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Why YouTube Advertising’s Popular?

Did you know around 2 billion visitors from around the world are logging onto their YouTube platforms every day? That’s a number you can’t ignore. Owing up to its remarkable ad space availability and dynamic reach in the world of digital video, we know this is a winning platform you should get your hands on.
Get on with the programme with a little nudge from us, as we take care of all the technicalities giving your business the ultimate exposure.

A Potential Connection

This platform will allow you to associate with potential users and customers in the most dynamic and engaging way- videos bring with them a strong connection and you can use various expressive techniques to get your message across in the best possible way.

Getting to the Right Audience

One of its major benefits over other platforms is that it is able to reach the right audience, making use of exciting and compelling keywords, relating directly to the topic in hand.

A Unique Video Campaign

Whether it’s yourself appearing to your customers, explaining the vibrancy of your brand in the video, or having a set of characters act out a storyline, YouTube gives you the best platform for your video ad campaign to run on.

Hook with Emotions

Even the most sturdy, technical and straightforward concepts can be creatively presented through a YouTube ad campaign. It’s all about infusing creativity into concrete lines of function. Our YouTube marketing experts will brainstorm various creative narratives to bring the ideal combination of aesthetic viewing to sturdy concepts.

A Meaningful Branding Gimmick

YouTube provides a strong mutual setting where viewers will be able to connect with the ad in fascinating ways. It allows for the understanding of ad through stages where in the start, an emotion is stirred through, after which way down the line, the ad campaign then gives some sort of an actionable command, showing viewers what should be done by them now.

Get the Creative Juices Flowing

Another exciting and creative option using this specific platform- it allows for you to make use of a mix of various campaigns to promote your brand and business. Our team will provide various suggestions on how you can get the most out of your budget- if an A-list celebrity seems out of reach for your video, you can still very well create a dynamic and catchy story with our social video strategy toolkit.

Choose Your Plan.

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Reach Massive Audience with YouTube Ads
People love watching videos. The sheer rise of screen viewership proves YouTube is one of the strongest social media platforms you should be using right now to gain business and strength, through the impactful utilization of YouTube ads.
So what makes it so desirable?
Youtube brings with it a dynamic thread of direct association which encourages audience engagement and honest feedback.

Get Noticed Where Everyone is Watching
Plainly put, YouTube gives a kind of emotional connection due to factors like visuals, audio and strong storylines which is hard to get with other types of media platforms.
We understand your need to stay ahead of the competition, which is why we offer a range of solid services which will allow you to gain maximum results from your YouTube ad campaign. We will tackle high-end measurement tools, including YouTube analytics, demographics, engagement tactics and video feedback, to bring forth a dynamic ad campaign that will get your brand and business noticed.

How We Will Effectively Run Your Ad Campaign:

Even after knowing how it provides endless benefits, running a YouTube ad campaign can still be considered a daunting task. We at Markfiniti try to smooth out all the difficulties and technical concerns, providing you with a smooth road to success. Here’s why choosing us will be a wise decision:

Upload and Campaign Creation Synced
We provide you with the effective synching mechanism of uploading your video ad campaign while providing all the details needed for your solid campaign creation.
Forming a Striking Ad Campaign
We then help you out in creating an effective ad campaign whose goals and objectives are directly interlinked with that of your business. We will look into details like brand consideration, emphasizing app promotion and your company’s reach and awareness.

Customize the Ad Campaign
We will then move forward to customizing the created campaign as per your needs and expectations. Factors like budget, choosing which networks to sync with, and creating a strong bidding strategy will be put into effect by us.

Targeting the Right Target Audience
This step will emphasize the effectiveness of the campaign and will determine the return you will be able to get from your allocated budget. Our team will work out all the nit grits to determine your desired demographics and how to successfully create a customized audience reach to again maximum return

Getting the Targeted Keywords
Bringing our extensive experience of content writing and keyword identification, we will be choosing the crucial keywords and topics which relate to your product and targeted market. It will ensure we have the best keywords synched to your ad content.

Taking On the Ideal Ad Placement
This is yet again a very crucial step to the whole ad creation campaign. We will make use of statistics, preference and strategy in focus, to determine which placements your campaign should target for maximum feedback and successful exposure.


YouTube video ad campaigns are known to yield amazing reach and results, however they can be a little overwhelming. Here we’ve listed out a few of the common questions you have about the ad campaign and how it can get you amazing feedback.

How much does it cost to put up an ad on YouTube?

The average cost-per-view is still standardized at $0.010 – $0.030. However the overall YouTube viewer count is determined through the views that you will generate.

Will spending a good amount on YouTube ads would really yield me the desired results?

It is still considered as one of the strongest, attention-grabbing ad campaigns you can invest in. It all comes to finding the effective monetization strategy that will work for your business. Here is where companies like Markfiniti provide the support and assistance through our carefully developed market research and conducting strong trial and error processes for different ad formats.

Is there a possibility to fake views on YouTube?

Not really. YouTube has various algorithms and state of the art methodologies that allow it to detect easily if there are any artificial views in your video.

Despite being specific on my ad group targeting, why is it they are still not getting the desired impressions?

A certain key concept many people aren’t aware of is that even having picked specific placements for your ad, Google doesn’t guarantee it will show up in those precise placements. While this may sound upsetting, it also has its upside allowing for the video ad to appear in various other channels and videos which you hadn’t selected yourself manually.

Why do people prefer Google ads over YouTube ads?

While there are those who assume that Google ads is easier to handle and provide better targeting options, the fact of the matter is that YouTube is the ultimate platform for your video marketing plan.

How will your company work out the target audience for my ad campaign?

This is one of the most critical steps our marketing experts will take care of which will directly denote how successful the ad campaign truly was. We will work out the details on creating a custom audience for you which is based on your targeted demographics.

What are the various ad formats I can use?

Depending on your budget and your goal, you can make use of various ad formats on YouTube. These include Skippable in-stream ads, Non-skippable in-stream ads, Bumper ads, Video discovery ads and Masthead ads.

Depending on your budget and your goal, you can make use of various ad formats on YouTube. These include Skippable in-stream ads, Non-skippable in-stream ads, Bumper ads, Video discovery ads and Masthead ads.

How much time will it take you to create a strategy plan for the YouTube ad campaign for my company?

It really comes down to how clear and focused you are on the long-term goals you have for your business and what end results are desired. Once this has been clearly communicated to our team, we will start creating the ad strategy plan to attain your goals effectively.

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