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Markfiniti is here to provide you best services available. We welcome you to contact us and benefit from quality products we provide. Here is why you should choose us.

Experienced Videography Team

Our team of videographers is here to provide you best video making, editing and production skills that you will need to make a video for your product or business.

Research and Planning

Our team together with yours ensures that a thorough market research is done before video production starts. A plan is made based on the research for video production.

Target Audience

Our research on the product reveals what our target audience could be. We make sure to use this information both in video making and distribution.

Video Distribution

Based on our research, we make a plan for video distribution that focuses on the target audience we have identified for the product.

Value for Money

Our professional and honest work put in by our team will provide you best results and value for the money you pay for it.

Communication and Support

Our team keeps in contact with your team to discuss all the plans and incorporate any feedback that you might have.

Choose Your Plan.

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Video Production

Video production is basically how a video is made as a final product. Video can be made for many purposes like making movies, documentaries, advertisements, wedding videos, product videos, web commercials etc.
All these forms have one thing in common: the process. The process involves producing content in the final form of a video. It is not just the act of getting a camera and filming it but the entire process from planning to final product.

The Process of Video Production

The process of video production has three stages: pre-production, production and post-production.
Pre-production is basically preparing for everything that you will need for production and post-production to be successful. Planning is the first step for it. You have an idea; you write a script for it and figure how and where you need to film it.
You get a team together and you work on finding a cast, a location and other logistic arrangements. You also set up a marketing plan and determine you audience as it will help you make a movie that can appeal to targeted audience.
After all the planning, the filming and production part begins along with all the logistics of setting up locations, set design, lighting, conducting interviews, recording voiceovers etc. This is where your idea starts becoming reality bit by bit in a raw form.
The raw form of your movie is put together and edited in the form of a continuous video. The producer and editor review and build the final form by working on transcribing subtitles, adding effects, adding music, adjusting sound and every other thing.
After production, marketing and distribution of your movie is carried out based on your earlier plan and target audience.

Why Do You Need Video Production Process?

Going through a planned process gives us a path to follow to achieve a certain end. Without planning this would not be possible.

Fewer Changes

A plan that takes into account all factors in all stages of production process, will make it less likely for changes to happen.


Production teams charge by time and if you go over time because of some unaccounted-for factors, you will exceed your budget.

Change in Release Dates

Not having a plan or not following one can result in many delays. These delays can cause changes in release dates that might result in loss of money and audience.

Planned Timeline

By setting up a timeline, a plan would be followed considering any potential deviations and the project will be completed in the set timeline.

Distribution Plans

Distribution plans can b in jeopardy and get affected by delays throughout the process making you bear losses.

Being in Control
Video production as a process can be a bit overwhelming and more so if you have a big team. Having a plan and sticking to it brings some control and peace back to you.


What is video production?

Video Production is the process of making videos through pre-production, production and post-production. You make a plan, write the script, figure out logistics, shoot the video and then do its marketing and distribution. All of it is included in video production process.

How does video production work?

Video production is basically the process of making a video for a product. A lot of planning is required for this to work as you expect it to work. If you follow the plan and timeline, you can make the process work by the end. Video making generally goes through pre-production, production and post-production phase to come out in final form.

How much does it cost during video production?

This depends on the kind, scale and length of the project. The price varies based on these factors. A professional at Markfiniti can give you a quote on this if you contact them.

What are the steps in video production?

The process of video production basically follows three stages.
Theses stages includes many steps to be looked after in terms of planning, execution and logistics.

Who needs video production?

Video production is widely used in this digital world today. If you want to launch a product, advertise your business, make a movie or a documentary, shoot a wedding/birth/engagement video, make a web commercial etc., video production is for you. It is versatile so it caters to large segment of people.

What is a video production company?

A video production company specializes in working only in video production. It provides you with resources for every step of your video making process like recording your script, logistical help, marketing, video making etc.

How to choose a video production company?

For this purpose, you can contact different companies to find out which one shares your values and is most competent and compatible for your work.

What is the difference between film and video production?

The process is the same. The difference is only in the medium. If it is a feature film, it is recorded on reels. If it is a video, it is recorded digitally.

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