Photo Retouching


Why Choose Our Services?

It all comes down to why should you invest in our services for something that is readily available for free as well? The simple answer is: we are experienced and we care. We know it isn’t an easy decision to make, but allow us to provide you with details on how professionalism is our key to holding a very successful portfolio of happy clients.

Briefing and Feedback

We understand there are probably a lot of things you want to share on how you wish your photo should be retouched and sometimes typing it out isn’t enough, hence we welcome our prospect clients to come to our office and have a chat with us, as we give our professional advice and take your feedback seriously as well.

Transparent Dealing

Markfiniti beliefs in adapting a clear understanding on what should be done and what shouldn’t; we will provide you complete transparency while taking in your photos to ensure we provide the exact services and apply the tools we mentioned, nothing more or nothing less.

Confidentiality in Check

We make sure that we adapt encrypted protocols to ensure your photos are not viewed by anyone without your permission, also ensuring the highest standards of data security measures are in order.

Super Fast Results

Once committed to a project, our team works efficiently and dedicatedly to provide you with the end results in a sooner than soon timeframe, as per your request.

Reliability is Key

We understand that trusting someone for the first time is hard, especially when it comes to your personal photos. However we have a strict policy to adapt the highest standards of quality to ensure you attain the desired results.

Quality in Focus

Your photos are handled with complete dedication and finesse to ensure perfection is the vision. We try to understand what are the best ways to apply which tools in order to give you that flawless new look.

Choose Your Plan.

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Photo Retouching for Flawless Photos

Who doesn’t wish to get that absolute flawless appeal? A glamorous take on your regular photos, with some great add-ons like smooth skin, perfected smile with whitened teeth and a fresh, model-like look in picturesque capture- that’s the dream.
While there may be many tools, promising you that you can get it done for free, but here’s the thing- you will need a professional set of eyes to determine what is missing.
From erasing blemishes to smoothing skin, whitening teeth, and more, you’ll find all the tools you need to retouch photos through a professional set of eyes.
The process in simple words means to improve and upgrade the quality of your images. In today’s time, when there are plenty of technological tools and techniques available at your disposal, having the keen eye to see it properly and ensure it is clear, well-defined and has no lightening or contrast issues, makes up for a quality photo retouching service.
We at Markfiniti Technologies aim to give your photos an ever-lasting look of appeal and professionalism.

Fix the Photo with Markfiniti

We know you are on the lookout for sophisticated services and we provide just that through our professionally trained photo retouchers who make use of cutting-edge technology, adapting various ways to provide customized and creative photo retouching services. We rely on our clever hands and sophisticated brain to bring you something that stands out.
Holding extensive experience in the field, we adapt clever intuition and committed willpower to focus and provide the finest details on every image. Since no two images are the same, it is simply understood that the issues with them will also differ.
Our team also imparts its impeccable knowledge to define the parameters and close proximity in which photography and designing stand. Our graphic designers also provide their expert opinion on matters of technical details including complex image problems, so to give the image absolute clarity, while emphasizing its enhancement.

What Features Photo Retouch Tools Get You

Get the absolute amazing look free from any faults and errors today. While there are a range of tools that we adapt, here’s a quick overview of some of the leading enhancement techniques we use in giving you that defining, high quality image:

Removing Wrinkles

Our team uses the best tools available to provide you with a smooth skin complexion, removing wrinkles in no time.

Getting You the Pearly Whites

Lifestyle habits of specific kinds can lead to long-term disastrous effects on your teeth, mainly teeth staining. These are prominently visible in your photos, however we promise to work our magic to bring you a luminous smile.

Photo Reshaping Mechanism

It’s easier said than done. While everyone wishes to flaunt that perfect physique in their photos, it isn’t really possible to do, especially when you need to shed those extra pounds for an event happening so soon. We provide crafty tools and utilize them to give you that defining shape and look of your face and body.

Getting Rid of the Red Eye

What is worse than having those piercing red eyes come out of nowhere when your picture otherwise is absolutely perfect! Fret not, for we will make use of our advanced tools to naturally change it back to your original eye color.

Reshaping It

Adapting advanced techniques, we can also grow or reduce any objects, while also enhance or exaggerate certain aspects of the photo, as per your wants and expectations.

A Complete Makeover

While there are tools that we imply that allows you to alter the imperfections, our team also has learned ways to get your glamour quotient on- applying makeover techniques that will enhance your image with pixel by pixel precision.


It is an exciting service that gives your old, outdated, out of focus and rather dull images a complete makeover. Check out some of the most common inquiries we get about photo retouching and how do we provide you the magic. Feel free to come to our office if you still want to know more:

What exactly is meant by retouching a photo?

This is a process through which our qualified team of retouchers will use a series of tools for the adjustment of the image. It can also be called as the final polishing of the image.

Have you always utilized the same software for the photo retouching services?

We make use of a variation of softwares to ensure you get your photos retouched in the best way. This includes utilizing softwares like Adobe Photoshop, PTGui Pro, Lightroom CC, among others.

Is there a difference between editing product photos and commercial photos?

No .We provide editing services for both kinds with no exceptionally different charges on both.

Is it possible for me to get some free samples to get a better understanding of your services?

Fortunately yes. We do provide our prospect clients a sneak peek into our photo retouching services so that you can understand the undertaking of quality on which we base our operations.

Am I able to provide feedback on the retouching process and result?

Yes. While we don’t really encourage direct involvement of clients during the retouching phase, we do allow you to give your feedback once the process has done but before the files are finalized.

How much do you charge for retouching process?

While our rates are actually dependent on the project size and the skills required completing it, we do offer competitive prices which you won’t easily find elsewhere.

I have certain images which are extremely old and even stained. Is there hope that these can be restored?

Yes it can be done. Markfiniti has appointed a highly skilled team of professional photo editors, who can provide a complete makeover to your photos that are old and damaged.

Can I get revisions done if I am not satisfied with the result?

We ensure the results are as per your expectations after clear instructions are given to our team on the modifications you desire. However if you still feel it’s not par to what you wanted, with a nominal fee, we can provide further photo retouching adjustments.

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