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Why Choose Us?

We aim to provide you with the best kind of services, ensuring you are able to attain your goals for Snapchat. From conceptualizing the strategy to implementing a concrete action plan, we strive to gain the maximum from your budget.

Audience Focused

Since Snapchat is focused to be the best fit for audience which is young and looking for light, fun content- we aim our strategic plan to make your Story Ads target this specific genre.

Linked to Your Goals

We will ensure these Snapchat Ads are strategically ingrained with your business’s objectives to attain long-term goals. Whether it’s to increase views, re-engage with app users or just to boost traffic to your website, we make sure the action plan attains the desired results

Effective Result Measurement

We know your invested time and money is highly important, hence we emphasize the need to keep a regular check by measuring results either through website conversion events or through app installs and app engagement

Hyper-targeted campaigns Initiation

Our team holds detailed meetings with you in the start to determine the exact goals of the campaign to make it as focused and targeted as possible. The precise relevancy is the key to our action plan and our aim is for the audience to convert on what you are offering to them.

Experienced and Committed

Our team also holds extensive experience in the field of social media marketing. We have plenty of knowledge on how to utilize the various social media channels and give you maximum benefits from your designated budget.

Generous Feedback and Update

We aim to keep our operations as transparent as possible; hence you are kept up to speed with all the procedures relating to the creation of an effective and creative ad campaign. We also make sure to include your options to make our game plan customized and highly impactful.

Get Yourself Noticed with Our Snapchat Services

Gain the maximum advantage from one of the strongest social media platforms out there.
It is said 63% of Snapchat users visit the platform daily. It is popular, interesting and it will give a major boost to your business through prominent exposure.
So, what are you waiting for? Get the most out of Snapchat Ads or simply Snap Ads. These ads are actually vertical videos. They usually have a running time of 10 seconds or so.
Engage with your audience through Snapchat Ads. It is known to bring in high-engagement rates and if you feel overwhelmed on ways to go about it, we are here to manage all the details for your ad campaign- aiming to make it a resounding success!

Choose Your Plan.

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Giving You Tremendous Snapchat Ad Benefits

Snapchat Ads pop up during curated Our Stories, Publisher Stories as well as between peoples’ publicly posted stories. Markfiniti Technologies focuses on creating and optimizing the best ad campaign for your brand. We will aim towards high-engagement with your target audience through compelling ads that will serve in the long run. You will first and foremost decide on what your goal should be from Snapchat ad campaign. It can be:

  • increase traffic towards your website
  • reengage with the app users
  • aim for an increase in video views
  • increase brand awareness

Why are Brands Opting for Snapchat Ads?

You may wonder why opting for investment in Snapchat ads is better than through other social media channels but the thing is, it is a popular marketing tool, and with the dedicated and focused expertise from our team, you can gain the most out of it.

Easy Display

The ads are catchy, to the point with lots of colors and appeal. They can run as images, GIFs and even videos. While we can’t actually post links in the design of the ads, we can post them as ad visuals.

Video Peeks

One of the most interesting things that we can work with Snapchat ads is make use of eye-catching impression through videos. Since Snapchat video has a vertical orientation, they are a good source to drive viewers to your website landing page, after a preview of 5-10seconds.

Use of Long Form Videos

We also make use of the option of longer videos, which is 10minutes, for focusing on your content which Snapchatters would remain ingrained to for longer periods of time. This will allow us to make use of a ‘Call to Action’ option in the end with the video.

Dynamic Use of Web View

Our social media expert team will determine if we should also utilize Snapchat’s Web View ads. These are more so in demand for brands that need an initial introduction to Snapchatters. It comes with a special feature where viewers can go to a specific URL which is relating to that ad.

Sound On

One of the most important features and gives an edge to this social media platform over others is that audio is included. It is estimated over 60% of Snap ads consist of audio. It is preferred by the users.


Snapchat and Snap ads are one of the most powerful tools to convince users to get something done. It has more than two times the power to gain a purchase intent from viewers.

How We Adapt a Winning Snapchat Ad Campaign

While there are various ways in which these ads will give a major boost and recognition to your brand, we aim to adapt a few practices which will ensure you get the most out of your Snapchat Ad campaign:

Stronger Reach with Collection Ads
From our extensive research and study, it always helps a brand further when they adapt and make use of collection ads into their campaign mix. We will discuss ways in which you can push for this, giving your brand a strong exposure and reach.
A/B testing Emphasis
While its need isn’t emphasized enough, but split testing should become an integral part of your strategy plan. It will keep the ad campaign precise and happening, ensuring the audience remains engaged.

Drawing a fine line between different platforms
It may seem that the Story Ads framework is same for various social media channels, however it is quite different as we have a different audience reach responding to it. Hence, we will ensure that overlapping platforms isn’t the case. Our team will focus on the social media platforms analytics to determine the best ad strategies.

Keeping it short and sweet
We aim to keep your Story Ads short and sweet. No one likes to be stuck with long videos that lose their purpose halfway through. Our Story Ads run between 3-5seconds and that makes them highly entertaining

Focus on Powerful Targeting
Snapchatters are also targeted through specific demographics. We will make use of our own accumulated data to determine the interests and behaviors of the target audience.

Making it Engaging and Fun
We understand that most of the people on Snapchat are there because they just want to have fun. Our team brainstorms to come up with ad campaigns which make plenty use of emojis, fun text and interesting and catchy language.


It gives you quick exposure and is one of the popular social media platforms which you can utilize to get your brand noticed. Check out a few of the common inquiries sent to us. If your question isn’t answered, you can contact us and we will get your doubts cleared in no time.

Are Snapchat ads worth it?

Definitely, especially when it comes to a business which is targeting the millennials, as most of them consider this to be the strongest social media platform.

How much does it cost to advertise on Snapchat?

This considerably depends on the duration of your ad; however Snapchat’s Estimated Daily Average Swipe-Up rates for a week-long campaign can vary from $20-50 a day to even $200 a day, depending on the details of the campaign.

Are Snapchats ads safe?

It is considered operable in a brand-safe environment. However discretion is advised.

Can a Story Ad be seen on the same screen as another Story Ad?

While Story Ads can appear near each other in the feed. Just like other platforms’ feed environments, there is no guarantee of ad separation.

What tile position can a Story Ad run in?

The ad is dynamically-delivered; hence your Story ad could appear anywhere in the feed.

Does a Snapcode unlock Story Ads?

No, Snapcodes cannot unlock Story Ads

Are my Story Ads searchable on the app?

Unfortunately, it isn’t quite possible to have them searched directly in the app.

Considering emojis increase the value of a Snapchat ad, can I insert those in my Story Ads?

Yes, it is quite possible for you to insert emojis into the headline of your Story Ad. However these cannot be utilized in single image/video headlines.

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