Web Crawling: How Does It Work?

June 28, 2021
June 28, 2021 Mehr Jan

Have you ever thought about how you are able to quickly get all the information you need so quickly? It is literally on your fingertips. This is something which you can look into and make use of a search bad which lists all of resources. Search engines is what you call gateway of getting quick access to information. However web crawler bot are actually what you call sidekicks. This plays a very crucial role when it comes to rounding up the online content.

Also it is important to consider how they play a critical role when it comes to your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

Web Crawler or also what you call a spider is a kind of bot. This is used by search engines like Google. It is one of the major things you should know about as it actually indexes the content of websites. This is done so that this content can become visible across the internet. As the websites will be appearing in the search engine results.

In this article, we will be talking about what is the use of web crawling and how to make use of it:

What is a Web Crawler Bot?

Now let’s talk about what is a web crawler or spider.  The

search engine bot works greatly. But you need to understand the mechanism behind it. It actually downloads and indexed content from all over the internet.

The goal of the bot is that it goes through all the content that is available on the internet. And it actually learns all about the content that is available there. This is also done so that this information can be looked into and arranged as and when needed.

The bots are also almost operated by making use of search engines. When you apply a search algorithm, these web crawlers are able to provide the relevant information and links to the search engine algorithms.

This helps for you to be able to provide the relevant links which  are needed when looking into the authentic design of the web.

Why Is Web Crawler Bot Important ?

Now some of you may ask the question as to why do we even need to know about these web crawler bots and the process of web crawling. Well you need it because these bots are applied by and used by all search engines out there. A web crawler makes use of a role where it will actually go through all of your disorganized library. And it puts together the card catalog. This catalog is used so that anyone who is using the library can manage to quickly go through and find the information that they need.

It works great in such a way that it will categorize all that information and helps to sort it in a proper manner as you read the title, the summary as well as all the internal data relating to the same.

But the similarities end there. Since unlike a library, your internet does not consist of physical piles of books. In order for it to look and work in the absolute authentic way, how it works is that your web crawler bot will be going through webpages and then follow hyperlinks from those pages to other set of pages. And from those pages it will follow the hyperlinks to more pages and so on and so forth.

Did you know that as of now, there are still so many web pages which are not indexed and what you do get, the webpages on the internet are actually just 70% of the whole of internet?

This means that there is still so much to do and needs to be covered in the right way. But while talking about indexing , do you know what it actually means to be able to search index in the proper manner? Let’s now look into the details of that:

What is Search Indexing?

what is search indexing?

This is the method in which you are actually trying to make a library card catalog. This helps for the internet to know where the internet will be retrieving the information, as and when a person is searching for it.

You can also consider it as being the index that you see in the back of the book. It clearly specifies where all the information relating to a topic or even a certain phrase is.  This method of indexing is what makes prominence on the appearance of the text on the page and also on the meta data description.

When the indexing process is taking place, what happens is that you will notice how you will be adding all the words from the page onto the index. But there is a rule or an exception to this. Some words like ‘an’, ‘a’ and ‘the’ are not added for Google’s search engine algorithm.

In this regard, probably the most important data which is used in the indexing mechanism is what you include in the meta data description. This is basically a quick glimpse of what a webpage is about. It gives a quick preview to Google about it.

Did you know that it is this description including the meta title is what you will see from your search engine results? Hence it is very critical that it is authentic and gives a complete overview of what a certain webpage is all about.

So now let’s again move back onto how does web crawling actually work?

The Impact of Web Crawler Bot

As we know the internet is extremely vast. It is not possible for you to have a stronghold on what is going on the internet. In fact the internet is continuing to expand. And it is also constantly changing. This is when the role of the web crawlers becomes very important.

They will be crawling and looking into all the webpages of the URLs which are given in their database already. They will then be crawling the webpages of those whose hyperlinks will also be given. And as they complete those, they will then look into and find hyperlinks from those hyperlinks and so on and so forth.

The Selective Web Crawling

selective web crawling

Now I want to highlight and talk about a mechanism and process in which web crawling makes use of doing index search which will allow the quality webpages to get properly crawled and indexed.

A web crawler will be following a series of policies which will allow you to make use of a crawling mechanism that will focus and access pages on their quality and how they are linking to others. It actually makes use of a certain set of factors to ensure that the pages’ it is crawling are sufficient.

What needs to be understood is that when you are indexing pages, you will look into determining which are the quality webpages. And those webpages which actually have a lot of visitors will be consisting of high-quality information and content.

So the quality web-crawlers will be looking into certain factors in order to make sure the indexing is done in a proper and authentic manner. So let’s see what these are:

Revisiting the Webpages

Content on the web is actually changing continuously. It is going to be updated, removed and moved to new locations. Web crawlers aim to visit these webpages and their job is to make sure that this content is getting properly indexed.

Robots.txt Focus

Another important element to look into is how we make use of robots.txt protocol. This is also known as the exclusion protocol. And it is when before you actually crawl a webpage, the robots.txt file of that certain page is looked into. This file aims to look into all the specifications and rules for all those bots which are trying to access the hosted website.

Hence it is important to look into these various factors before making an informed decision. Now let’s move onto and understand how are they known as spiders.

The internet, or at the very least the part of  it which connects people to it us what we call the world wide web.  This is why in most URLs , you will notice how the words ‘www’ are always there. So when it comes to the mechanism in which the search engine bots crawl all over the Web, it gives the impression of that of a spider crawling. This is why it is called as spiders.

When it comes to accessing different web properties, web crawler bots are actually more so responsible and need to actually access permission to be able to access the server resources to index content. It is not possible for them to do so for any webpages. They will have to take on the authoritative position to grant it.

So there you have it- this article aimed to give you complete information on how a web crawler bot works and how is it essential for making some difference. For you to understand this mechanism, you should also look into and understand how it actually makes your indexing even more effective and strong.

Have you ever thought about how you are able to quickly get all the information you need so quickly? It is literally on your fingertips. This is something which you can look into and make use of a search bad which lists all of resources.

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