Toxic Backlinks ( And Why are they Harmful to Your Website)

March 10, 2021
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March 10, 2021 Mehr Jan

You have put your energy and soul into your site. You want it to be out there and get an amazing ranking from Google. But it doesn’t happen? Why do you think. There may be several reasons for it but a major one can be- toxic backlinks.

So what exactly are backlinks and why can they be toxic?

All that you need to know about this specific term and what it means for your site’s health and ranking- we will hit on all of that in this article. So let’s start off shall we?

Right now, you must be pretty clear on how important it is to play your cards right to get the best reach and coverage on the net. You can write the best content but if you don’t work hard on your SEO, chances are your website will fall flat. It is one of the key elements in SEO-optimization and you need to be well-tuned to it, in order to gain maximum benefits.

Let’s begin with an overview on backlinks.

What are Backlinks?

backlinks give your website repute

These are the links which connect the page of one website to the page of another website. When you say I have a backlink, that means someone is connecting to your page. If you are the one who is using a link from another website than that site will be having a backlink from you.

Sounds simple enough?

Sure it does, but the technique holds a lot of weightage. Let’s look into the importance of backlinks to your business and to your website.

Importance of Backlinks

1. Ranking is key

The search engines like Google are the bosses that you have to impress in this scenario. Your site needs to look great.  Once it has, you will get a very prominent seat in the the viewing area.  Google puts a lot of emphasis on backlinks. They consider them to be votes of confidence.

If a reliable and authentic site is giving you a backlink, that means you are worthy of it. And Google takes that word of confidence very seriously. The more backlinks, the better the position.

2. Get Discovered

Did you know that search engines make use of their algorithm to keep on looking for new content. They revisit pages to see how are they holding up. And this is usually done for sites which already have a good amount of backlinks working for them.

Google will first be looking for new content by visiting these sites first as they already have made a good impression on it. They already have a good understanding of what’s popular from what isn’t. And if you are getting a good amount of backlinks, your content is discovered fast.

3. The Best Traffic Source

Did you know that backlinks are also useful in generating solid, organic traffic? Now before you get confused, let me share an important thing- these are called referral traffic. Someone is referring your site so naturally that person will be coming to your website.  Backlinks are the best source for organic flow of traffic.  Whenever you get a click, that means the backlinks have done their job.

Now that we have a fair understanding of what are backlinks, let’s move onto the concept of ‘toxic backlinks’.

What are Toxic Backlinks?

These links are the bad guy. You don’t want them on your site-at any cost. These links will make your SEO weak. Which in turn can affect your website’s reach and impression.

It is definitely the black card. You need to have organic visitors on your site. If you don’t a strong organic, authentic audience then you will definitely be getting fewer leads to get the monetary gains from.

So now that you have a good idea on backlinks and what are toxic backlinks, let’s look into how are backlinks made:

How to Identify a Toxic Backlink?

identify the toxic backlinks

So how toxic and harmful a backlink can get? There are different ways in which it can get harmful and severity can increase. Let’s look into those major factors:

Trust Source Significance

A low rank of the site’s domain source means that there is some serious problems pertaining to the authentic linking. The number of backlinks you can get from trusted domains is very essential in the manner.

Looking into the Link Building Scheme

Have you heard of link building scheme? This is when you get similar pages from different sites. These are those which try to create the links from the same anchor text.

Look into the Page Layout

This is when your text to HTML ration becomes low. This makes the linking page become of poor quality.

How to Determine if You Have Toxic Backlinks?

While there isn’t much that can be done when it comes to algorithmic link, what you can do is improve the site. That is the only major way to make an impact.

What happens is the applied penalties can show up in the Google Search Console.  However, you can also make use of SEO site audit tool to help you to determine and distinguish between toxic backlinks and good backlinks.

Make use of some effective tools like SEMRush and Ahrefs. They give plenty of good intel on the topic. At Markfiniti, we also provide great toxic backlinks removal services.

Take Action!

Now that you have a good and fair understanding on how to identify the bad links, we will now talk about what can be done.

First of all, identify that spammy links or unnatural links are also considered as toxic backlink.  They will be affecting your organic traffic. You can’t let that affect your workflow. So, you need to start working on damage control asap and protect your good rankings.

You need to carry out a proper analysis of your site and see how to fix the issue.

Also, you have to conduct a comprehensive audit to analyze how many toxic backlinks exist and what needs to be done about it. Once that is done with, adapt a weekly routine health check of your site so to ensure you don’t face this problem again.

Other ways in which you can help keep your site’s backlinks in order and eliminate the harmful ones:

Reach out to the source:

Sometimes even with a proper analysis and auditing, it is not possible to delete those links yourself.

In such cases, you will have to contact the site’s owner. You can file a request and look into the matter amicably so that the site’s webmaster can resolve it in a timely and efficient manner.

There may be some links, which you are unable to delete yourself. The best would be to get in touch with the webmasters of these sites and file a request.

The Act of Disavowing Links

Sometimes there are so many toxic backlinks that even Google gets an idea that something isn’t right. In such cases, you can represent to Google a strong case that these links are clearly not representing your policies and company. Since you weren’t able to delete these links yourself, nor were you able to reach out to the owners, you need to let Google know they do not associate with you.

However, there’s a catch. Even if you disavow the links, you cannot get back the lost ranking. But it definitely helps with future ranking and allows Google to get a clear u

Heard of Whitelist Action?

This is when you want to keep things clean and moving in the long run. What you do is create for yourself a whitelist. The whitelist consists of domains that are non-toxic or have a generally very low toxic score. This means that your site will ne natural and safe in the long run.

This helps to keep the focus on your security program and what works and what doesn’t. You need to have your strongest cybersecurity strategy in place to ensure that your administrative tactics are keeping a check on the whitelist to ensure you are secure to domain worries that can affect your website’s SEO and ranking.


maintain quality backlinks for higher ranking

Backlinks are very important. This guide couldn’t get any clearer on that. However, there are good backlinks that provide you ample advantage by giving your site that boost which you need. It will give you a high Google ranking and it will bring you organic traffic. This will in turn give you monetary benefits too.

However, when it comes to keeping the site quality going, you also need to steer clear of toxic backlinks as well.

These backlinks are extremely harmful and can cause you irreversible damage.

Make sure you have a proper audit analysis in place. Also learn ways about the usage of Google Search Console and how it impacts you.

This guide aimed to provide you with all the necessary information relating to all of this. Markfiniti Technologies gives services that eradicate your toxic backlinks issue completely, ensuring you have high-quality backlinks. Our aim is to give you a high Google ranking and one of the top3 Google ranking factors pertains to Backlinks.

Ensure you have the best kind!

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