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Our team at Markfiniti aims to provide you best quality services in terms of SMS marketing for you to have best results.

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Our team of expert professionals are here to deal with your marketing needs with utmost professionalism and care. They make sure your sales improve after using our SMS marketing services.

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Our marketing team has identified best practices in SMS marketing through years of work. We use that experience and learning to give you best results.

Digital Marketing Strategies

Our team uses our proven digital marketing strategies that have helped us digitally improve businesses in the past. SMS marketing, email marketing and app marketing are included here.

High Conversion Rate

Our tested techniques of marketing paired with benefits of SMS marketing will give you high conversion rates which will show in your customers and sales.

Mass Texting

Based on the principle of SMS texting, our sourced list of contacts is sent the message regarding the product or discounts that we finalize with your input.

Constant Communication and Feedback

We make sure to keep in contact with you throughout the process and make sure to include your feedback in it

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In the fast-paced world of technology, things are increasingly becoming mechanized to keep up with operations and reach people fast. Marketing has also kept up with technology and used it to its advantage.
SMS marketing, as the name suggests, uses text messages to reach out to potential and existing customers and market products and businesses to them by giving them coupons, discounts, announcing new arrivals, sales and promotions and other alerts.

What makes a difference in SMS marketing?

SMS Content
SMS content conveys your intent and message to your potential customer. It is made sure that our SMS content is short, concise and devoid of any offensive language that can negatively harm your business.
Privacy and Data Protection
We make sure to follow all legal guidelines and ensure privacy of customers enlisted for SMS marketing. We make protection of their data our priority.

Why SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing uses technology and so has a lot of advantages if you opt for it.

Wider Reach

As opposed to other forms of marketing, SMS marketing provides a way to reach a great number who can be located geographically in different places. Anyone who owns a phone can be a potential client.


SMS marketing essentially takes time that it takes to send a text message. A concise message targeted to improving sales can be sent instantly to a list of people who have opted for SMS marketing.

Loyal Customer Base

The companies send messages to people who have opted for SMS marketing or who have used your services before. This also help maintain a loyal base of customers.


The impact of SMS marketing can be judged based on the content sent to the customers and how it translates into sales. Any product marketed in SMS can easily be tallied with sales for that time.

High Engagement Rate

Researchers state that people are more engaged on their text messages than they are on their email. This shows that SMS marketing can prove to be more effective and engaging than other forms like email.

Concise Content

A text message is limited to 160 characters and any marketing done here need to follow the limit. This makes the message concise and to-the-point which manages to get the point across as compared to long text in emails.


YouTube video ad campaigns are known to yield amazing reach and results, however they can be a little overwhelming. Here we’ve listed out a few of the common questions you have about the ad campaign and how it can get you amazing feedback.

What is SMS marketing?

SMS marketing is basically marketing done through text messages. SMS regarding businesses and products are sent to potential and existing customers to improves sales. These can include texts regarding sales, discounts, promotions, coupons and other alerts.

Why do you need SMS marketing?

In today’s world of technology and innovation, there is a need to keep improving provision of quality products and incorporate technology into it. SMS marketing is not only fast in getting your message across to your potential customer, but it is also effective because of the use of cell phones. The content is also short and concise, adept at catching the eye of reader.

How to do bulk SMS marketing?

Basically, there are some apps and software available where you can draft a message and send it to your list of contacts. But there are many aspects where you need expertise of a specialist. At Markfiniti, we provide you the service in an improved way.

How much does SMS marketing cost?

SMS marketing is quite inexpensive as compared to other marketing techniques but only a professional can tell you the actual price because it depends on the kind of work needed for your business or product.

How to write SMS for marketing?

SMS content for marketing should be short and to-the-point as the characters are 160 only. It is important that you consult a professional for your marketing needs to get desired results.

Is SMS marketing worth it?

SMS marketing provides much value over other forms of marketing. It is also fast and has a wider reach. It is also effective because a large number of people respond to SMS marketing more than email marketing.

What is the best time to send SMS marketing?

It is important that you send these messages at an appropriate time so that your customers are not disturbed by it as it will negatively impact your business.

Where do you get contacts for SMS marketing?

The customers can sign up themselves for SMS marketing. The contacts of existing customers can also be added to the list. The sign-ups should be consent based.

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