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Social Listening: Why Its Important

When it comes to making a mark on social media, there are several things that come into role play here. You have to make sure you are fully aware of all these concepts. Otherwise it will not be possible for you to gain the most from these settings. One such concept is social listening.

This is a leading strategy which actually aims at bringing the most to your business and your SEO tactics.

Did you know that according to latest statistics, there has been a definite increase in the values that have been attained for your marketing tactics.

Social media listening is not a relative new concept.

But it has only been recently given this terminology.

They actually work around to making you build a strong understanding of what customers think and how they adapt the social channels.

So the aim here is to focus on your literal listening skills.

In this article, I will be sharing all the details and dynamics relating to what is social listening and how it works.

Let’s begin:

What is Social Listening?

understanding social listening

This is basically the method of tracking through the various social media platforms to see and analyze just how many times has your brand been mentioned.

After which you will also be looking at and determining the insights to see just how you can act on those.

It is actually a two-step method.

This means you will firstly be monitoring the social media channels to see the brand mentions. And not just that, you will also be looking at the competitors listing, the products coming in the same range. As well as what are the keywords you will be working around with.

After which the information you have gathered will be put into good use. This is through action plans.

Now the scale of this also depends on your own business strategy. Either you are just reacting to a happy customer.

Or you may be actually aiming for the entire brand positioning of your product to see the results.

Is it Different from Social Monitoring?

So this is what some people ask about. In one glance, you can actually consider them to be almost alike.

But there are some key differences between both concepts.

For one thing, social monitoring suggests that you will be collecting data.

And this means you are looking at:

  • brand mentions
  • relevant hashtags to work with
  • competitor mentions if any
  • as well as industry trends to look into and follow

Social listening however doesn’t just focus on statistics.

It is more so looking at the mood by which something is being done.

This is known as social media sentiment.

And this is focusing on how people feel about you and your competitors.

It is what we can consider as being a complete and proper analysis.

When you understand of social sentiment, it helps you to create a framework on how your responses should be.

How Social Listening Helps Businesses?

how it benefits businesses

Now let’s get into the grit of how this will be helping your businesses to establish and grow further.

For one thing you will be doing yourself major loss if you create your strategies and plans without actually looking at what your customers are saying about your business and the industry you are working in.

Some of the major things you can do in this regard is understand while also engaging with your audience.

Example businesses and brands which take customer comments and views seriously, will definitely be doing themselves a favor.

They will be growing the business definitely and this allows you to relate and engage in real life time.

Another thing is that social listening is really effective when it comes to knowing and understanding what your competitors are up to.

You need to have a good handle and understanding on what competitors are doing. This allows you to have an edge over others. Because you know what they are up to and you can then create tactics which are solid and long-lasting.

Why is Social Listening Important?

Let’s now look into and analyze just how social listening works.

You can consider it as a way for you to highlight your brand and products.

This works well when you are actually gathering consumer data.

It is essential as you will be able to gauge and highlight brand awareness.

And not just that, it is going to improve how the products and services are going to highlight the way businesses.

The major benefits you can get from this are :

Having a major campaign analysis- this is going to highlight the marketing campaign and is going to resonate with audiences on social media.

There is also how competitive analysis works. It will be revealing insights on how competitors will be doing their conversations on social media.

Other than that, it is highly effective when we look at how event monitoring works. It will be enabling the company to actually see how the audience is responding in real time.

You will also be able to see and get a feel of the industry trends and how they will be leading to discussions including social functions like hashtags.

Some Social Listening Tips to Adapt

social listening tips

Now I want to share some major practices and ways in which social listening is highly effective.

You will first need to understand the audience. This means you are looking at the buyer persona and the products and services that come under the radar.

Other than that it is important that you properly determine what you should be listening to.

There is definitely a huge plethora of intel. But what exactly matters is what you have to identify.

Also make sure you are using the right keywords to find data.

This means filtering through the conversations on social media.

It can be anything pertaining to the company, its brands as well as the products and services.

Many people also consider using it as an effective tool.

And most importantly, make sure you develop a strategy.

This is one which is going to analyze the social data. As you try to develop a strategy based on the findings.

For instance if you notice that the customers you are attending to are not happy, then you should be exploring what is wrong and look at ways to bring change.


effectiveness of social listening

When we talk of social listening, it is a major element to consider and take a good handle on.

Only when you are able to ensure how you will be getting the use of it, that will allow you to make the most of social media.

Social listening is done in certain ways.

You just have to ensure you are making use of the right tools to get complete results.

Just when you will be able to get the most of these tools, you will be getting a complete handle and control on how it works.

There are some major important effects which social listening will be able to cater on and get you.

Only when you are able to get a good handle on how it works, it will definitely be yielding to better social media presence.

In this article, we have looked at and shared ways in which this can all come together.

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