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specific characteristics

You will have the access to reach your audience by having these specific characteristics

  • Demographics: Age, gender, geographic location, and more
  • Company info: The name of an individual’s workplace, their industry, and the size of the company where they work
  • Job: Their job title, what their job consists of, their seniority level and also includes their field of study and the extent of their education/number of degrees
  • Matched audiences: Users who are chosen based on LinkedIn’s data and your own first-party data like website traffic or email lists

Types of linkedin ads and their formats:

  • Sponsored Content
  • Direct sponsored content
  • Sponsored In mail
  • Dynamic Ads
  • Lead Generation Forms


Specific targeting:

LinkedIn allows you to narrow in on the demographic or select group of individuals you want to reach.


Filter through your audience by job title, industry, gender, age, degree, location and more.

Active professional user base

With more than 500 million business professionals on this platform, you’ll maintain an active presence with an extensive amount of professional users who may be interested in learning more about your business.

Increase awareness:

Through various advertisement forms, you’ll have the opportunity to create better brand awareness and visibility for potential employees, consumers, and business partners.

Promote partnerships and events:

LinkedIn is a site known for its professional users, which makes it the perfect place to recruit prospective employees or network with others in your field through event and conference promotion.


Use LinkedIn when you’re looking to grow your company and expand your realm of influence through your targeting efforts.


Which LinkedIn ad format is best?

If you are looking to run a quick campaign that is easy to setup and manage, Text Ads are the right ad format for you. These ads are also great for Brand Awareness. That’s because text ads typically have a lower CPM compared to other LinkedIn ad formats.

What are LinkedIn ads?

LinkedIn Ads works on a bidding system like other ad platforms, and lets you show an ad to the audience of your choice. You can target specific audiences, and control your budget.

Are LinkedIn ads worth it?

In conclusion, while LinkedIn ads may be more expensive than Facebook and Twitter ads, they are worth the money.

How much do LinkedIn ads cost?

As with any contextual CPC ads, the price depends on your targeting criteria and your competition. We’ve seen CPCs start at around $2 and run up to $4 or $5 per click, with the higher end typically coming into play when your click-through rates aren’t fantastic.

Can you advertise products on LinkedIn?

You can use Sponsored Content, Message Ads, Dynamic Ads, Text Ads, or a mix of all four. Sponsored Content appears directly in the LinkedIn feed of professions you want to reach, and comes in three different formats: single image ads, video ads, and carousel ads.

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