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Content Marketing for Small Business

Do you own a small business? In order to promote a business, you need to follow up with content marketing strategies.

This helps to leverage your work to the next level by reaching a greater audience. The content goes across several platforms which helps to increase your views, visitors and leads to conversions.

This article discusses how you can use Content Marketing to escalate your small business. Read below to know more.


Small Business Content Marketing Ideas and Strategy

Content marketing of valuable content benefits your users and helps you promote your products to them.

As you distribute the content through social media channels and other platforms, it increases your audience’s trust in your brand.

It can be in the form of blogs, email newsletters or social media presence.

content strategy for small business

Identify Goals and How to Measure Them

Before you begin, outline the goals you want to achieve and how to measure them.

These goals need to be attainable, time-specific, relevant and specific.

This is the SMART Strategy:

S: Specific

M: Measurable

A: Attainable

R: Relevant

T: Time-specific

content strategy


For instance, if you use email newsletters as your marketing medium then your goal should be to reach over 500 email subscribers in a month.

Though, you may also want to increase sales of a new product or current products by 10 percent.

Similarly, if you write content, you can aim to rank on the first page of SERPs within two months.

It is also important to know how you can measure these goals.

Key Performance Indicators like views, downloads, conversion rates, sales and revenue can give you a clear idea about whether you are achieving your goals.

Next, you need to identify your audience before you start marketing your content to them.

Select your specific audience with regards to their demographics using a tool like Google Analytics.

It helps to analyze the demographics of the audience that utilizes your content and those who skip it.

Hence, this way you can make the content that your audience consumes and deliver that to them on the right channel.

Moreover, this allows you to generate more content marketing ideas to reach your relevant audience.

You can promote your new products and your website content using the content ideas listed below.

small business content promotion

Content Promotion Ideas

Writing a Blog

Blog posts not only help to give your audience an insight into your products and services, they also contribute towards your ranking on SERPs.

If you write a blog using the right On-page SEO techniques, you will soon find your website on the first page.

In this digital world, you cannot rely solely on having an offline business.

Rather you should make your online presence through a website and social media.

If you start selling your products on a website then you can gather a larger audience if you write interesting blog posts.

With only 21 to 50 blogs on your website, you can raise your traffic by up to 30 percent.

Isn’t that great?

Furthermore, your audience is likely to share a blog if it provides them value.

This can result in more exposure across different target audiences and can result in conversion and lead generation.

Furthermore, what’s better than introducing your audience to a new product through a blog.

It will provide them enough detail and generate trust to purchase a product.

Creating A Social Media Presence

A small business does not have to put in less work than a big one.

In fact, you need to be more active to create your presence among the giants.

This requires you to be active on the platforms that your audience frequently visits.

If you write blogs, you can post them on your social media channels.

So you can post new product updates and testimonials from social media influencers.

Using tools like Google Analytics or Instagram Insights, assess what your audience likes to see the most.

However, if you are beginning your social media presence then you need to first find your target audience.

  • Check consumer behavior on Google Analytics
  • Look at your competitor’s audience to analyze what posts they like and lead to conversion

This will help you determine the kind of content you need to post to attract your target audience.

They can further take interest in your content, hence visiting your website and lead to conversion.

promotion through reviews

Content Promotion Through Email And Reviews

Email newsletters are a great way to promote your new products, blogs and offers.

Email marketing has a high Return on Investment.

Subscribers are usually intrigued to click on your site’s link if they find the copy and the offer lucrative.

They hold a lot of value for small businesses.

Email newsletters can introduce your subscribers to your new products and offers while also creating trust and build goodwill.

Hence, it leads to an increase in customer value and gives you an outlet to promote your blog, deals and sales.

Furthermore, tap the full potential of social media to get reviews and testimonials of your products.

Reviews help build trust in new audiences that go ahead and purchase your product.

Now that people cannot hold the product and see it in person, they will trust people who have used it.

Furthermore, if that review has a picture attached to it then it becomes a trustworthy

You can send your products to influencers as a PR and ask them to review them for you.

Moreover, share that on your socials and as testimonials on your website.

Experiment with a variety of content, do not restrict yourself to videos and blogs.

You may tap into a different audience by creating infographics and engaging social media posts.

Furthermore, organize your content to schedule it.

This will help you post consistently by reminding you to update new content.

While you schedule posts, do it for every social media platform.

Make thorough content and distribute it across your social media channels.

Finally, track the results using a KPI metric or Google Analytics to see if you are receiving enough returns.

Content marketing is crucial for a small business like yours to be known among your target audiences.

Want to know how?

Find out about its benefits below!


Benefits of Content Promotion for Small Business

In order to increase visibility and provide value to your customers, you need to consistently put out content and promote it.

These important factors your business stay relevant and projects it to your target audience.

Furthermore, it leads to sales and profits.

small business benefits

Generating Content for Audience and Search Engines

Content promotion through social media and blogs helps to keep your business relevant while adding value.

Furthermore, posting consistently signals Google and other search engines that this is an active website.

If you stop posting, your ranking can start falling sharply.

Instead, consistent posting informs search engines that your content holds relevancy according to search and you produce fresh content.

Similarly, once you post your product description and other information on your website, it stops adding value to your audience.

Consistent content adds value to them.

Therefore, you need to keep creating content and promoting it.

Spreads Across Social Media Channels Reaching Wider Audience

The power of social media lies in its ability to spread content across marketing channels.

You can share a single blog post across Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter to attract different audiences on these platforms.

Furthermore, when a good blog post spreads by sharing, it can reach a wider audience.

You can also repurpose a single piece of content into different contents for separate mediums.

The blog post can turn into an infographic on Instagram.

Its content can be turned into a type of video content such as a Youtube video.

Moreover, it can also feature in your email newsletter.

Therefore, you do not need to create separate content for all mediums.

audience reach

Establish Relationships with Your Audience

As a small business owner with sole proprietorship,  you need to communicate with your audience more often on socials and your blog.

People like direct communication with the owner and once you start replying to their comments, you are likely to gain their trust.

If small business owners aim to help instead of sell to your audience then they are likely to generate a positive impression of your business. More on that later.

This may lead them to buy more often and recommend your social media handle to others.

If you interact with your audience sincerely, they will truly appreciate it.

Keeps Generating Sales

When you keep promoting your business, remember that you should not stick to “buy, buy, buy” messages in newsletters and social media posts.

This will eventually annoy your audience.

Rather try to produce content that helps them.

You can sell your products afterward.

The content that helps keeps you relevant to audiences that do not need your product or service at the moment but will always remember you first when they have to buy it.

Therefore, this approach helps to generate sales.


Content marketing is more crucial for a developing small business than an established big one.

Reaching out to your audience among the big giants requires more creativity and input.

A business consultant can elevate your small business to new heights, however, following these ideas is beneficial too.

Hence, follow these ideas and strategies to reap the benefits of content marketing on generating sales and conversions.

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