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Exceeding your expectations

We aim to provide you solid results within weeks. We know there are no short-term results to aim for and we work continuously to provide you with a successful campaign that will serve in the long run.

A Look into Successful Case Studies

We will provide you a sneak peek into successful SEO case studies of previous clients to understand the dynamics with which we implement our game plan.

Transparent Progress

We ensure complete full transparency in our operations, allowing clients to be present every step of the way.

Complete Report

Our company will provide you with a complete report which looks into the various aspects of the SEO project, including providing concrete numbers on back links, keywords ranking, rise in organic traffic, distinguishing the dead pages from power pages, among others.

Time Commitment

We are committed to providing the stated deliverables within the time span approved. For any delays, technical issues and concerns will be communicated well in advance to ensure a smooth work flow.

Reputable Link Building Sources

Since having well-known and reputable companies link to you is key in having a high ranking on search engines, we will provide you with an overview on how we find link building opportunities and conduct link outreach.

Need SEO for your Website? Get These Undeniable Strategies

SEO is one of the leading marketing strategies that will give your website strong visibility and high ranking. And we are here to provide you with amazing search engine optimization services to get your website noticed. Start earning revenue with a winning SEO uplift!

What Markfiniti Can Do For You?
Our certified SEO expert team will work in collaboration with you to decide on the various factors to bring out a winning online platform.

Our Tech-Enabled SEO Process:

It is one of the most important aspects of the SEO framework which will be completely handled by our certified SEO experts. Technical SEO is always in a state of refinement and we will ensure your site is up to speed, maintaining its quality and high ranking.

*Aim for Optimal Speed

We will focus on keeping the website at an optimal speed, by ensuring the templates are kept simple. We will optimize the visuals and limit the multiple redirects on your website to ensure the loading speed isn’t negatively impacted.

*Detailed SEO plan

A detailed SEO game plan would consist of designing a SEO-friendly site structure.

*Strong Site Architecture

We would also focus on creating a URL which provides clarity and is user-friendly. This works in parallel to strong site architecture. We will aim to remove any glitches which aren’t ensuring optimal user experience throughout the whole website

Choose Your Plan.

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Excellent SEO Audit Processing

Our team will provide you with the proper auditing tools, evaluating your website’s ranking in search engine results pages (SERPs). We will take a comprehensive examination of every page determining what issues and concerns need to be fixed and addressed immediately. To create a concrete action plan, we will:

  • Determine the major trouble areas that need addressing
  • Define on-site problems that can be easily fixed
  • Be on the lookout for any low-hanging positions and do a back link analysis
  • Provide a complete ‘content gap’ analysis which completes the thorough content audit
  • Determine the flow of organic content and dynamics to adapt for its surge

Optimized Off-Page SEO:

Now, let’s look into some of the best off-page SEO services that we will provide you, proving to be very successful for your website. Don’t forget, off-page SEO is as important as on-page SEO.

* A Definite Competition Analysis

We will conduct a competition analysis to see what strategies have lead to the competition’s higher rankings on the web.

*Quality Inbound Links:

Our team works tirelessly to ensure your site will gain the best, quality inbound links from high ranking and authoritative sites, by Google’s own ranking

*An Effective Social Media Campaign

In today’s time, you need to make a strong mark on various social media platform to be noticed readily. Our team will engage with audience on different platforms to ensure your company’s presence is noticed. This will also increase chances of your company getting more back links.

* Gaining Attention through Influencers

Our SEO experts will try to reach out to the most popular Influencers in your industry, to ensure that they can provide link backs from their own platforms, allowing your website and its offerings to be promoted through well-known and reputable sources

Dynamic On-Page SEO Tactics:

We will aim towards generating organic traffic and improve your website’s ranking through some of the best On-Page techniques:

Strong Website Design

Creating a responsive website design is one of the initial action plans which will lay the groundwork for follow-up activities

Comprehensive Keyword Search

Our SEO experts will provide the most appropriate and high ranking keywords and headlines, placing them strategically around the webpage

Emphasis on Critical Tags

Our team will adapt the right usage of various critical tags to aim for strong ranking. This includes title tags and header tags.

Outstanding Meta Description

We will also create the most effective Meta descriptions for various pages, making them readily noticeable on the search engine.

Creative URLs and Strong Internal Links

We aim towards giving you with highly creative and strong URLs for high search engine optimization. Our SEO developers also focus on creating strong internal links which will create a proper structure for the website and will allow smooth navigation around the various pages.

Create Ace Content

To get the most of your On-page SEO techniques, we aim for ace content which will increase inbound links. Our team works hard to give you a strong mix of content which includes videos and audios, to ensure longer engagement and higher interest level.


Getting the full hang of why outsourcing your lead generation activities can be daunting. So get your inquiries out and let us deal with them. If you still feel there are some questions unanswered, be sure to contact our digital marketing experts who will get back to you on your inquiries in no time.

How does SEO work?

In simple language, SEO is that amazing online tool which experts can utilize to allow Google a better understanding of your business through your website. It allows for you to gain an authoritative role by allowing your visibility to increase for search terms most relating to your business.

What is the difference between SEO and SEM?

SEO is actually one part of the whole Search Engine Marketing (SEM) mechanism.

What is the difference between SEO and PPC?

PPC is considered as the other approach besides SEO to gain the maximum benefits of digital marketing. SEO combined with PPC make up the SEM strategy. Where SEO helps in improving your website’s organic ranking, PPC which stands for ‘Pay-Per-Click’ is a method used to show ads in SERP.

What is link-building in SEO?

This is basically a strategy through which SEO manages to gain links which boost the link equity of a page. This leads to higher ranking, hence higher traffic.

How important are links in SEO?

They are very important. You always pay heed to something which is strongly recommended. In the same way, links play an integral role in building your website’s standing. How it’s done is that you look for sites on the internet which will link to your own site and help in creating referral traffic. However it’s important to build quality links rather than just random links.

How has SEO evolved over the years?

If there’s a continuous technical vision you must learn to pursue and keep up to speed, it has to be the art of SEO. While there was a time when it was a simple online strategy that was considered just an option, it has now transformed into an absolute necessity to survive in the online corporate jungle. Aside from maintaining a continuous check on Google’s algorithms, your website will only thrive when you are able to keep a strong track on the new factors being coined. SEO is an evolving game of wonders- and we aim to serve as your eyes and ears for its evolving structure.

Is having a healthy site structure really that important?

Yes. There are tens of thousands of websites online. But only a handful can manage a strong mark. It is important for your SEO ranking too to have a proper hierarchy of pages which navigate through the whole site in a smooth manner.

Will I be able to actively participate in the SEO roadmap made by your company?

Yes. Whenever we bring in a new client, it is our vision to involve them from day one. Your conceptualized SEO strategy will begin with a strong thought process aiming to gain organic traffic and strong, qualified leads. We aim to provide your site with a competitive SEO game plan.

Can’t I just buy my ads and skip SEO altogether?

One of the most common inquiries we get is if we can just get ahead of the race with paid advertisement. While it can provide you with results, it cannot guarantee you the ultimate success. This is because it has been tried and tested that SEO and PPC work great when go hand in hand. This means that with your paid ad, you can also get better exposure, stronger keyword research and a higher visibility when it is complimented with organic content strategy through SEO.

Do I really need SEO?

In one word: Yes. Remember that half of the traffic coming to your website is through Google and to make Google happy, you need to have solid SEO. Many visitors on your site are coming through search engines and how to keep yourself on top is what this interesting mechanism is all about.

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