What is Dwell Time & Why It Matters

December 23, 2021
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December 23, 2021 Mehr Jan

We have plenty of things to know when talking about getting SEO right. It is one of the key elements which ensures that you are doing something right. There are several factors to consider and one of them is the dwell time.

In this article we will be looking into and talking in detail about all that you need to know when considering the use of dwell time and it is actually one of the most important things in SEO.

There are many ways in which search engines use it. It also impacts how your rankings are holding up.

All of these small details add up and impact how your SEO rankings are holding up. It allows for you to make an  informed decision and get all that information you need.

Dwell time is actually one of the major metrics which will be giving you complete results and allow you to make the most of your research.

But many still don’t understand how to get the hang of it and we will be talking about all of that in this article.

How do we use it? Its many benefits and how you can be sure it is going to make the impact you want.

So let’s dig into all these details and more:

What is Dwell Time?

what is dwell time

If you just look up the word dwell, you will be noticing that there is a lot that goes into it. In simple words, this basically means when there is some lingering.

It relates to when you are looking at something and awaiting for it to give results.

The part which actually suggests that you will be making a noticeable effort. When talking about SEO sense, this means that amount of time that someone is spending on your webpage.

And they have come onto your page after having clicked through a SERP page. So this is how much time they are spending on that before actually going back to the SERP results.

When that happens, it usually suggests one of two things- one is that either they were able to get what they want from your webpage and leave all happy.

Or they did not get to see the results and were not happy with the results which is why they hit on the back button instantly.

It is important to note that there is some time in between during which they are going to be looking at the content. So that is also going to denote the way in which you analyze the quality of the page.

In simple math, the more time they are spending looking at the contents of your page, there is a higher probability that they will be leaving all happy and satisfied.

What Dwell Time is Not

There are definitely some major confusion on what dwell time is. People don’t have full clarity on understanding as to what it cannot be.

It actually gets confusing as you try to mix it with and don’t understand how it ranks with other kinds of metrics.

This is actually a metric which we are using inside a search engine. But it is not the same as bounce rate.

So bounce rate is when someone is viewing your page and just leaves. It is actually a measure of how single-page sessions are being handled.

And the main difference is that they are not all coming from SERP. These are the simple information tactics which allow you to see the difference.

Dwell Time is Not Average Time Per Page

What dwell time isntThis is also a very important thing to know. You are to understand how it is something which suggests that it is different from the average time on page.

The latter basically suggests how much time someone is spending on the site. But this person could have come onto the site through ant link or source.

Be it through linking by another webpage or simply when you are getting to that site by making use of an email source or any other.

Also it is important to note that you cannot count dwell time as a session duration. That is simply a way of measuring how much time you are likely going to spend on the site.

If for any reason, it does not begin with a search, it will not be ending with one also and you will not be getting those results.

Dwell Time Isn’t a Click-Through Rate

This means that your organic search rate is one which will represent the amount of people who are going to be clicking on the link on your webpage out of all the people who are making use of it after coming on it from SERP.

It is a clear confusion which you need to clarify and sort out.

Doing so will allow you to gain the most from your dwell-time and understand its dynamics and proper usage.


the impact of dwell time

This article was a complete overview and understanding on what is dwell-time. It is one of the leading mechanics when it comes to making the best use of your SEO tactics.

People often ask and get confused with what is dwell time.

In this article we looked into and ensured that you have a complete understanding on how to make use of it.

When you do so, it will allow you to make the most of this tactic.

Also we looked into some of the very common misconceptions about dwell time.

This brings a lot of clarity into the topic and a good hold onto understanding what this is.

When you are able to gain the complete understanding, it will give you a complete effect to it.

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