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Benefits of an URL Shortener

A URL shortener is a tool that will help create a short, unique URL. It will also redirect you to the specific website of your choosing. Simply, they make a URL more concise and simpler to use. URL shorteners are suitable for web culture and the growth of the Internet.

These tools will help you generate a short and clickable URL. You can use these short URLs for tracking and monitoring other metrics. With URL shorteners, you can reduce any long and unwieldy website address to just a few characters with the click of a button. URL shorteners are vital social media tools that businesses should be using.


What is a URL Shortener?

It is interesting how the length of a URL or the characters visible on an URL can be seen. It can impact the legitimacy of how that URL comes off which means a perfectly fine URL, just long and intricate. But when users see a URL like that, they can be put off and start to question if they actually should visit the site.

A simple way around this situation is to use a URL shortener.

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A URL shortener is primarily an online tool. It will allow users to enter a long URL and receive a shortened version in return. It seems overly simple, but that is the reality. You can find some free link shorteners and some for which you might have to pay. But either way, short URLs will work in your favor. 

It has a special importance in SEO and can help your web page or website rank higher on search engine result pages.

URL shorteners, like and TinyURL, are common services that help take longer URLs and transform them into manageable links. URLs could have over a hundred characters long. They change into tiny links that seldom exceed 20 characters.

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URL shorteners are not new. TinyURL has been around since 2002. But their popularity has skyrocketed recently with the rise of Twitter. Twitter allows only 140 characters in any message.

With URL shorteners, you could reduce any long URL and unwieldy website address to just a few characters only with the click of a button.

Anyone using an internet browser can use link shorteners. It could be social media managers, small business owners, regular everyday Facebook moms, TikTok tweens of all heights – and even you!

Here is everything you need to know about how to use URL shorteners. Also, why they should be an essential part of your social media tool kit.


Use URL Shortener on Social Media

Short URL will optimize the space available on social media accounts like Twitter, Instagram, and even Facebook. In addition, a long URL will make it harder for the search engine bots to crawl your website.

URL shorteners spit out links that are easier to share. More importantly, they let small businesses track marketing campaigns and other incoming traffic.

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They have several benefits and hence you need to understand how to use them.

Short URLs allow better usage of space on social media

As you might be aware, Twitter has a strict character limit of 140. This limit helps keep posts concise. Shortened URLs can give you that much more room to write your content.

Even for posts on Instagram and Facebook, where the character limits are in the hundreds, it is always best to keep things short and sweet for engagement and readability. Short URLs also help avoid TL;DR syndrome.

Another benefit of shorter links: they are also helpful for email. Longer links may be hard to read as they are often disrupted all together by line breaks.

They promote sharing on Social Media

You can fit more content and links in less space with URL shorteners. Meaning your tweet can describe and then link to a webpage in under 140 characters with a short URL.

While a full URL may not even come with an explanation within a limited space. Even more important is the rise of mobile smartphones, texting msgs, and mobile Internet. Short URLs are far easier to text than long one. As Twitter, mobile Internet, and social media become more popular, the need to make sharing web content easier will increase. Hence shorter URLs are becoming more integral and part of the system.


Benefits of Using URL Shortener

As you continue to expand your website, you will probably have more and more categories and pages throughout. By simplifying and shortening your URL structure you will make navigating much simpler for your visitors.

Aside from just being more pleasing to your eyes, shortened URLs can have several added benefits. There are many good reasons to use a URL shortener, especially when you want to share a link on social media.

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There are many good reasons why you are using a URL shortener. And also why URL shorteners are helpful to the web.

1 Make links more manageable

Not all of the web’s links are that messy. However, many links are wordy and long for SEO reasons. SEO, or search engine optimization, is all about ranking higher in Google. And one important factor that Google and other search engines consider is keywords in the URL.

URLs that are lengthy and easy to share on emails, web pages, and social media services like Facebook and Twitter could be an issue. URL shorteners help solve your problem of making links more manageable to share. And certain services also allow users to add keywords to describe the link.

2 More streamlined in appearance

All URLs start the same way. But after that, they can go in many different ways. If you are interested in building a brand and are doing so through a social media campaign, having all your links of the same length and appear very similar is critical. It will help you to create a good impression on your audiences.

Shortened links look better in Twitter bios, as well as in Instagram bios. They provide a clean look to a page. Otherwise, the page can be overwhelmed with photos and other types of content.

URL shortener 12

3 The tool can track and compile click data

The main reason to use an online tool is to shorten a link – you can track the clicks on the link. It is helpful for your business, whether big or small. It is also beneficial for whoever handles your social media management.

Do you know why has received so much attention lately? One of the main reasons is the comprehensive data Bitly provides. This data is in the form of live click data, geographic location, the webpage from where the link was clicked, and more.

This type of vital information is invaluable to companies and web admins. It is good data to plan strategies to grow your online business. The data also shows where customers are coming from, what time they are coming, and what interests them.

This type of info will help companies develop better products and produce more targeted content. All this detailed info can help you make better strategies. Also, drive more traffic to your website or landing page.


How Does a URL Shortener Work?

Once you decide which custom URL shortener you will use, you might most likely have to create an account to get started if it is a free tool. However, at times you can start using it instantly. All you have to do is paste the long URL into the allotted space on a website.

You might probably face issues using long URLs if you are new to social media marketing. They can get long. The links could be a little unwieldy sometimes. So the best option is a URL shortener.

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If you have the free versions, they are very simple to use. If it is a paid tool, you will have to purchase a subscription before getting permission to utilize the URL shortener and access the extra features. Once that is taken care of, the process is relatively straightforward.

Links can get a little complex, especially when you track them. Sometimes they can be a bit distracting. And if you are trying to share helpful info with a growing audience, you do not want the links to all that golden content to upstage your efforts. So the best way is to shorten your URL.


Best URL Shorteners to Try

Aside from the benefits listed, URL shorteners are vital social media tools that all businesses, big or small, can use. It is important to note that your URL structure will influence your website’s rankings.

If you have long URLs filled with strange characters, they look spammy. It will refrain your users from clicking on them. With a clean URL, your site looks much more trustworthy and authoritative.

URL shortener 5

Here are a few you can try:

So the next option is paid ads if you are looking for instant results. Plus, with new social media platforms and advertising options, the task is even easier. With these innovative tools and platforms, you can quickly get your ads in front of the right people.

URL shortener #1: Bitly

There is tons of data to chew on if you use Bitly. On the site, you can see each link’s performance with metrics like referral sources, demographic data, and click-throughs via its robust dashboard.

Bitly, not only can you shorten your URLs. But the tool offers valuable features for businesses small or big that want a custom link experience.

Note that Bitly is not a free tool, although you can try it out for free before you sign up for a package. There is a basic package, but you can also custom quote based on your specific needs.

A free account will offer you analytics and customization for one individual. On the contrary, if you take the Basic and Enterprise subscriptions, they offer branded links, richer data, QR codes, and multiple users.

URL shortener #2: TinyURL

TinyURL is a much less intensive URL as compared to Bitly. You will immediately be met with a simple web page if you open the website. You can enter your long URL on the main page and have it shortened in only a matter of seconds.

Due to the simplicity of the website and no cost, you do not get any of the fancy features as those provided by others. But if you are strictly looking for a URL shortener, TinyURL might be the right option for you.

One cool feature you will surely like. You can add TinyURL to your browser toolbar. It will help you create short links for whatever site you are currently on.

URL shortener #3: Rebrandly

With Rebrandly, you can easily create a branded short link of your own with a custom domain, even using a free account.

When it comes to sharing on social media, each character count adds up. A short, branded URL just for link sharing can take your business to the next level.

URL shortener #4:

Owly is integrated right into the Hootsuite platform and is included with every plan type, even with the free version.

The benefits here are that you can quickly view your short link metrics right alongside your other social analytics. With the help of the feature, you can view your brand’s performance holistically.

The Bottomline

Whatever combination of details and speed you need, there is a URL shortening service out there for your lengthy link. You can try a few, try them – make sure to keep it short and sweet.

So what are you waiting for? Shortening your URL with these super-simple tools can save you valuable time and headache when it comes to keeping track of your links. In addition, your tweets, messages, statuses, and other social media updates look super clean.

Now hope you better understand why shortening your existing URLs could be a game-changer for SEO, site structure, user experience, and more. It will help you to use the tool in a better way.

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