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Best Web Hosting Providers for Your Website

With the changing world dynamics, many individuals and organizations have moved towards the online and digital market.
It not only allows them to access people from their localities but also from around the country and world.
For that, many individuals and organizations make their websites. A service that allows the organizations and individuals to serve content or host services by connecting servers to the internet is known as Internet Hosting Service. The most common type of internet hosting service is Web Hosting.
In this article, we will discuss web hosting and what website provides the best web hosting services for your website.


Web Hosting Services

It’s a type of internet hosting as described above that connects you to the internet.

It connects individuals and organizations to make their websites accessible through the World Wide Web i.e. www.

Keep reading to know more about web hosting services.

web hosting providers concept

These hosts or web hosting companies provide a space on the internet either owned or leased as well as providing internet connectivity.

They provide data center space (providing space for computers and systems to run telecommunications and storage systems) and connectivity to the internet for other servers that are located in their data center called collocation.

A collocation is a type of data center that provides space, storage, security, and networking equipment used for telecommunications and network service providers with a minimum of cost and complexity.

Now that you know about web hosting services, let’s learn about the type of web hosting and the best web hosting providers for your website.


Types of Web Hosting

There are several web hosting types.

However, their scope varies greatly.

There are four main types.

These are explained as follows:


1. Shared Web Hosting

The hosting server’s configuration is to the minimum, therefore; complete focus can be made on the website.

These providers also handle all the technical aspects related to the infrastructure, updates, and maintenance.

The negative aspect of using this service is that it does not assure infinity.

If a number of computer programs run, the system does not work efficiently.

If any of the websites are generating excess online traffic, other websites on the same server may not be able to operate efficiently.

2. Dedicated Hosting Server

Under this server, the individual or the host gains full control over the service i.e they have complete administrative access to the server.

As the server is owned by the individual or an organization, they can decide with what type and how much RAM to equip the server with.

The positive aspect of this server is that since the server is not being used by other websites, you can easily operate it.

It is more secure and difficult to hack which is ideal for companies with a large number of customers.

The negative aspect of these servers is that they are expensive.

In such servers, diagnostic and problem resolution is often problematic and experts are required to manage the problems.

web hosting concept

3. Virtual Dedicated Server

This server divides the resources into virtual servers.

In this server, different resources are allocated in a way that they do not reflect the underlying hardware.

Although under this server, all the websites share a single physical server they are separated through virtual machines.

The positive aspect of using these servers is that they are reliable and stable shared hosting servers.

One of the major benefits is that it is scalable, renders more flexibility and gives access to customize the environment.

The negative aspect of using this server is that it is more expensive than those mentioned above. Moreover, with more configuration power, comes more responsibility.

4. Cloud Hosting

It is not like traditional hosting services.

It uses a network of virtual and physical cloud servers that ensures greater flexibility and scalability.

The positive aspect of using this server is it provides network and data security.

As one is using cloud hosting that uses various servers, if any one of these goes offline, the user can switch to other servers easily.

The negative aspects of using this server are that you may face limited storage and accessibility services.

A continuous network system is to be provided at all times to access the servers.

One of the major downsides is a security issue.

Cloud servers can be hacked and a number of client’s information can fall victim to hackers.



Best Web Hosting Providers for Your Website

Web hosting services come in many forms and depend upon an individual or companies requirements.

Keep reading to find In-depth information about the service providers to help you chose the best web hosting provider for your website depending on your requirements.


1. Bluehost- Website Hosting for Beginners

If you are a beginner and have just started, Bluehost is one of the best choices.
The reason why they are popular amongst beginner site builders is that they provide shared web hosting services at affordable prices.

One of the advantages of using this website host is that they provide a 24/7 customer support team, help by phone or live chatbots. The list and support number are present on the home page of their website and are easily accessible.

If you are wondering about the ranking of your website in terms of SEO, they also help you with that. That gives you a better idea as to how you can improve your website and optimize to generate online traffic.

Bluehost not only provides you with a standard format but also helps you grow. For instance, if your website starts generating more traffic they would let you upgrade speedy WordPress hosting and improved security.

To sum it up, under one roof, you get all the desired features for your website.

2. Dreamhost- Most Affordable Hosting Monthly Plan

If you are looking for affordable monthly plans then Dreamhost is a great option. They provide one of the most affordable plans starting from $3.95/- per month.

This plan includes 1 website with SSL Certificate and unlimited online traffic.

As many web host uses cPanel to manage, Dreamhost provides a custom made control panel manage your website.

If you are looking for a WordPress recommended host, Dreamhost is one of them which offers a managed plan.

If you want to migrate from another host to Dreamhost, it is relatively easy as compared to migrating from Dreamhost as they provide various plugins to scale up your website.

Also, if you are running a Non Profit organization, then Dreamhost is a perfect choice for you.


3. Hostinger- Best and Cheap Hosting Plans

If you are looking for even cheaper web hosting plans, Hostinger is the answer. They provide $0.99/- per month subscription charges.

The single-site plan offer is $2.15/- per month which is the cheapest in the industry.

They provide great uptime, site speed and support with 24/7 customer care support.

It feels like a premium service provider as they provide marketing to the UI for managing your website.
They also provide a separate plan for email hosting at $0.99/- per month.

If you pay for four years upfront, they provide 4 years of hosting for $0.99/- per month, which is great.

4. HostGator – For Minimal Needs

HostGator is a great web hosting provider that is user-friendly and offers an array of useful plans for individuals and small businesses.

If you have a website that contains only visitor’s info or is an about page, HostGator is a great option.

They provide great customer service support to their users and help you find answers via phone, chat or email.

If you are eager to learn more about website designs and techniques, HostGator is a great option as they let you take control.

They offer a number of upgrades to their users including cloud hosting, VPS hosting, managed WordPress and a dedicated server.

If you run a website that generates low traffic on monthly basis, HostGator is a great option for you. If you intend to use VPS options, it will allow you to scale up.

Cloud Computing Concept

5. A2 Hosting- Fast and Reliable

They use a number of web hosting services like VPS, shared and dedicated.

One of the best advantages of using these services is the greater speed as compared to others.
If you upgrade your plan to Turbo Boost and Turbo max, it provides 20x faster speed than other serves and includes:
-40% faster AMD EPYC CPU performance
-2x faster first byte
-Manages 9x more online traffic

If you are intending to migrate to A2 hosting, they offer a great deal and save your time trying to rebuild the website.

If you want to host multiple websites, they offer to manage several websites as well.

6. Nexcess- E-commerce Hosting

Nexcess hosting offers great plans for online stores and offers a wide range of hosting options. They also provide specialist solutions for Magento, WordPress, WooCommerce and more.

They have great customer care service, helps to manage unexpected traffic spikes by auto-upgrade and SSL certificates.

Therefore, under one roof, you have all the features to start, manage and scale up your online store.

If advanced security and upscaling of the company are the goals, Nexcess is the answer to all your web hosting.

Although they are expensive web hosting providers they offer more features, improved performance and better support.

7. InMotion- Option for Scaling Up

While moving to the virtual world, if you are sure that your online presence would dominate the market then InMotion is one of the best service providers.

If you are looking for VPS and Dedicated hosting at cheap prices, then they provide far from cheap. But their premium services have premium prices providing fast speed and devoted customer support.

They have one of the best VPS hosting options and web server, i.e. managed VPS hosting and Self managed Cloud VPS that allows great flexibility and support.

web hosting search


The above-mentioned web-hosting providers provide services of great quality.

Ranging from beginner site builders to already established businesses with cost-effective plans, you can easily choose from these hosts as per your requirements.

Make your knowledge base decision on the above-mentioned points keeping in view reseller hosting options, free SSL certificates, wp engine, 30-day money-back guarantee offers, and free domain.

Moreover, with changing trends, look for web hosting companies that give phone support as well.

In today’s changing work dynamics, a reliable and trustworthy web host is a must that not only provides user friendly interface but also customer support and security.

While choosing a web host for your website keeps in mind:

  • The site speed: If you manage a large business or intend to scale up, then you need a host that provides and maintains fast speeds.
  • Customer support: Customer support of the web host is another important thing as they help you in various processes of building up a website.
  • Traffic Volume: Make sure you have a fast backup and SSL certificate for your web host in case the online traffic increases on your website.
  • Price: While choosing a hosting provider, do look at their pricing and which price is best for your website.
  • Migration Features: If you have had a bad experience with your previous host, then you might want to look up a new host that saves hours rebuilding your website again.

These considerations will help you choose the Best Web Hosting Provider for your website.

If you want to start a new website but are unsure about choosing the best web hosting then trust Markfiniti Technologies with your Web Hosting needs.

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