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Twitter Ads

In the world of social media. Twitter is another platform that can be used for advertising. Twitter is what’s happening with the world today. People come on Twitter to remain updated with new developments in the world and share relevant information as well.
This is a platform that can be used to attract audience with certain interests as Twitter can gauge your preferences based on your activity on the platform.

Our team at Markfiniti is qualified in advertising and its here to provide you services that can yield results in short period of time.

Formats of Twitter Advertisement

There are many formats for advertisement on Twitter.

Promoted Tweets

It is mostly like regular tweet, but it is being shown to people not following the brand that’s advertising. The brand pays for the tweet to be shown to people who show interest in similar things but are not on board with the brand.
Promoted Account Instead of advertising a single tweet, you also have an option of advertising your whole page. The people who click on your account have an option of looking at much more of your brand than just one tweet. It also shows in feed of people who are not your followers yet.
Promoted Trends Promoted trends show up in most popular topics on Twitter. Your brand can pay to be in popular trends, and they are similarly interactive as general trends. A promoted trend generally appears in ‘Trends for You’ section of your targeted audiences.

Why Twitter?

Launch on Twitter

Twitter gives you an opportunity to launch your product on the platform to millions of people connected through it. According to research on Twitter, a majority of users use it to discover what’s new and also try new products. So, if you launch your product on Twitter and establish a reputation of your brand, people will talk about it and your sales will skyrocket.

Real Time Events

It is important to be aware of relevant events of the time and trending topics on Twitter. People tend to buy brands that are more culturally relevant. Relating your product to the trending events of the time can help you acquire great audiences who will give you more traffic and sales.

Large User Base

Users who use Twitter monthly is more than other social media platform. This provides a good chance for your brand to reach more audiences and make waves on the internet. Large audiences also mean more social media following and sales.

Targeted Audience

Twitter shows people ads based on their activity on the platform. This can help you make advertisements to targeted audiences who are interested in your products. You can promote a tweet, or a Twitter account related to your product with more chances to increase your sales.

Increased Brand Awareness and Engagement

By gaining more followers on Twitter and reaching out to more people, you can increase your brand awareness. More people engage with your brand, you get more traffic and it can make your brand a trending topic on Twitter.

Increased Conversion

Twitter allows you to advertise your brand to people who do not follow you but are interested in products similar to your brand. This targeted promotion helps increase chances of bringing people over to your brand.


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Does Twitter do ads?

Yes, you can advertise on Twitter.

What is a Twitter ad?

Twitter lets you do advertisement on its platform which can be in the form of tweet, account or a trend to increase your followers and brand engagement.

How do you advertise on Twitter?

Your brand first need research about your product and your competitors to put forward a solid advertisement on Twitter. Based on your needs, there are many forms that you can choose from to advertise. It is best that you contact professionals like at Markfiniti to help you throughout the process.

How much do Twitter ads cost?

This depends on the kind of work and research involved in putting forward your advertisement. A professional can give you a quote based on your needs.

How effective are Twitter ads?

Twitter has one of the most active following compared to other social media platforms. More users mean a wider reach for your advertisement. Twitter is also effective because it shows your advertisement to targeted audience that might be interested in your brand.

Are Twitter ads worth it?

Twitter has many features that makes it a better platform to advertise your brand e.g. number of users, users’ engagement, targeted advertising etc.

What are Twitter account ads?

You can advertise you brand on Twitter by using an account. It gives the users an opportunity to explore more of your brand; more than just a tweet.

Does Twitter ban political ads?

Twitter announced at the end of 2019 that it would not advertise any political campaigns as they can interfere democratic processes.

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