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7 Best WordPress SEO Plugins You Need to Get More Traffic

Are you looking for best WordPress SEO plugins? Then this is the ultimate guide for you.SEO plugins play an important role in increasing your organic traffic even if you are not an SEO expert.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and usually involves optimizing your web pages to drive the organic traffic from search engines like Google.

Still, seems hard to understand? Let us discuss WordPress SEO plugins in detail.


What is WordPress SEO Plugin?

It is important to understand what WordPress SEO plugins are and why they are used.

If you have a website or blog, you need an SEO plugin for it without having to manipulate a single line of code.

WordPress website allows you to edit your blog posts and customize them to enhance user experience.

Let us take a brief look at SEO plugins to understand them deeply.

SEO plugins for wordpress
SEO plugins are important in SEO on-page optimization, by performing certain functions such as putting in meta title and blog description without having to deal with the coding part.

Therefore, it is important to know about SEO plugins along with SEO copywriting to gain more organic traffic.

You can find a large number of SEO plugins in WordPress which is not a bad thing at all but it might get overwhelming in finding the right plugin for your website.

Therefore, this article is published to help you in choosing the right SEO plugins for your WordPress.


7 Best WordPress SEO Plugins to Grow Traffic

Are you facing difficulty in choosing the best WordPress site SEO plugins?

Some plugins offer a number of different SEO features while some solely focus on doing one task.

A little tip for SEO plugins is not to install two plugins that target doing the same thing.

This article will provide you with the best plugins that are very simple and easy to use and have multiple SEO features to grow organic traffic on your website.

Don’t worry, you just sit back and relax while we narrow down for you, the list for WordPress SEO plugins and their role in improving your website.

Icons used to indicate internet plugins

Below we have listed the best WordPress SEO plugins that you need to install right away if you want to grow your website.

Are you ready? Let’s begin then.

1. Yoast SEO Plugin

Yoast SEO is a very popular all-in-one SEO pack, a plugin that has various features. It is the most popular and user-friendly WordPress SEO plugin which allows you to edit posts and pages while optimizing your website with respect to SERPs.

What can you do with it? Well, a lot quite frankly and it includes,

  • Creating an XML sitemap
  • Verify your site with search engine tools (Google, Bing, Baidu etc)
  • Writing title tags and making meta descriptions templates
  • Preventing ‘noindex’ contents from getting indexed in results of search engines
  • Optimization of your Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs)

But what is its function at page level?

Look at the following picture to get a more detailed idea.

Title tag and meta description

This plugin adds meta SEO boxes to all your posts and it gives you directions to improve SEO by writing title, meta descriptions and much more.

It also includes a portion that tells you precisely about the level of optimization of your page for your keyword.

SEO analysis by YOAST

However, it is not that important to pay attention to this part as none of these actually contribute to google’s ranking algorithm and trying to rank well in this can lead to making your content suffer.

However, it has another important part, readability analysis, which is more useful than the former. This identifies the difficulty level of your content which can help attract a larger population to your website.

Readability analysis YOAST

Random people throughout the world do google search on daily basis. So, you need to use easy and layman words in your content to attract a larger audience for your page.

The bottom line, it is a good starting point to install Yoast SEO plugin in your WordPress.

2. All in One SEO Plugin

This is the best plugin that includes many key features for website optimization.

It is considered as the original SEO plugin launched for WordPress in the year 2007.

The key features of this All in One SEO include,

  • Automatically generated notifications automatically inform search engines like google about the changes you make to your site
  • Sitemap aids google in finding your content easily.
  • Schema markup helps to include data related to your content to dramatically increase your CTR.

It is ideal and good for use for either beginners or expert SEO professionals. This All-in-One SEO plugin combines with other SEO tools as well including Google Analytics.

If you are looking for a single plugin for your website then this plugin will work best for you.

3. Google Search Console

It is a free SEO tool from Google that helps in keeping a view on your site traffic and fix bugs if any noticed.

It is different from other plugins and you don’t have to download and install it on your site.

Google search console

How to use it then?

You just need to log in or signup for your Gmail account. Then after doing that you simply add your website to Google Search Console.

After doing all that, you can do the following,

  • Enter your sitemap
  • Keep an eye on your search traffic
  •  Closely monitor your CTR
  • Check your impressions
  • Inspect your position in a search engine over a long period of time

This is a good SEO tool but you will still have to use a complete SEO plugin such as All in One Plugin.

4. SEMrush WordPress SEO Plugin

This is another platform that enables you to search for keywords and they have enabled their Writing Assistant, which was quite popular, as a WordPress plugin now.

SEMrush WordPress SEO plugin

It analyses your content and gives feedback and recommendations on the basis of your keywords and competitors.

It is also a broken link checker which allows you to identify broken links in your blog posts. Moreover, it gives you a complete analysis of your SEO and gives search results.

It is very helpful in producing content in competition to already existing sites with a good ranking.

5. MonsterInsights

An SEO without analytics and performance tracking is of no use. MonsterInsights helps you do both and much more.

The WordPress plugin of MonsterInsights provides you with Google analytics straight up into your dashboard and gives you insights to help you improve.

MonsterInsights Login

Furthermore, it doesn’t involve any coding for the installation of your script for Google analytics tracking.

However, if you feel that Google analytics is too complicated and hard to understand then MonsterInsights provides a simple way to keep a check on your data without having to log in to the Google analytics platform.

6. Ahrefs SEO WordPress Plugin

Ahrefs is a very useful SEO tool and it is popular among various SEO experts and businessmen in the world.

This plugin is extremely useful as it lets you have a look at your SEO performance along with the performance of your competitors and their strategies. It is also a broken link checker that identifies the broken link on your posts and pages.

It can be a game-changer because it lets you learn strategies to do better than your competitors and outrank them in performance.

Arefs SEO wordpress plugin

What are some of its other features?

It lets you examine the organic search reports in detail such as most searched keywords, their rating and position over time.

Using Ahrefs, lets you analyze the complete backlink profile of any website as it has advanced options for backlink research.

It has many other features as well including, keyword research, tracking the ranks, content research, and much more.

So, it is one of the best WordPress SEO plugins if you want to boost your website’s SEO.

7. Google Keyword Planner

Adwords advertisers developed a plugin which is also one of the best SEO plugins. It helps to find keywords with the highest ranking for your site.

Google keyword planner WordPress SEO Plugin

It offers a great deal of SEO value to your site and it can help you in identifying new words for your marketing.

How can you do that?

Just type in a URL related to your business and you’re good to go. It helps you look at the keywords with average searches on Google every month.

This also helps you look at the level of competition and bidding values that help you in identifying target keywords.

It is a tool provided by Google and it is free.

Moreover, it is a great SEO plugin to use for improving your keyword research.

I hope this article was helpful in providing you with the best WordPress SEO plugins available which can improve the SEO of your website.

Bonus Tip: You can use Rank Math, which makes it easy for everyone to optimize their content with built-in strategies based on widely accepted best practices.

Look for a plugin that gives you a free version to understand it and test its feasibility.

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Now, let me know in the comments section below about your favorite WordPress SEO plugin.

Also, feel free to leave feedback or suggestions.

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