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5 Types of Blog Posts To Drive More Traffic

Running out of compelling blog post ideas? Have you ever stared at your screen, with a totally blank mind, unable to figure out what to write? Are you wondering what type of content will best engage your audience? There are several strategies available in the market to create a winning blog post.

The secret lies in the fact that you should be able to create quality content at a consistent publishing schedule. So improve your writing skills and start writing frequent blogs and hitting publish button.  And finally do not forget reading your post.


Niche Blog Posts To Make Money

Niche articles are primarily created to market a particular niche market. When you decide on your blog niche, you have to clearly understand who will be your target audience.
There are thousands of blogs on the internet.
Choosing one of the best niche blog posts for your needs can give you a head start.

Blog Posts niche
Niche blog posts have helped the big marketing influencers grow their business by getting huge followers.
In other words, they are content that appeals to – speciality industry, particular geographic area, ethnic or age groups, or any other section of the society.
Instead of merely focusing on broad topics, niche articles are very specific and provide interesting tips and tricks. They target a specific section of the market. Some of the common niche blog ideas might be food blogging, medical blogs, training programs, or poem writing.

blog post 1
It could also be about French bulldog lovers. Yes, it could be that specific.
With a niche article, you can focus more on a particular topic, thus making research rather easy.
It could be lifestyle blogs, home decor blogs, parenting blogs, health blogs, religious blogs, which would help you to connect with like-minded people.
This is in fact, a really efficient way of amassing a follower base and increasing traffic in a short time.


Blog Posts that Answer Queries

According to SEO experts, blog posts are more effective when they answer questions in the minds of customers.
The answers to the questions should be simple, brief and effective.
This provides a more personal experience for the viewer or reader(reader attention).
From a content creator point of view, it helps you drive more traffic to your site and provide your readers with more of the information they want.
Blog Posts question answer
Blog posts should use optimal keywords so that they appear as a top result on search engines .
When you answer a popular query and is answered in a short paragraph you automatically win the Featured Snippet position.
Google displays your featured snippet on top of other organic search results.
Your website will earn the Featured Snippet spot and automatically appear in the top few results. This naturally doubles the chance that someone will click on the link.

blogpost 2

Remember these question-answer type of blog posts are too good for winning the Featured Snippet. They also help to begin a connection with the reader. Since they are potential customers who have clicked the blog post answering their specific query.
This helps to build a value-creation relationship with your customer.
When a company’s blog post solves dilemmas or answers questions for potential customers, it creates a strong and loyal customer base.


Infographics Turned Into Blog Posts

As the saying goes, that pictures are worth a thousand words.
We might as well add that good infographics could be worth millions.
Delivering information visually makes Infographics the most effective type of blog content.
Infographics are a great way to tell visual stories.
Not everyone has the time to read long-form content, nor do they always want to.
Blog Posts infrographics
Your blog post should have a comprehensive graphic with all the relevant data.
You should break off portions of the larger visual, share smaller glimpses with in-depth text analysis of the data.
Infographics should be a key part of any content strategy.
Writers can analyze the statistics using the graphs, charts and tables in the infographics,
This could involve deeper thinking and richer customer engagement.
The availability of several tools makes creating social media graphics and infographics easy.

blogpost 3
Your infographics in the blog should have a compelling data set. It should be interesting and unique and should be engaging. Infographics can be a real benefit to SEO.
They are an awesome medium for data communication, statistics and other numerical data.
However, creating such share worthy and awesome infographics takes effort and time. You should include calls to action within your blog.
Expressing numerical data in the form of graphs makes it easier for analysis.
So, instead of showing your writing skills, creating an infographic would help you connect with customers.


How To Or Tutorial Blog Posts

How-to searchers are a huge group who often ask informational queries.
These could be simple basic queries like ‘how to cook a roast’ to ‘how to buy a tennis racket’ and more.
People often look out for step-by-step guides for everyday things.
Blog Posts how to

Most of the available step-by-step guides can be extremely effective. If you plan to use your blog post to teach or educate such readers, the how-to post is a natural fit. It could be anything from how to lose 20 pounds to something more complex like a design tutorial. There are endless possibilities and tips for writing a tutorial. The how-to posts are useful as well as practical, which makes them popular and best sellers. So start blogging today.
You just need to conduct a keyword research to identify what people are looking for. Once a keyword has been identified, you have to create content that answers those questions. Brand awareness is an immensely important element of content marketing. Blog posting will allow you to show your followers a personal side of your business.

blogppost 4

Tutorial Blog posts promote autonomous learning by providing opportunities.
In the recent past, search engine’s algorithm updates have put searcher’s intent at the forefront.
Most online searches today are primarily categorized into three major intent groups:
1 Informational: the online searcher wants to know something
2 Transactional: the online searcher wants to do something
3 Navigational: the online searcher wants to go somewhere


Long Form Posts or Ultimate Guides

These long-form posts are often titled ultimate guides, complete guides or comprehensive guides. These posts are generally several thousand words long.
If you want to outrank your competition, create a blog that is long form and of the highest quality. It should be a great blog post with a good meta description to rank higher.

Blog Post user guide
In the past few years there has been a big trend towards detailed, long-form blog posts. One of the most common, and effective, approaches is to create a thorough post that extensively covers a particular topic.
They take a very long time to write. It is true that long form blog posts require more work on your part but have loads of benefits.
With longer content, Google assumes that the blog post answers the user’s inquiry more comprehensively. Hence it must be better.
Another reason long form content performs well on Google analytics is that it makes readers spend more time on your website to consume it.
Hence important to note that in-depth long form content is crucial for the success of your website.
Ultimate guides or comprehensive guides can serve as cornerstone content that will be useful for several years to come.
Because of the high volume of content in these posts, these blog posts have the potential to rank in Google searches. They rank because a lot of different keywords and phrases are used in the posts.

blogpost 6

Benefits of Different Types of Blog Posts

Blogging is a trending topic in today’s social media marketing environment. Irrespective of the fact whether you are a big conglomerate or a small business, you cannot write off blog posts. Blog posts have to be an integral part of your online content marketing strategy.

There are several reasons to have blog posts for you online content.
Drives traffic to your website – When you write a compelling blog post, you are creating relevant content for your customer. You can use it as a marketing tactic to drive traffic back to your website. The blog in your website is the foundation for all social marketing platforms. Inbound links posted directly in your blogs will drive traffic to specific landing pages.

Increases your SEO – Fresh content is the key factor and your SEO can be increased by blogs. It is equally important to use keywords in your blog posts. And associate them with categories related to your business. Keywords and topics on your website are a significant way in which Google and other search engines can find your site for these searched words.

blogpost 5

Summing Up

Finding relevant topics specific to your niche may not seem as hard but it will reach a limit.
To have an endless resource of topics, you will have to explore new ways of extracting topics.
We have highlighted all these ways which can help you find topics with SEO potential.
Try them and let us know in the comments if they worked for you.



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