December 10, 2020 Azka Munir

20 Solid Ways to Find New Content Ideas

As a content creator, you will inevitably run out of content ideas.

You have written and made a lot of content that your mind goes in a writer’s block.

Well, don’t worry because there are still many ways you can look for new content ideas.


Writer’s block in Content Creation

Writer’s block is when a writer and content creator runs out of new content ideas and are no longer able to write amazing stuff.

This will happen to a content creator once in their life.

This especially happens when think you have covered everything.

making content ideas on laptop


You would want your writing mojo back but whenever you sit to write, it just doesn’t happen.

Well, that’s exactly where you are wrong.

Don’t wait for your writer spirits to evolve again, just get it working.

Grab a Pen and Start Writing

This may seem ridiculous but keep writing whatever comes to your mind, anything, everything.

This will at least take you out of your laziness.

Waiting for the perfect mood and idea contributes to laziness and nothing else.

You will have to write content ideas in your mind either on paper or your laptop.

That is how you will be able to get to work.

Change Your Place!

You may have noticed that recently before writing, you prepare your coffee, grab a snack, sneak in your bed and…sleep?

Writer’s block cements itself strongly in your routine. So you have to change everything from A to Z.

If you are waking up late, wake up early.

If you feel cozy and sleepy in your bed or sofa, try a new place.

In fact, try to step out of your home and sit in a peaceful place outdoors to write. You can land on some inspiration too.

competitor check

Check Your Competitors

Have a look at what they are writing and find new trending content.

However, also keep a healthy competition. They are progressing while you are stuck.

So you should catch up soon.

But for that, you will need some amazing content ideas.

You are already stuck in writer’s block and the idea is your main issue right now.

So how to find these amazing ideas?

Well, we have you covered!

Here is a list of 20 Solid ways to find new content ideas.


20 Solid ways to find new Content Ideas

Content ideas are never scarce.

Millions of content are put on the internet daily.

Even if you run out of your individual ideas, you can always look around and generate a new idea from existing content.

20 ways of finding new content ideas

1. Google Image Tags

When you search a broad term on Google images you will see some tags above it.

These tags are keywords that Google thinks are closer to your term.

Combine the keywords and the term to form a new topic.

2. Use Quora Search

Quora is used for various reasons by the users, one being asking questions.

You can look for trending topics in the Search section and you can also get an idea of what people are curious about.

Your content idea can come from the questions that are being asked.

You will also find unique keywords in Quora.

3. Your Social Media Followers Can Guide You

Don’t be surprised, your social media followers can be very useful in this respect.

See who are they following. What are they talking about? How are they interacting with other brands?

Instead of going into this long search you can also simply interact with them and ask about what they would like to see.

This way, they will also be interested in the content you put out and you will have plenty of content ideas for several weeks if not months.

4. Use the Tool Exploding Topics

While it’s good to follow the bandwagon of trending and hot topics, they will have a lot of competition even before you have written them.

Therefore, you should find new topics with less competition and high volume keywords.

But finding a new topic was your issue in the first place?

Yes, we know that.

There is no need to scratch your brain for new content ideas when you have a tool.

Exploding Topics is a tool that allows you to get new content ideas by scanning the internet for popular topics.

You can even find niche-specific topics and if they are covered by fewer competitors, then you may even have a shot at ranking at the top.

5. Competitor Research

There is nothing wrong with looking at your competitors and seeing their trending topics.

You do not need to exactly copy their articles but you may can get some inspiration from their content and topics.

Maybe you will find a loophole or two that you can do better and bring traffic to your content.

Most importantly, you will learn from them and what they are doing right. This will help you incorporate the same techniques in your writing.

Remember, do not copy their ideas or content, just be inspired and follow your own style.


6. Use Pinterest For Inspiration

When it comes to inspiration, you can also use the platform Pinterest.

You can get new ideas for written content as well as get inspiration for infographics.

If you have missed Pinterest, you have also missed a valuable keyword finding opportunity.

Like Google images, Pinterest also displays related terms that can become keywords for your title tags.

7. Youtube

Like Pinterest, Youtube is also an untapped platform for searching new content ideas.

While YouTubers definitely follow a bandwagon approach on youtube and you will see lots of content on similar topics, Youtube is a good platform to tap into new ideas for blogs as well.

You can see their popular videos and their topics to come up with similar content ideas but in written form (or it could even be a video provided you don’t copy).

8. Be interactive With Other Influencers on LinkedIn

Being interactive with other influencers applies to every social media platform but LinkedIn is usually overlooked.

Influencers post articles on LinkedIn and not only can that act as your inspiration but you can also interact with them to discuss the topic and a few things more you would like to cover.

Next you post your own article and get that influencer to read by tagging them. Maybe this way you can also get a backlink.

This will help also build your social relations and it may be possible that next time you can reach a collaboration with said influencer.


9. Google Search

This list will be incomplete without Google Search.

Use Google search suggestions to expand over a topic.

The suggestions will also be your LSI keywords but most importantly they could also add to your topic and cover a variety of elements.

10. Make Guides Covering Everything Rather than Articles

Your niche could be super competitive and that’s a disadvantage.

However, one way to cash on your competitive keywords is to make great content that encompasses everything.

That can happen in the form of guides.

People like content where they can get to know each and everything in detail and yearly guides work well for that.

While everyone writes different articles for the same keyword, your guide can rank higher with good SEO strategies applied.

11. Try Low Competition Keywords

You can check your competitor’s keywords on tools like SEMrush.

Choose the keywords with low keyword difficulty.

But remember to choose keywords that have some cost per click and are not totally useless.

These keywords can help you form a new content idea and rank on the first page as well.

12. Check Online Courses

You can definitely learn new skills and techniques from online courses but you can also learn new content ideas.

Check an online course that provides lectures in your niche and give it a thorough search.

You may find a niche topic and new insights about your field of work.

13. Check New Products on E-commerce Websites

If you usually review products then e-commerce websites are a goldmine.

You do not necessarily need to buy products or services for writing about them, in fact you can discuss about the product packaging and type.

Moreover, you can also discuss the hype it is creating. If possible, it can also be compared to similar products.

Check new brands and their recent products to give your audience an overview of the new products in town.

You can also write about the customer service of the brand and review that.

14. Search Content that Isn’t Related to Your Niche

There is a chance you only look for content related to your niche for inspiration.

While this is good, you will soon run out of ideas.

Sometimes you have to think out of the box and look too.

Looking for content other than in your specified niche can be inspiring.

You can derive inspiration from infographics, writeups, design and give your content a new outlook.

15. Republish Your Old Content

Sometimes writer’s block could be extra hard and you may not find anything to your liking.

But you have to maintain your content.

That’s when you can consider republishing your content.

If it is outdated, tweak it a little to make it more relevant.

You never know, it may rank even higher than your regular posts.

16. Write Personal Stories

You may have one interesting personal story to tell your readers.

Even if you don’t find it interesting, your readers may.

Make a list of all personal stories your readers may be interested to know and either make content about them or get a content idea related to them.


17. Sign Up For Other’s Newsletters

Instead of looking any further, you have content ideas right in your mailbox.

Newsletters are packed with content ideas.

After signing up, you can skim through those newsletters and you will definitely find a good related idea or two.

18. Reddit Keyword Research

Rather than traditional keyword researcher, Reddit keyword researcher gives you a list of trending topics and keywords when you search a term.

You will immediately get an idea about what’s trending and what keywords have more chances of ranking higher.

19. Find New Content Ideas Through Alltop

Alltop is a site that lists the top stories of specific websites and niches.

You can look for your niche and check what content ideas make it to the topic.

Search for relevant keywords and start writing!

20. Search Podcats

People forget about podcasts when in search of new content ideas.

Scan through a list of high ranking podcasts. It is probable you will find a good topic in line with your niche.

It is also possible that this topic hasn’t been covered elsewhere. So now you also have a good chance of ranking it higher.


Writing great content is difficult especially if you run out of content ideas.

Though, in order to generate cont and blog posts, you will have to come with a good content strategy.

You can change the type of content such as video content and social media content so that there is more social sharing.

There is no need to worry. Take a step by step approach to find great content in real time.

Use search engines to answer questions, read case studies to get ideas and make a content calendar to streamline your thoughts.

Here was a sneak peek into all these ways can definitely help you to generate new content ideas.

So what are you waiting for? Start searching now!