widgets are different types of add-ons that give your website more features and a distinctive feel. Hence they are WordPress-powered websites. A widget could be a basic functionality like a Search bar or something more advanced like a widget that displays Instagram images on your website. Today plenty of these premium themes come with a number of widgets.

6 Responsiveness

Today you must be using devices with different screen sizes. Therefore, responsive designs have become more of a necessity. Nowadays, most premium WordPress developers have this feature in mind and make sure that their themes look pitch perfect on whatever screen the user uses.

WordPress Themes  – For Quick Website Setup

Choosing whether to opt for free or premium WordPress themes will usually depend on your financial plan, and the requirements you want for your website. If you are on a budget and want to run a simple blog(post formats), or a website with some basic features, then opting for one of the many available free WordPress themes is a good solution.

On the other hand, if you want to build a unique design with a multi-layered website, buying a premium theme is generally recommended. The latter option will give you a professional design, regular updates, adequate support, expanded functionality, and features made specifically for your industry.

Hope now you understand exactly what WordPress themes are and how they can contribute to your website. Hence it should be much easier to determine which one best fits your needs.

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