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Using Small Social Media Influencer to Promote Your Business

The internet world has undergone many changes in the last few years. Now you can’t only use it to connect but to also become a social media influencer. Using social media influencers especially micro-influencers has become crucial for the growth of your business.

Influencers have a large, dedicated following that supports their product recommendations. Hence as a small business, you can make use of these small content creators also known as micro influencers to grow your business. The article highlights how they can help promote your small business.


What Is a Small Social Media Influencer?

A small social media influencer or micro-influencer is someone with a following between 2k to 25k.

They have a niche following and are not big influencers with millions of followers.

Though, this is exactly why they are so good for your business.

micro influencers

A Markedly study found out that the number of engaged users through comments and likes decreases as the followers increase.Moreover, influencers with 1k to 10k followers got likes at a 4 percent rate while those above 10k got around 2.4 percent.

Hence, celebrities with millions of followers do not necessarily have the most engaged followers.

In fact, around 82 percent of the consumer audience believes that they will likely follow and believe a recommendation made by their favorite micro-influencer.

A small business like yours requires influencer marketing where the niche following of the micro-influencer can lead to sales and drive traffic.

What are the other benefits of working with micro or nano influencers? Find out below!


likes and comments on a business

Benefits of Working with Micro-Influencers

Loyal Followers

Micro-influencers usually work on a niche and their followers are already aware of the products and services like your business provides.

Hence, their interest complements your business.

Therefore, they are ROI positive in your industry and the loyal followers will take their recommendation seriously bringing you sales.

High ROI

Speaking of return on investment, it is generally high on a low cost.

The reach of your business can increase in terms of both width and depth.

Audience Connection

It is more beneficial for a business to work with micro-influencers because of their authentic audience and their connection.

They have one-to-one connection and interaction with their audience and this encourages the audience to trust them more.

Therefore, they are likely to take their recommendations seriously.

Improve the Brand’s Image

As their audience is more likely to trust their recommendations, they will also consider your business trustworthy then.

You can ask them to use your product and give an honest review.

They can make product tutorials and if they like your brand and promote it then so will their audience trust it.

Align With Your Brand

Businesses need to have similar values as the person promoting their products.

However, it is difficult to have an intimate conversation with a big influencer.

They are mostly run by their PR agencies and you may never know their unbiased opinion on your brand.

However, you can have an honest conversation with micro-influencers that usually handle their own sponsorships.

Passionate Target Audience

The target audiences you reach through micro-influencers are small but passionate about the niche.

The large audience engaged with social media channels and posts generates trust.

These types of influences have established credibility through their regular posts and social media marketing on Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram and Snapchat.

Hence, their audience engages and is passionate.

You can tailor your campaign and marketing strategies to target that specific audience that big businesses and brands can miss.

Which leads to…

Bigger Impact

You may doubt that micro-influencers have a small following and audience than big social networks influencers, however, they still have enough impact.

You will not have to spend much on them but they are a good collaborative partner.

Hence, you can form long-term relationships with them.

If they align with your brand’s value.

Moreover, they create content that is organic, creative, and authentic.

You can work closely with them to make content that works best on their followers.

Stay consistent with your brand but you can let the influencer work along what suits your brand.

Targeting Demographics and Locations

It is easier to target a certain audience specific to location and demographics with the help of micro-influencers.

If your product is very local then it is better to go for the smaller influencers.

They will have a more localized audience that interacts with the influencer regularly.

Moreover, you can sponsor more than one micro-influencer to target different geolocations.

As they will also charge less than bigger influencers, you can reach a wider audience with several micro-influencers.

Trying and Testing

Speaking of the chargers, you can test what works with a micro-influencer without spending much.

Plus, they have a niche market which is your target audience.

Hence, you can first try product reviews and then expand to promotional content.

You can see immediate feedback of it working or not for you on the right audience for your brand.

Usually, the followers of micro-influencers are very active and interactive.

So, you can get more ideas and insights from comments.

You will get all these benefits from a micro-influencer but not a big social media personality.

Hence, they are beneficial for all types of businesses, big or small.


Working With a Small Social Media Influencer

Now that you know you want to work with micro-influencer, it is time to find them.

But first, set your goals and metrics.

Identify that do you want sales, higher traffic, or want brand awareness.

Once you have set your goals, it is time to find the relevant micro-influencer.

social media influencer promoting products

One way to find influencers is to look at your own social media following.

The people that follow you probably are social influencers or they follow influencers who are in your niche.

Hence, get a good look at the people who follow you and check if any of those align with your brand value.

You can also use tools like Buzzsumo that has an influencer search engine.

It allows you to search for the kind of influencers you want with regards to their audience size and retweets, website domain authority, and much more.

Also, keep out a look for your brand hashtags.

If certain micro-influencers like your brand, they are probably already using your hashtag in their content.

Hence, you can check if they post consistently, have the same values as your brand, and have an engaged audience.

Before signing on with them, you can ask them to make a performance report.

This way you can analyze their performance and know about their reach and engagement.

Once you are ready to begin your contract with them, make sure you negotiate fees and deliverables.

When you hire influencers for influencer marketing on social media, it is best to give them an outline of what you want.

Influencers usually work independently hence, let them work independently.

While you just provide them with an outline detailing the deliverables and the deadlines to do that.

That said, you should make full use of this partnership to elevate your brand.


marketing campaign


Product Review

You can begin with a simple product and service review.

This allows you to understand if their audience receives your product well.

You can do it completely for free by sending them a PR.

But that always has a risk of influencers never opening your package.

It is much better to pay them for a product review which can increase brand awareness and lead to sales.

As said earlier, if the influencer likes the product, their loyal audience may follow.

They will end up purchasing it or at least you will get feedback on it through an honest review.

Remember to give them full access to the product and related images and videos.

This way they can make a good product review video or post on their social media channels.

Make Hashtags for The Campaign

If you plan to work with many micro-influencers then remember to launch a hashtag with your marketing campaign.

This can help people track down your company and reviews by different influencers.

Moreover, you can send free new products to these influencers every launch.

This way they can review them for you and you will get a lot of attention because of several influencers sharing your hashtag.

Plus, these influencers will embody your brand so their audience will follow suit.

Promote Discounted Offers

Using FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is an effective tactic to persuade the audience to take action.

You can send discount codes on promotional offers to several micro-influencers and ask them to promote your sale.

Usually, the discount code contains the influencers’ names and they may even get a share from the sale.

Hence, this can prompt their followers to buy from your brand since this way their favorite influencer can earn too.

Make User Generated Content

Let the influencers take over your socials or allow them to create content on their own platforms using the campaign hashtags.

This will allow people to become curious about your brand and they will flock towards your socials.

They can also encourage their followers to join in making content with a small incentive like a giveaway.

Similarly, you can guest post on their blogs or make a collaboration post.

All these options can drive sales and traffic to your socials, generating interest in your brand.

Sponsored Posts

This is your straightforward way of promotion.

You will see this on an Instagram posts, Facebook post, or at the beginning of a Youtube video.

The micro-influencers mention that it is a sponsored post i.e. they are paid to promote.

While this can get a few people wary about the brand, the small intro of products may excite a few.

Furthermore, they can weave a story around the sponsorship making for creative product placement.

Storytelling helps make content more relatable for your audience and there are more chances of them being genuinely curious about your brand.


A social media influencer with under 25k followers can take your brand to new heights.

Long-term partnerships with these micro-influencers are also useful to maintain your audience.

Hence, if you are a new business, reach out to micro and nano influencers for your promotion.

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