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Silo Structure: To Improve Website SEO

Do you want to make your website rank high in SERP? Then you need to ensure the structure is clean and the content is grouped accordingly. That is what Silo structure is all about.

It is one of the best ways to organize your website around one topic. It will help search engines crawl, index, and also rank your website more efficiently.


Silo Structure: With a Definition

Silo structure is perhaps one of the best ways to organize your website around one topic. Doing so can help search engines crawl, index, and rank your website faster and more efficiently.

SIt is definitely a win-win situation for your online business.

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It is essential to understand that organizing your website into a silo structure can be daunting. Especially when your business offers many services or products, has multiple locations, or even blog posts.

Remember that if not done correctly, search engines will not understand your website clearly. As a result, SEO authority will not flow throughout your web pages. Finally, search engines will need help indexing your pages.

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An Overview

You should learn more about what silo structure is and why it matters for SEO.

We should start with a definition. Silo structure will help optimize – including grouping and optimizing your website pages according to the content. If you want to optimize your content according to silo structure, then you need to perform two main things:

1 Define what is the main topic your website focuses on

Especially if you have a lot of articles and landing pages – then it might be challenging to group various topics. However, there is a way of doing it. You can analyze your website in Search Console or Google Analytics and define the main keywords you want your website to rank. It should solely depend on the topics that attract the most web traffic.

2 Organize your available content into groups

You can do it by either of the two methods – physical or virtual. With physical silo optimization, you should create the URL structure of your website manually. In contrast, virtual silo optimization is all about grouping the categories of your website with the help of HTML internal linking.

It is important to note that it does not matter what type of silo optimization you choose. Your main goal is to group similar content and separate the unrelated ones.


Silo Structure: To Boost Your Search Traffic

Silo structure can make your website easier to navigate. At the same time, it can help search engines better understand your content. All these will mean higher rankings and more search traffic.

It should form an integral part of your SEO strategy as it will benefit your website in several ways in the long run.

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Do you know that website structures, specifically the silo structure, may be the most underrated Search Engine Optimization or SEO strategy? Meaning many people do not pay enough attention to it.
Remember that the way you structure your website also affects the following:

1 Your SEO and search rankings.
2 How your content is organized.
3 Your user experience.
So you may ask – what is the best website structure for SEO?

How does Silo structure benefit website SEO?

1 It helps search engines find your website

Remember that the proper silo website structure often facilitates and accelerates the search process on your website. Meaning It helps achieve full indexing by search robots without any obstacles.

In such a way, you will help your users to navigate your website easily. At the same time, you will also help them find any info they need when searching algorithms. It means the method will help you understand your website’s structure and quickly form a list of tasks for website crawling.

Suppose your website structure is logical and maintains a hierarchy based on semantics. In that case, it will be much easier to distribute the static weight among different web pages.

2 It makes your website rank higher

Do you know that the main point of silo structure is that each silo will include the interlinked main page and is related to its content? However, it is also essential to know that the content in one silo should never interact with content in another silo. Which means the content is “isolated” in these silos.

So how does your website rank higher? The answer is simple. Search engines will count you as an expert if you have a web page dedicated to a specific topic linked to other pages with supporting content. Therefore, it will make your website rank higher.


Silo Structure To Improve SEO

It is important to note that silo structure and optimization are all about inserting links in your content, such as landing pages, articles, or blogs.

The sole purpose is to make users stay on your website longer and make navigation easier from one page to another.

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Some ways which silo structure benefits website SEO:

1 It makes it easier to navigate your website

Your website content is logically grouped into sections, making finding any info easier for your user. Moreover, silo optimization is all about inserting links to relevant content into your blog posts and landing pages.

2 It helps optimize the website with relevant keywords

Siloing also creates a logical hierarchical structure on your website. It also provides consistent internal linking and the use of relevant keywords. These activities will help optimize your landing pages with the necessary keywords related to a specific topic. At the same time, it will help you avoid keyword stuffing and place relevant long-tail keywords on your website.

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3 It allows you to interlink your internal pages

Do you know that digital marketing and SEO are intrinsically tied? Digital marketers typically handle As silos include groups of content related to one topic – the internal lining between them are united in context. But you should know that siloing creates internal links to and from pages – that focus on the same topic. It will help Google understand what your page architecture is about. It will also help google know what value it will bring to users.

4 It helps you not to miss any content

When you group your pages around specific topics, planning your content in advance automatically gets easier. The structure will help you if you want to make a helpful addition and provide even more content on that topic.

At the same time, the structure will help you quickly find the pages that revolve around this topic. You can also analyze what info these pages are missing and create additional pages with extra content.


Enhance Your SEO with Silo Structures

Many of you may ask how to enhance your website SEO with a silo structure.

All you need to do is to follow some of the best practices of silo structuring. The reason being these methods will help you boost your website rankings and make navigation more convenient.

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Here are some of the best practices:

1 Сome up with the main core of your website

Before you create a silo structure review, you should finalize the core topics your website will focus on. If you sell certain products and services, you definitely know what to start with. For example, if you sell furniture, you can try creating individual silos for chairs, tables, sofas, and other related products. After that, you need to separate and categorize your existing pages with these products into their appropriate groups.

2 Organize your website content into subfolders

Next, you can create the folders. After that, you should place each page into the appropriate folder. Organizing all the folders and subfolders will make your life easy in the future.

3 Build an internal linking structure

Internal links are very important for your website. As these links tell the search engine crawler or SEO crawler – which pages on your website are internally connected. That is why you need to link the pages in each individual silo. It will help prove that your website provides relevant, detailed, and extensive info on those topics.

It is important to note that siloed SEO structure is similar to internal contextual linking. When you create the site structure, you should define juice flows within the thematic group. And link your content around it. As a result, each of your website pages will contain links to related pages.

4 Add content to each silo regularly

It is not about making it and forgetting it. You should not only regularly update your current silos but also add new content to them.

Regularly update the pages in each group and, at the same time, look for any info gaps. Try to be user-centric and consider what else your website visitors want to know when they visit. Also, remember keyword research, one of the most critical aspects. It will help you identify additional opportunities and prove authority in a specific niche.


Best Practices For Silo Structure

Remember that siloing your website will serve to clarify your website’s subject relevance. At the same time, it will lay the groundwork for high keyword rankings.

Therefore, it is a core building block for search engine optimization, and hence you should take it seriously and follow the best practices. Typically it is an advanced topic.

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Here are the top things to keep in mind before silo optimizing the website:

1 Think about your end user

Create silos and layers keeping in mind your end users, not just blindly following SEO techniques. Remember that with human experience, you will win in SEO. Your SEO strategy should be balanced with usability and a positive website experience.

2 Use short URLs

Shorter URLs are an advantage as they are better for crawling and real-world usage. Do not use more than 5-7 words for URLs. Also, note that long URLs make the process of crawling on your website much harder.

3 Balance is the key

Distribute different silo sections equally on your website. Remember that balance is the key here. Try to create balance on your website. Make sure to allow one content group to take up the more significant part of your website.

4 Make the user experience simple

Ensure that users can easily reach any section of your website with only three links from the homepage. It is good practice. This is also great for the website experience and search engine crawling.

Final Thoughts

If you want to rank on the first pages of Google and at the same time get relevant traffic, then you need to take SEO seriously. As AEO will also help you increase your number of sales.

As a business owner, you must pay attention to keyword research and website structure optimization to ensure you can become more visible and outstanding among your competitors. Remember that today silo website optimization is a great way to make your website more user-friendly. At the same time, you can claim to be an SEO expert in your niche.

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