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The Ultimate Guide to Best SEO Tools

Here’s your complete breakdown on what are the various factors and branches of how you can get the most out of your SEO ranking while utilizing one of the best and ‘free’ SEO plugins –Yoast Plugin, which will help you in building a highly appealing and interesting website.

Ranking Your Site with SEO Magic:

You have invested a lot of time into your website. Moreover, you have worked hard on the content. You have spent restless nights on perfecting the design.
But why is your site still not ranking on Google or any other search engine?
Well, it needs some SEO magic to get its authority rolling from among a sea of other websites. With such fierce competition, you need to have your SEO game on point, optimizing your website for business growth.
For many business owners out there, when they hear the word ‘SEO’, they tend to run for the hills. It has a very technical side to it. It can seem overwhelming and hard to tackle.
But not to worry, there are some extremely useful and powerful SEO tools out there that you can utilize in a not-so-complex manner.

What is Yoast Plugin?

Many of the websites out there are created through WordPress. From the simplest designs for personal blogs to powering some of the most influential and major commerce sites from around the world, it has become one of the leading platforms to design a website.

With WordPress, comes one of the most useful and easy to handle SEO Plugins. These are the well-built SEO tools which lead to your search engine optimization. While there are a large number of SEO plugins for a self-hosted WordPress site, Yoast Plugin is still considered the best- with one of the major reasons being its ‘free’.

Yoast SEO Plugin or simply Yoast is considered as one of the most favorite SEO plugins by users from around the world.
Did you know there are about 5million active installations of Yoast Plugin, in the world right now? Its main job is to make ‘SEO for Everyone’ accessible- it is designed to make WordPress users gain the maximum advantage with their online SEO simplified.

Handling the SEO Technical Details for You:

With your mind focused on keeping your website popular while attaining the sales goals and objectives, having all the technical details in order can be cumbersome.
Luckily Yoast Plugin allows technical SEO to become much more manageable for you. The plugin settings are done in a trouble-free, easy to understand way. Having been around for many years, developers, testers and architects have been continuously working around the clock to make the Yoast Plugin a simple but powerful tool for its users.

In a nutshell and quick glimpse, here are a few of its strongest offers, allowing you to get your SEO target on point.
*It allows for Title and Meta description templating – this will lead to stronger branding and consistent snippets in search engine results.
*Strong Schema implementation will lead to getting a high rank on search engines as well as an increase in coveted rich results.

*Utilizing advanced XML Sitemaps.
*A complete look and control over the site’s breadcrumbs.
*Identify and avoid duplicate content.
*Your Search Console will connect with the Webmaster tools tab
*Customizing your social platforms using the social tab
*Option of Premium Support for Yoast SEO Premium users- this option allows for a Premium user’s Yoast SEO to expand with more tools, extensions and support.

Figuring Out How Yoast Plugin is Setup:

It’s actually quite simple to handle. Here we provide you with a quick overview on how you can get the most out of your Yoast Plugin settings:
*Install the Yoast SEO plugin from Plugins page on your WordPress site
*Choose the Add New option
*Then select Yoast from the WordPressPlugin Directory
*Click Install
*Activate once the installation is done with
*Voila! Let the magic begin
This will lead to a new listing appearing in your site’s dashboard’s sidebar menu. Once that happens, you can further arrange and customize the Yoast Plugin settings as according to the various factors you want SEO quality to focus on.

The Yoast Wizard at Your Service:

Did you know that Yoast Plugin also comes with very helpful and detailed Wizard support? It will allow you to get a good handle on ways to create and customize your Yoast SEO settings.
One of the major things you need to look out for is that if you’re replacing other SEO plugins with Yoast, you must select “Import” to import their settings into Yoast. After which, those plugins can be easily deleted or removed from your site. Being flexible and customizable, you can easily alter and change the settings of Yoast as your site continues to update or upgrade.
Make use of the best SEO practices with Yoast Plugin. It allows you to manage a large number of features easily, giving you endless benefits without the need to understand web coding.

Why My Website Needs Yoast Plugin?

So, having understood what Yoast Plugin is and how it becomes an integral part of your site with WOW benefits in SEO strategies including optimizing keyword search, we will now look into why websites, especially those in a highly competitive market need to adapt the Yoast Plugin setting into their WordPress sites:

Made for you by Pros

One of the best things about Yoast Plugin is, is that even though it has made SEO simple for you, it has been developed by SEO experts who have spent hours on major SEO projects to help large number of websites grow profitably.

Focuses on Content

While helping with all the technical details to your SEO standing, Yoast also guides you to make your content better, providing readability analysis. It also gives great tools to make your writing strong.

The Problem Finder

Writing has never been this easy. Once you’ve jolted down material for a piece to go live on your site, Yoast plugin takes over to check if there are any SEO problems in your piece that need to be rectified. It practically acts like a ‘teacher’ providing you with a feedback report.

Defining a Solid Structure

One of the major things which website creators and content writers don’t actually consider is that you need to have a content structure that is understandable by Google. You need to have interlinking done strongly as well. No need to fret over it; Yoast provides strong inter linking tools as well as site structure training to master the best structure for high ranking.

High readability and Optimization

One of its major benefits is, is that it does allow for higher visitor attraction as well higher reader engagement. Yoast aims for keyword optimization, allowing your website to rank high on Google and other search engines. It also allows for high post and page optimization. It has a tool called ‘Flesch Reading Ease’ score- which analyzes the readability of the post.

Optimal Keyword Placement

This plugin has a golden feature- it allows for you to know precisely if you are using your keywords properly or no. It identifies if the keyword placement is optimized and whether they are being utilized in the content properly or no.

Creator of Social Cards

Yoast Plugin comes with an amazing social feature which allows you to create social cards. These basically are considered as Social Previews where you can choose the image, title, and description that will display on social media platforms when you or someone else shares your content.

Making Sitemaps

One of its major advantages is that it allows for you to create an XML sitemap. Tis is a roadmap which tells search engines what kind of content and pages are available on the website. The best thing is you don’t need to install another plugin. This is because Yoast allows you to create an effective XML map on its own.

To Sum Up:

Having a high ranking is the goal; but getting it done right is the key to success. With the advancement of the online world, it is becoming harder to get yourself noticed on the Web. But it isn’t impossible.
WordPress comes with its strongest ally- Yoast Plugin. Make use of the best SEO practices to become Google’s desire. Search engine crawlers are known to monitor and look into the various aspects of your site. Including the keyword optimization, as well as other factors that will push it on top of a search result page.

Yoast Plugin is an amazing tool that will focus on various SEO aspects, like Meta description, internal links, site structure, content and others, to give your site strong quality standing to rank high in a search engine’s algorithm.
The Yoast Premium provides even more benefits and features to work around. Though the basic Yoast Plugin is free and its great. Really great for your website- there are no two ways about it.