November 7, 2022 Azka Munir

Web Design Mistakes: How To Fix Them?

2022 is about to end and it’s a pity that there are still several web design mistakes people make on their websites.

These can affect your website’s credibility as 75 percent of it is attributed to design.

If your site is outdated, now is the time to revise it and avoid these mistakes that can ruin the website.


Web Design Mistakes Regarding Accessibility

Web accessibility does not directly affect your websites ranking or SEO, however, it surely impacts User experience and design.

Therefore, if you treat it as an afterthought, your design will lack several accessibility elements.

These will hinder several people from using your website.

web design mistakes accessibility

Incorrect or Missing Alt Text

People who use screen readers are primarily relying on the text to understand what the image is conveying.

If it is a chart or image crucial in the context of the entire website, it is especially necessary to write the correct alt text.

If there is not alt text or incorrect one, that will isolate some of your site’s visitors.

Think of them like a traditional website copy and definitely include the right alt text.

If it helps, the algorithms also read the alt text which can help in ranking the content, however, you should consider writing it correctly anyway due to accessibility.

Forgetting Accessible Names and Labels

People who use assistive technology may be left behind if the site conveys information visually.

Deliver the same information with accessible labels.

For instance, the Read more button is visually very obvious to the reader however, someone using a screen reader will not be able to distinguish it if it lacks labels.

Therefore, be mindful of adding accessible labels with the details to.

Not enough Color Contrast

You can easily distinguish between many colors but not a color blind person.

Firstly, a brand’s color palette should be made considering accessibility.

That color palette is then used everywhere on the site.

When there is not enough color contrast between the background and foreground, text and icon colors, eventually they will merge for someone with color blindness.

Missing Focus Indicators

Focus Indicators are outlines around the interactive components such as buttons and links.

There should be a visual indication of what element on the page has a focus.

So that people using the keyboard know where they are on this page and what should they expect while interacting with that active element.

That sums up how accessibility is big web design mistake.

Let’s find out what other mistakes exist.


Aesthetic Web Design Mistakes

Aesthetics are one of the most important component of design.

However, if you compromise user experience, functionality and navigation for it, it may do more harm that good.

aesthetic mistakes

Prioritizing Aesthetics over Function

There is an increase in new media and design over the years.

However, that compromises functionality sometimes.

These design elements certainly elevate the users senses but disconnect from the site’s purpose.

This can include the sue of excessive animation or heavy graphics that have no use.

Too Much or Too Little Going On

Do not cram too much information on the homepage or any other page.

Websites with a lot of text, images and design elements create clutter.

The crowded website and busy design confuses the visitor and they may leave.

On the other hand, minimalism in design is a huge trend these days it can also leave your visitors guessing.

While simple imagery and text is fine, too much of that is not a good idea.

Overall, you should also avoid making your site too confusing.

Do not use several kinds of images, typefaces, color pallets and themes.

Go for one theme, one typeface and the same color pallet with select few images in line with the brand.

Lacking Clear Navigation

Having a clear navigation structure will allow users to reach where they want to in your site quickly.

Unclear or hidden navigation will do the opposite, convincing them to press back instead.

Plus, there should be clear navigation and consistency throughout the website not only in the bar.

Avoid crowded and complex websites while keeping the navigation and aesthetics simple but also utilizing the white space effectively.

Besides that, you should also customize your website design and avoid features that don’t convert.

More below!

navigational structure of sites

Other Problems

Not Mobile Friendly

Most of the web traffic has now shifted to mobile phones.

That means responsive design is key and your website should be easy to navigate on your desktop, tablet and the mobile phone equally.

If websites are not mobile friendly, that will increase the bounce rate.

No Branding and Customization

A general website will do you no good.

Make it visually attractive while it should also feel unique to your company.

Don’t go for formulaic and boring old designs but experiment with new unique ones.

Not Communicating the Purpose of the Business

When visitors land on your website they should easily understand your businesses’ purpose.

Thus, the site should clearly state what it offers.

If it does not, they will be lost.

Lacking Hierarchy

Due to a lack of hierarchy, a visitor cannot focus their attention on what needs to be done.

Having order adds to the function but also the appeal.

It adds a cohesive structure that leads the visitors and the website owners to their primary goal i.e. sales, ranking or visibility.

Keeping on Using Features that do not convert

There is no need for using features in the website that do not convert.

An example can be the carousel that very few users interact with hence, rendering it useless.

Not having a clear CTA

While having a clear CTA is important as it drives your visitors to take action, it should not be borderline annoying and repetitive.

It should be clear and concise telling people what to do.

Using low quality images

Poor quality and irrelevant images keep the visitors away.

Besides images, you should also not bombard your website with ads.

Therefore, keep your ads streamlined and observe them carefully if they are causing any annoyance.


Fixing Web Design Mistakes

It is extremely important to fix these mistakes in order to allow more visitors to access these sites.

From 2023, get rid of these design mistakes once and for all and welcome a new change in your websites.

Know how.

fixing mistakes


Prioritize Accessibility

For that, you will first have to educate yourself on accessibility and how you can make your websites accessible.

One way to go about it is to add user personas that fit many user needs.

But these personas need to be inclusive and also consider accessibility in the framework.

Consider accessibility at all stages of your website.

Make a Hierarchical Website

A hierarchy less website is confusing, difficult to digest and confusing.

There is a huge chance, the visitors will quit as soon as they enter if they cannot find what they need.

So add clear navigational structure and hierarchy to the website.

Use HTML Headings tags of different sizes to convey subtopics and topics.

Covey the Business’s purpose through design and copy

Before doing that, first be clear about your website’s mission.

Is it an e-commerce site that needs sales or does the site promote your business.

Every copy, blog or image should be contributing to that purpose specially the design.

Give the Design Aspects some thought

All of the elements on the design page should be intentional and thoughtful.

Do not blindly follow trends.

Check if the design elements you are including in your website even align with your website.

The imagery should also be meaningful not only decorative.

Balance Aesthetics and User Experience

Rather than prioritizing one over the other, try balancing the two.

The design team should remain involved with the main goal remaining faithful with the strategy ensuring that the design team sees the main goals.

The content, development and design team should work together.

fixing web design mistakes

Other Problems to Fix

  • Your website should have a responsive design. It should work on the desktop, mobile phone and tablet in a seamless way.
  • Do not put immense information on features that do not convert such as a carousel
  • Use a strong call-to-action that results in sales
  • Make sure your site’s navigation is actually intuitive
  • Give clear messaging to the right audience
  • Your header and contact page should have a phone number, or email address and visitors should not face difficulty while contacting you
  • Optimize the page load times so that the visitors remain engaged
  • Measure the web analytics regularly
  • Do not create content and image clutter, use less images but not the point that the website looks vacant and boring
  • Post content regularly, optimize it, focus on long tail keywords on blogposts and also share it to spread its reach

Summing Up

Heading on to the next year, do not repeat these web design mistakes.

Rather, focus more on quality content and balancing aesthetics with user experience.

A compromised user experience will only decrease the quality and ranking of your website.

Make it more accessible and user friendly to notice higher rankings, sales and visibility.

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