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What Makes a Good Web Page for Social Media?

Each day when browsing the Internet, you must be visiting a lot of websites. Some are complex, while others are just simple personal Web pages. The term website represents a summary of all the content you have put online. The driving power behind the website, the pillars that hold them together, are the Web pages.

Multiple Web pages together make up a website. You can open a Web page that is displayed on a web browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Internet Explorer or Edge, or Apple Safari. These are also called just “pages”.


What is a Web Page?

Each Web page on a website represents various types of information presented to the user or visitor in a readable manner. The Web page is informative and is aesthetically designed so that people keep visiting the pages again and again.

Today, most Web pages are available on the World Wide Web, making them widely accessible to the public. Others may not be available online and are only restricted to a particular private network, like a corporate intranet.

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A Web page, also called webpage, is a document, commonly written in HTML, and is easily viewed on any Internet browser. You can access a Web page by entering a URL address into a browser’s address bar. A Web page might contain text, graphics, and even hyperlinks to other Web pages on the same website or other websites.

A Web page will provide helpful information to viewers, including pictures or videos to help illustrate important topics. It acts as an image of a company or a business. You can also use a website page to sell products or services to viewers. When many Web pages come together, they make up a website.

When you click a link provided by a search engine on a search engine, you are actually accessing a web page. The Internet is nothing but a collection of millions of such pages, with more added every day.

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What is the Difference Between a Web Page and a Website?

A Web page is a part of a website, meaning a website contains different Web pages. On a website, you can only access one page at a time, and the page you are currently on is a Web page. You can think of it as a book. So, a website is like a complete book, and a Web page is like a page of that book.

The Internet or WWW contains millions of Web pages, and daily lots are being added. Tim Berners-Lee, a British scientist, was the first person to develop a Web page.


The Most Important Web Pages on Your Website

When designing a website, some of the pages on your website are more important than others. You also need to optimize each of these pages.

The most important pages on your website are the Home Page, About Us Page, Blog, and the Contact Us Page.

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Every website is indeed different. But generally speaking, there are four most important and often most-visited pages on a website:

1 Home Page

The home page is the web first page of your website that gives the first impression of your business to your potential customers. Your home page should be such that it would convey everything about your business.

It is tempting to put every information about your business on the home page but resist the urge. Remember, your home page is the journey’s first step, not the final destination. The design and visuals should guide the visitor to their next step, which is the call-to-action.

2 About Page

Visitors, users, customers, investors, and even your competitors might all use your about page to understand and learn more about your company. An about Web page typically should include a mission or vision statement and also brief company history. It may also have executive leadership team info and a few impactful client testimonials.

3 Blog Page

It is known that blogging is a tried and tested method to optimize your website for the keywords related to your business. Do not load up several product pages with keywords you want to rank for. Instead, a blog can serve as a more efficient way to tell a story, mention products, solve problems, and describe your services and products.

4 Contact Us Page

The contact us page is the most crucial for many small and medium businesses and even freelancers. It is the lead driver of a website.

Especially for small businesses, the contact us page is their bread-and-butter, and the Web page helps their business make money. Whether your business includes a contact form, a phone number, or an email address, this page is where future customers try to contact you. This Web page, serves as your contact point with the outside world from where people learn more about your products and services.


Importance of a Web Page for Your Audience

You should design your Web page and website, keeping in mind your audience. Your Web page could include exciting videos, images, and even informative content to engage your visitors.

Remember your pages and website are the most important aspects of your brand’s online presence. You must design it right. Moreover, your website should be designed keeping in mind your audience.

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Your website is one of the most important marketing tools for your brand’s online presence and you must design it right. The Web pages should be such that they increase traffic to your website and hence should have good user-engaging features.

Remember, your Web pages are an integral part of your business. Your website is also the place where you nurture your business and generate leads for your business. So you cannot have a website fail that might cause your potential customers to move away from your website.

You should design your website keeping in mind your audience and should ensure that it provides a good user experience. Remember, there are a lot of other benefits of a good Website page and website design for both your business and your audience. There are many reasons why a good website and Web page design is important from your audience’s perspective.

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Web Page Helps Improve Brand Image

You already know that a website and its pages are a reflection of your brand and everything it stands for. Especially the home page is one of the first things people look at to know more about your brand and therefore helps form the first impression.

Therefore, your pages and website design elements, like fonts, colors, images, etc., all form your brand identity. Hence you need to select those elements carefully and keep them consistent across all your Web pages.

For example, you might have seen the screenshot of Coca Cola’s homepage. The red color and while is an identity of the brand, and you automatically think of Coca Cola when you see that red-colored ad.

You might have noticed how the brand has used the company’s distinctive red color on a white background. Both these colors form the company’s logo, the packaging on the coke bottles, and in every marketing ad. The company maintains this consistency because these two distinctive colors represent the brand.


How Does a Web Page Work?

A Web page is an online representation of a document that is located at a remote site. The information on a Website page is displayed online only with the help of a Web browser.

It is connected to the Web server, where your website’s contents are hosted through HTTP. Each of your pages corresponds to various types of information presented to these users in a simple visual or text form.

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A page on a website is a simple text file containing markup tags that describe how the text should be displayed and formatted on screen. These pages are stored on a computer known as a Web server.

For the pages to be displayed from the server, a specially designed program called the client software is used on your laptop or mobile phone. Your Web browser is a type of client software that can request your webpage code from a server over the Internet. The page is then finally displayed on your screen. Your pages can only be visible on a Web browser like Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Google Chrome.

In addition, there are other teams like File Transfer Protocol (FTP), Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP), domain name, URL, or Uniform Resource Locator, which are terms linked to a Website page.


The Importance of Web Design for a Web Page?

Surprisingly, 66 percent of people prefer to see a Web page beautifully designed compared to something that is plain and simple. Hence the design of your Website page is an important part of your online marketing presence.

To build a better website for your business, you must understand the importance of web design in depth. You should understand that your Web page design will directly impact your audience and your business.

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When your user or audience visits your website, your Home page will give them the first impression of your business. They will judge your business within seconds. In these first few seconds, you should try to make a positive impact on them.

If your page looks unappealing or outdated, your visitor will immediately negatively impression your business. If they do not find your website appealing, you will miss out on leads. Probably because they will leave your page for a competitor’s page.

Therefore, web design is crucial as it impacts how your audience perceives your brand. The first impression you make on them can either get them to remain on your page. In the process, they will try to learn more about your business. Finally, a good web design helps you keep your leads on your page.

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