Top 7 SEO Hacks You Didn’t Know About

April 26, 2021
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April 26, 2021 Mehr Jan

Writing with SEO-focus is what this is all about!

We need to get that kind of access and reach which makes our writing worthy.

You cannot get the public reach if your content isn’t SEO-optimized and you are not using SEO tools.

This is the major one aspect which you need to master to gain the exposure you want.

One thing which you are probably aware of by now is how we need to optimize the target keyword.

Now, anyone who isn’t new to SEO would be confused and feel overwhelmed as to how to go about it, but the fact of the matter is – you can take care of it.

You can definitely get it done.

In this article, I will give you 7 SEO Hacks which you didn’t know but work wonders.

All you need to know is how SEO is a major key player in getting you that winning look, which allows your site and your offering to stand out from the crowd.

So let’s begin:

When it comes to getting the edge, you need to keep your SEO-focused and updated. These simple and winning strategies will allow you to hit the home-run.


Using Certain Words in Title Tag

make use of catchy and certain words in title tags

One of the major things which matter is how you present your article. The title matters. How you present it is essential.

The title is the first thing your reader looks at. You need to make it catchy and prominent.

An SEO experiment by SEO expert looked into what pages were ranking the highest and what words were they using in the process. His studies found out that there are at least 7 words which are used to make a title stand out and look it means business.

These are:

  • Best
  • Reviews
  • Top
  • News
  • Guide
  • Information
  • Community

While we know that Google takes into focus on giving higher ranking to high organic click-through-rate, making use of these kinds of words helps to attract even more organic Google searchers.

While those are definitely the winning words when it comes to your high Google-ranking, here are a few other words which if you add to the mix will make a definite win to your SEO-ranking:

  • Today
  • Fast
  • Right Now
  • Quick
  • Step-by-Step
  • New
  • Quick
  • Easy

Now let’s move forward- it will just keep on getting interesting.


Focus on Finding Long-Tail Keywords with Google

Since you already know how it’s next to impossible to get a good ranking for Head-tail keywords, the fact is you can try to make the most of long-tail keywords and Google searches is a really good tool to help you reach out for keywords that are popular and in demand.

So how to do this- let’s say the word is Keto diet.

You place it in Google search.

Now, when you search for it, scroll down to where you will find searches related to keto diet…section.

This is an important section which can become a gold mine for you- a definite win from SEO Hacks.

It is where Google helps you to find keywords which are very similar to the ones you wanted but they are long-tail, making them more easy for ranking.

You might be wondering what’s the guarantee that they are actually good.

Well, since you are getting these keywords directly from Google itself, that is a superhot guarantee.

Know this- keywords from Google, especially when looking for long-tail keywords, they are already on the popularity streak.

Make use of them.


Adapt Winning Keyword Tips

using google search and other search tools is helpful

So now that we know how Google suggests is such a helpful resource, we will point out the one major problem with this approach- it is actually very popular.

And that means everyone is using it.

So that means it becomes hard to get a big chunk of the competition when everyone is on it.

In such cases, it is best if you use untapped sources to look for strong keywords.

This means you can look for ways to get a high ranking by making use of YouTube as well as Wikipedia, Bing and even Amazon.

So if you make use of the same phrase- keto diet.

You can put this phrase into the YouTube search bar instead of Google. This will allow you to have a more interesting and higher ranking.

The same approach is also helpful when applied on Bing.

Know this- when you tap into less explored places, you will be able to get a more interesting outcome. Let’s move onto more SEO Hacks.


Higher Rankings from Lower Bounce Rate

get high rankings with low bounce rate

Before talking about how bounce rate links up to rankings, it  would be best if we revisit as to what does a bounce rate even mean.

So bounce rate is basically the number of visitors on your webpage, who actually leave your webpage without taking up an action.

This action can be anything from clicking a link on that webpage, or being directed to fill out a form or even making a purchase.

Hence having a low bounce rate means you will likely rank higher.

This also directly relates to the quality of your content. If you have quality content, that means you will be able to have plenty of visitors onto your site who will most likely stay on and explore.

So when you audit your site, look into ways to tackle the high bounce rate; focus on creating better content as it ensures your visitors won’t just browse through but will stick around for definite action.


Google Ads and How They Optimize Click-Through-Rate (CTR)

So now we are already aware of how quality content matters to every aspect of your SEO-optimizing strategies, let’s move onto how it also related to your click-through-rate.

Again, it’s always best if we look and define what is CTR.

This is actually a ratio which shows how many people while looking at your ad will actually click on it and make a move on when they see the ad.

In its simplest terms- a click through rate is basically the number of clicks you will get which is divided by the number of times the ad is being shown.

To know how this works, we will also talk about Google Ads.

So Google Ads are getting popular on their own, but if you make use of something like CTR with it, chances are you will be able get the maximum exposure and result.

The most interesting thing is you can actually make use of these Google Ads to even write really interesting title tags as well as catchy meta descriptions.

How you do that is when you place your keyword in your Google search, notice how you will get various pages and sites through Google Ads.

You will then notice how it is impactful and gets you noticed in no time. It is a major player in giving you the CTR boosting and a huge rush towards organic traffic.


Focus On Backlinks From Link Roundups

backlinks from link roundups matter

This is a major technique which isn’t being utilized intensely but it actually works in great ways.  We already know how important backlinks are to a site’s credibility.

It ensures that your website is actually of quality content. The backlinks from authoritative sites means that your site is of optimal ranking and it is coming from a great place. It is one of the leading SEO Hacks.

People and other platforms approve of how it looks. This plays a major role in getting you high Google ranking.

Know this- your backlinks are one of the major players in giving you high SEO-ranking as SEO experts suggest worldwide.

Google even says that these backlinks are actually one of the top3 ranking factors for Google. So you better get these backlinks all sorted.

One of the major ways in which you can focus on how to build quality links is to make use of ‘link roundups’.

These are basically roundups of the monthly link with the best content that has come out. This strategy allows you to link up to the roundup if you have quality and high-demand content.

Focus on this methodology as it allows you to make use of backlinks in the most effective and direct way, targeting a high reach from the masses.


Aim for In-Depth Content

in-depth blogging gets high rankings

One of the major things Google looks into is how are you focused and committed to your content yourself.

You need to write in a way which is interesting but also provides the complete overview of the topic in hand.

The key is that you should not miss out on any details. This is one of the major SEO Hacks.

Include every single thing which is to be known about this topic. It doesn’t help that you include just the basics anymore.

If someone had come onto your site, you need to provide them with the complete information.

Having in-depth articles and blogs is one of the major SEO hack you didn’t know about. It all comes down to knowing you have all the content your readers need and then presenting it to them in the best way.

Attaining a high rank in the world of SEO and Google isn’t as tough as people project. All you need to do this is to stay ingrained and up to date on how to get things done.

Being on top of your game and practicing SEO Hacks wins the race!



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