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Social Media Strategy and Hacks to Increase Growth

Being in a constant social media race can pressurize you to produce content every time. However, without a new social media strategy every now and then, your content will soon get old.In order to keep producing relevant content, you will need to implement other strategies that suit your audiences. This article discusses the content hacks and strategies that can bring you more followers and growth in an ever-changing social media landscape.


Create Diverse Content

When you run out of ideas, give a good look at your existing content.

Is it sticking to only one format?

If you only used graphics and images then maybe it is time to experiment a little more.

creating content

Grow Content Assets

Your existing audience may like images.

However, there are target audiences that can resonate to your content if you experiment with it.

In order to do that you would like to make a library of content that includes infographics, videos, blogs, success stories, and other media.

Obviously, if you only stuck with one form of content then now it will look a daunting task.

Though you always have tools to help you out.

Canva and Cohley can make your images, reviews and more into attractive social media content.

The compelling reviews can give you social proof and the interesting graphics can attract a younger audience.

Moreover, you may like to repurpose your existing content.

If your previous content is not up to date then transform it to new smaller content that is more consumable.

Put more infographics and checklists rather than long content that users find hard to read.

So experiment with the content out of your comfort zone.

Add polls, video blogs, digital storytelling, videos and infographics.

Look for new popular trends.

It can be shorts or stories rather than long form videos.

So, you need to keep up with the trends and revamp your content accordingly.


Stream Live Videos to Show BTS

Have you ever streamed a live video?

If not, then it’s time that you do!

But what will you show in a live video? There are tons of options but you can start by showing behind the scenes workings of your business.

social media strategy and hacks

Social Media Strategy for Going Live

Like anything else, going live needs preparation.

One way to ensure that it will work out is to set a date and time for it beforehand.

Let your audience know that you will schedule a live watch.

If you will not then probably your audience will miss out on it.

Also telling them that details about what you will discuss can make your audience look forward to it.

Share it with them through your social media posts or email.

You are likely to attract a bigger audience if there is a giveaway.

What’s more is that live videos offer you to interact with your audience in real time.

They can leave comments and you can reply immediately.

They cannot avail the same level of interaction under posts or pre filmed videos.

Hence, people like to interact in the live medium as they can ask questions and get answers immediately.

If you have other plans for your live then set aside some time for questions.

Your audience is specifically looking for interaction in your live.

Thus, prepare answers to the questions that they may ask.

To build a friendly environment, greet your audience as they enter the live video.

This will help make them feel included and welcomed leaving a good impression for your business.

Also, you may have a purpose for starting the live.

Keep including this call to action throughout the video.

Whether it is to get them to subscribe or to tell about your new products.

Repeating the CTA three to four times in your live will let everyone who joined later catch it.

Also, remember that not all audiences prefer the same platform.

Choose the one that your audiences most frequent.

Look at your stats! Do you get more likes on Facebook, Insta, Youtube or Tiktok?

Moreover, which social media platform suits your brand the most?

Once, you know where your audiences are likely to come from, use that platform for gaining more views.

The popular options are Facebook Live, Youtube Live and Insta Live.

You can make your Live videos experience better by using tools such as vMix and ManyCam.

They allow you to put videos, presentations and music into your live giving your audience a great experience.


Run Campaigns Across Platforms

Every social channel performs differently.

Hence, you cannot tell if you will get the best results from one or the other.

In fact, the same content works differently on any two platforms.

In order to find out which one works best for you, launch content on these tailored to your specific audience on that platform meeting their expectations.

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Your main story can be the same in all content however it will be of different types.

For instance, Instagram is a medium for pictures.

Hence, your content and message should be visual.

In Linkedin or Google My Business, you would like to promote your business more seriously with a long caption.

Your post will essentially be the same but the type of content will be different.

Thus, you will have to make different content and post it regularly together across platforms.

You can reduce your burden of posting on all networks separately by using Buffer.

It can help you to schedule content and post it timely across different platforms.

Meet Edgar is another platform to help you create content for social media platforms.

Moreover, you can make use of tools such as Canva to help you create graphics and videos.

You can also share it directly from there.

After posting, you should check if your social media strategy is even working.

Make business goals and identify the Key Performance Indicators for each platform as they will differ.

Social media goals could be getting more subscribers on Youtube, more followers on Instagram, increasing engagement rate, brand awareness or drive traffic.

Through establishing marketing campaigns using social network you can fulfill your goals.

You can also find out what works best by conducting A/B testing to later incorporate the results in your content strategy.


Using UGC Social Media Strategy

User-Generated Content is made by your audiences in the form of images, posts, videos, reviews as well as FAQs.

This is how your audience interacts with your business creating content for it.

When you run out of content ideas, you can simply use UGC to bring more sales.

user generated content

User-Generated Content also acts as social proof.

Hence, it is more likely to generate sales.

It can increase traffic and sales up to 42 percent more than posts you come up with yourself.

This is because people rely on the word of mouth marketing.

You can use tools like Cohley to connect with creators that use your products and review them.

These reviews lead up to 93 percent of sales.

Not only that they can generate trust in consumers regarding your brand.

Also, they can increase the traffic to your e-commerce website.

Hence, you would not want to miss out on them.

When customers buy products from you, ask them to leave a review.

You can screenshot that and post it onto your homepage, stories or as a new content.

Encourage the,m to write reviews anywhere like leaving them in your inbox or posting on Google My Business.

Off-site reviews can also help in increasing credibility.

Other than reviews, you can start a contest, giveaway or hashtags to let people experiment with your products and create content for you.

For instance, if you are a makeup brand then you can launch a contest of making unconventional looks and ask them to share with your hashtags.

This can give your hashtags and business visibility encouraging engagement.

More people will know about your brand.

What’s best, you can post their entries as content on your socials.

They will act as social proof and fill up your platforms.

creating content in social media strategy

Creating Content for Social Media Strategy

When you don’t have inspiration for content, you can always repurpose old ones.

You can also use user-generated content or launch a live stream.

Businesses are always trying to be unique but sometimes you can simply follow the trend and look around you for inspiration.

Something that’s already trending has a good chance of attracting audiences too.

If you want to make unique content then you have tools like Canva and vMix to assist you.

They have made making content easier and faster.

Hence, they are a good alternative to Adobe Photoshop and other difficult tools.

Though UGC is also unique content.

Your audiences have specifically made this content for you hence, it cannot be anyone else’s.

Whatever content you make, ensure that it fits across platforms.

One piece of content may not fit on all platforms hence, make different media content for separate social media platforms.

This way you can assess on what platform your audience engages with your content the most.

Once you have the performance indicators you can launch another social media strategy on that platform specifically.

Use free social media to elevate your business to new heights.

Creat a social media marketing plan and then implement these content hacks to gain potential audiences.

Using these content hacks you can strategize your social media channels to always have useful content for your audience.

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