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WordPress SEO: Create Great Content

It is the popular platform to create your SEO-focused content.
You can do so much with it.
There are surprising ways in which you can get higher rankings, more sales and a fantastic website with it.
Do you want to optimize your website with the best practices?
Look no further.
This blog post is looking into the latest, incredible hacks that will get you a powerful WordPress-led content framework. This article will provide you with amazing tips when you make use of Yoast SEO plugin.
Let’s get into these excellent tips and techniques:
great content from wordpress

Getting WordPress in Order

This is an optimized content management system which uses customized theme and plug-in to make it interesting and catchy.

While you will learn through our website ‘Markfiniti’, endless options on how to maximize your articles reach with SEO optimization tactics; this post will specifically highlight how your content plays a major role in giving you a fantastic reach.

No matter how technical savvy and great your piece looks-structure-wise, at the end of the day, what people read is what it all comes down too.

You need quality content.

What you say and how you say it matters the most.

There are specific ways in which your content is ranked and this includes being smooth, easy to follow, catchy, presentable and leaving you with a feeling of awe.

A few tips that you should follow to increase ranking and get a highly optimized blog post:

*Health matters

The first thing you should do is first check the site’s current health status. The Site Health section in WordPress helps to give you an overview on the health reading of your site.
Also, you could choose to install the Health Check plug-in. This plug-in gives you loads of technical insights and helps you get information that outside parties can use to help you improve your site. Eventually, all features of the Health Check plug-in will move to WordPress core.
It is important to have a proper hosting plan. Sometimes you need to invest a good amount to ensure that your web hosting is done through a well-known and dedicated web host which provides excellent service.
How this helps?
It is better if you take the guidance of the professionals who already hold the techniques to ensure high SEO performance.
Here’s the checklist on what things should be in optimal order:

  • The hardware and software are your sites running?
  • What hosting plan are you using?
  • Is your shared hosting provider on a budget?
  • Are you using a dedicated hosting plan?
  • Is your web-host giving excellent servers for use with WordPress?

*Get Your Content Optimized

optimization of content is essential

There are thousands of articles already present on a topic you wish to write on.
So how will you make your blog post stand out from the crowd?
Two ways- either you choose an interesting or distinctive topic OR you make your copy authoritative and engaging than the others. High quality content
Nothing gets your readers get bored faster than boring content.
One of the basics you will learn is how your content has to be great and you have to present it greatly.
But it also means your ideas should come well-structured and accessible manner.
Together, this will help you attract the audience you’re looking for in an engaging way.

Let’s talk about some key factors which will help to get the wow factor of your content in focus:

Do Good Research

The first and most important thing is to know clearly what is it that you want to give information for?
And this should closely associate and relate to what kind of intel are your readers looking for.
Start off by thinking what specific key phrase will optimize your post.
This will require you to carry out a proper keyword research. For a good keyword hunt, decide on what terms you want to rank and is it possible to get a high Google ranking for them?
High-ranking comes from looking into a niche market. You won’t get a good ranking if you target for common and general terms. Because common words have more competition.

Aim for the expertise- showcase you have better knowledge on a specific topic or a niche. The more focused your topic is, the better your chances of a good ranking.
It allows you to have focused terms which allows you to talk about and expand on a topic from different sides.
This means you will aim for long-tail key pharses. This makes it easy for you are to target a good ranking on a specific niche with a focused topic.

Great Content

Much like any kind of writing, your SEO-focused blog needs to consider a few things to reach an attention-grabbing style.
Your reader wants to feel great, amazed with a feeling of excitement when they read your content.
But they also need to understand it.
You may be the expert in the field you are writing but they won’t be.
Use language which is easy to understand and follow.
Once your keyword research is complete; you have decided on your key phrase. Now you will get to the actual writing part.
Remember- good writing doesn’t happen right away.
Like good novelists and story tellers, you will first create a draft.
This is the overview of what your article is about. You will have to revisit. Make noticeable changes before you reach your final draft.
It isn’t perfect prose but follow a proper structure.

5 Effective Pointers on Good Structure:

get a good structure in focus

*Have a good, catchy intro to grab the reader’s attention
*Include power words and interesting sentence structure for the middle part
*Conclude with a CTA. Tell your readers their input is needed now. Make them an important part of the piece.
*Once done writing, read your whole post loudly. See if something is missing; if something doesn’t add up properly. Make amendments
*A fresh set of eyes always helps. Get your friend or colleague to read the blog post. Take criticism productively.

Spotlight on individual posts/pages

When you look into making your post SEO-friendly, three major elements of your WordPress should be in order:
*Meta Description
All three should reflect the topic in hand. This means that the visitors should be able to get a better understanding of what the post is all about as well as the search engine should get a strong grasp on the topic in hand.
Know this: your description and title will decide how many visitors will be clicking on your website when it shows up on the search results.
Subheadings will become an additional deciding factor on what impression will the visitors make of your page.

Amplify your content

As we have already mentioned before, your content- the topic you have worked on is most probably not entirely new.
There is already a set of content that has covered this topic already. Your article will most likely get lost within it if it doesn’t stand out.
Look for ways how you can maximize the audience reach.
Look beyond the organic reach.
Check if your structure is original and easy to go through.
Amplify your content to reach a new and high audience.

Update Your Cornerstone Content

On your website, you will have some valuable content pages which are more valuable and important to your whole layout.
These pages have cornerstone articles for which you can get a higher Google ranking.
Check out these tips on how to improve your rankings for valuable content. The pages and posts should:
* Should contain the complete and essential information for your audience
*Have a complete look into your article to make sure it is complete, up-to-date and well-written
*Show authority
*It helps if you share links on related posts from within your own website
*Aim to get organic traffic to the site
*Have an overview of the competition. See ways in which you can rank higher. There must be a loop, a missing link which you can target


We hope you enjoyed this post on quality content framework on a WordPress website.
It is important that you understand that even with the implementation of all technical tactics, it falls down on how well is your content written.
At the end of the day, it is only with compelling content can you get a higher reach and conversion.
It is more reader-oriented giving a high reach while making it readily accessible for search engines to rank.
Remembers it is extremely competitive.
You have various websites which are giving endless articles on the same topic.
How will you rank higher than the others?
We hope you got a good and fair idea on how WordPress and SEO can come together to give your quality content a quality ranking.

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