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Best Video Software for 2021

Video content is surging in the market.

If you have not incorporated video in your content, it is high time you do.

However, making videos is not easy. It requires a proper skillset for pre-production and shooting but also for post-production.

Though, post-production is made easy by editing software that we have covered for you in this list.


Why is Video Marketing Important?

Around 85 percent of businesses use video marketing among which 92 percent believe that it is important for their business.

Video retention is higher than image retention.

Moreover, consumers engage more with videos now than with images.

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Video Can Lead to Conversions

Videos can propel users to keep using your website or purchase your product.

For instance, videos on landing pages can boost conversions up to 80 percent.

Not only that but they can also lead to sales.

74 percent of people who watch a product explainer video, end up buying that product.

Isn’t that great? That is the power of video marketing.

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Video Builds More Trust

Video content has the power to gain the audience’s trust.

There is high engagement in video content and it provokes emotions.

Youtubers are considered pretty effective in promoting your brand.

Whys is that so?

Well, their relatable and emotionally engaging content builds trust in them and helps people believe in their testimonials.

So, if you make relatable, engaging videos of your products and services, then people will most likely engage and consume your products.

Rank Higher on Google

You have 53 times higher chances of appearing on Google’s first page if you embed a video in your content.

People stay longer on a site that has a video. Well, obviously to watch that video.

The increased time signals Google that your site has good quality content.

Which is how they rank higher on Google.

Moreover, you can optimize your videos for SEO.

Choose an interesting or click-baiting video title and add links to your site in the description.

Moreover, make your videos interactive enough so the audience keeps engaging.

production stages

Video Production Stages

So now you know why are videos important for your content but how do you make videos?

Well, video production has three stages, pre-production, shooting and post-production.

Pre-production involves planning, choosing a set, hiring actors, setting up your camera and lighting and schedule.

Shooting or production is the stage where you actually shoot the video.

Post-production is editing. You edit your video using video editing software to get the final polished result.

So, what are these video editing software?

We will look into them in detail below.


Best Video Editing Software

You can find both free and paid video editing software.

Though the industry-standard is Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro, other software can produce a high-quality video as well.

Keep reading to find out the best software that will suit your needs.

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Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is the industry-standard software used by professionals for editing Youtube videos, ads, and even films.

It is a paid software but it is worth investing in it, however, it is not an open source software.

Moreover, Adobe Premiere Pro is available for both Mac and Windows.

One benefit of using Adobe Premiere Pro is being part of the Creative Cloud.

If you use other Adobe Creative Cloud software like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator then you can easily sync material from one to another.

For instance, if you need motion graphics from Adobe After Effects you can easily sync them with your video in Adobe Premiere Pro.

However, if you do not need Adobe Premiere Pro, it is still an all in one software.

It produces high definition videos in 4k, 8k and VR formats. Moreover, trimming and editing tools have high precision.

Therefore, they allow you to cut and edit videos with extreme precision and you can have multiple video tracks to edit simultaneously.

You can also add more keyboard shortcuts apart from the ones already existing to increase your workflow speed.

Adobe Premiere Pro is also easy to use as long as you understand the basics.

Once you are familiar with the basics, you will just need to see some valuable tutorials to keep increasing your skillset.

That said, Adobe Premiere Pro is reported to crash and get stuck sometimes. Use a good PC and a laptop made for editing to avoid such issues.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC also has a 7 days free trial that you can use o decide if it suffices your needs or not.

final pro

Final Cut Pro

The other industry-standard software is Final Cut Pro however, it is only limited to Mac users.

Adobe Premiere Pro is available for both Windows and Mac but has a regular subscription. However, Final Cut Pro is just a one-time payment software.

Final Cut Pro is very simple to use and edits video and audio pretty straightforwardly.

Moreover, the magnetic timeline is a people’s favorite feature alongside the effects options and grouping tools.

Final Cut Pro also offers a free trial for up to 90 days to assess the software however, it is only available for Mac users.

Davinchi resolve

DaVinci Resolve

If you are new to editing you are probably not thinking of investing much into buying software.

Hence, you should try a free video editing tool and Davinchi Resolve is your best bet.

Don’t think that free software will be of no use because Davinchi Resolve is even used to make high budget films.

It is especially known for its excellent color correction and audio tools.

It allows users to precisely color correct skin tones, eyes, and lips through facial recognition.

DaVinci Resolve has all the features and some even better than the paid software.

Its interface may be a little unfamiliar in the beginning but once you get enough practice, you will be able to use it easily.

Among free video editing software, start with DaVinci Resolve.

You can upgrade to a premium paid DaVinci Resolve for more features but as an amateur video editor, you will not require that.

Hitfilm Express

Another free software that combines 2D and 3D effects in Hitfilm Express.

Hitfilm Express is known for facilitating the editing of videos with 3D effects and videos can also be directly uploaded to Youtube.

Hitfilm Express’s free version covers most features that you may use. However, there are also paid add-on features that can help elevate your video from basic to professional.

These features are available for 6 to 7 pounds and you can purchase them to incorporate them in your video.



You may have seen short Videos on BBC and CNN that only have fancy text and pictures.

These are short-form videos that are relevant to social media.

Headliner allows you to do just that and that too very easily.

Headliner allows you to make 10 free videos in a month and these videos are specially catered to social media.

If you want to make short videos for your website or blog, Headliner is your go-to tool.

Headliner videos are basically made for business promotion.

Therefore if you want a quick explainer video for a product, Headliner should be your choice.

You can use existing templates and arrange text using the easy interface.

Headliner can make informational news videos, gifs, content promotion videos in just under an hour.

lumen software


Talking about social media marketing, Lumen5 allows you to make free videos for your social media.

Other pricing plans are included if you want to upgrade but amateurs can start for free.

Moreover, you do not require technical skills, several tutorials and courses to begin working on Lumen5.

Hence, it is best for beginners.

Lumen5 prizes itself as the easiest video maker.

All you have to do is fill the templates with your blog, website, podcast or youtube channel content and you will have a video in a few minutes.


You may be surprised to see this here!

Yes, Canva is a designing tool but it also has a video feature.

That too, a very simple one.

Canva does not have a timeline found in most video editing software and tools but you do not even need it here.

Canva makes short videos as easily as it designs images.

All you need to do is to select a template, choose the number of slides or images for your video accordingly and fill in the blanks.

Just replace the text with your desired text, add some fun moving elements, put in transitions to seamlessly flow from one image or video to the next and you are done.

You can choose from stock videos and images available on Canva or use your own.

You do not need any technical expertise to make a video on Canva and your video will be ready in a few minutes.

Moreover, you can adjust the time limit for each footage accordingly but Canva usually supports short videos for social media.

video editing softwares


Another free video editing software or more appropriately video editing tool is Biteable.

Biteable provides you many easy templates to explore and assemble your content in them accordingly.

With stock footage and image available within the tool, you will not have to look elsewhere.

Moreover, Biteable also makes allows you to make animations for free so you do not need to only rely on the video footage.

The templates are customized according to the platform you will use either its website, Facebook or Instagram.

However, Biteable has a small watermark in its free package.

No one likes a watermark so you can eliminate it by purchasing the tool.

This easy tool will give you a fine product with minimal technical expertise.



You can use these tools if they are available in a video editing app.

You can edit on different video formats plus these tools can also edit both audio and video.

Experimenting on special effects, using chroma key, motion tracking and other video effects on video clips are also possible.

Video editing software is in plenty but you will have to know a few basics before diving into video production.

Make sure that you already have good footage so you will have to do minimal editing.

However, if you are directly jumping to editing, then these tools are your best to appeal to your audience.


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