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Why Choose Us

It all comes down to why you should opt for the expertise of our lead generation services provider and how will we serve the purpose in an effectual and strategic way.

Adapt Cost-Effective Methods

You would think why hiring another company to generate leads would be considered as the best option for your firm? Well, for one thing it saves you plenty when it comes to accumulated costs. You will be able to save from the expenses that will come with creating a separate infrastructure as well as with the support and administrative costs you will have to incur.

Keep Your Targets Focused

While you keep your focus on your tasks and responsibilities, as in-house sales setup takes months of efforts and investment, hiring our services will allow you to save that valuable time as we meet up and discuss your needs and expectations, designing an action plan and strategy to generate leads accordingly.

Bring Years of Experience

We shall be bringing in our complete team of highly talented and committed lead generation experts who will be providing you with various services, from conducting quality cold-calls system to keep providing guidelines on the current trends in the market and ways to keep your sales strategies updated and effective, is all included in our services package.

Adaption of Advanced Methodologies

We remain updated to all the recent developments in the technological world, knowing the necessity of having the advanced strategies and techniques in order. We also make it a point to share these and provide critical feedback to our clients on why are they necessary to be implemented in the strategy plan.

Attaining Pipeline Strategy Mechanism

There may be options for you to invest in other companies that provide similar services, however for us, it goes a step further as we emphasize on having the leads generated convert into customers. For us, the vision is to have these leads translate into revenue gain. We provide pipeline marketing strategy which will analyze the sales data to create sound goals, aimed at generating revenue.

Offering Flexibility and Adjustment

One of the major benefits you can gain from our set of services is our ability to offer flexibility and adjust our strategic goals according to any fluctuations in the business. We are able to ramp the number of leads according to your business’s requirement.

Choose Your Plan.

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Getting You Strong Leads for Higher Sales

You have worked hard on creating your company profile and what your business is offering; you have spent hours perfecting your website…so what comes next?
Naturally it’s getting the attention of your target audience. It’s to get the interest going and creating solid leads to develop the sales pipeline.
Plainly put, your lead generation mechanism is the key to having your business continue running- if there are no leads, you won’t have potential customers which in turn won’t translate to any revenue generation hence a complete shutdown of the business.
Fortunately, there are ways to handle that better and faster.

Markfiniti Commitment for Profitable Leads

The competition is fierce with many working tirelessly to attain the bigger share of the market. We understand your sales team is already under pressure to convert leads into customers. That’s why we are committed to providing you with the best of resources, tools and techniques in generating solid leads in the first place.
Be it B2B or B2C space, our expert team of lead generation services provider will remain focused on working on those tiresome and time-consuming activities which consist of various stages to ensure we get you qualified and potential leads lined up.

How We Warm Prospects and Get You Win-Ready Leads

Holding extensive experience, working with clients from around the world, we have a strong hold on the lead generation mechanism and follow an effective work flow to ensure we always get you the best and most productive results:

Get Them All Together

The first step is to always go through a detailed screening of your market to determine what companies you are targeting. We compile the list of companies, no matter how big and small, which come as part of your target customer portfolio.

Widen the Search

Now that we have a good hold on all the companies falling under that specific target, we profile and further screen good prospects and stakeholders in that large targeted pool of customers

Engage with Them

This is where our communication expertise comes into play as we talk it out with your prospects, using various communication channels to bring them onboard and present the winning possibilities they can get should they make an appointment

Converting the Prospects

It all leads up to setting and confirming the appointments for prospects, and having the sales team take over in converting the right people into profitable customers.


Getting the full hang of why outsourcing your lead generation activities can be daunting. So get your inquiries out and let us deal with them. If you still feel there are some questions unanswered, be sure to contact our digital marketing experts who will get back to you on your inquiries in no time.

What is exactly meant by lead generation?

In simple words, a lead is someone who is interested in what you’re offering. This process of generating leads means to identify who these people are and also helping them to find you as well.

What defines lead generation in the world of digital marketing?

This means being able to get an approval in the digital world and this usually comes through something like getting a completed feedback form, a social media approval through a reshare, a retweet, a mention on a post or even downloading from a CTA. Congratulations, you have a lead in your system.

How will you help with my lead generation?

Due to the commitment and effective vision of our lead generation specialists, we aim to provide you with the extensive expertise which will surely help in building your business and supporting its sales pipeline through adapting proven tools and techniques which will impact your sales efforts and business growth.

How soon can we start off the process of your team heading the lead generation mechanism?

It takes wings the moment we sign off the service agreement. Our experts will create a full strategy and game plan with a proper execution timeline. Our team will launch the campaign with all the various factors in place to ensure a smooth running of the project.

Is there a difference between lead generation and demand generation?

Demand generation is basically bringing your specific service or product to the notice of the people, whereas lead generation is taking it a step further and allowing the interested people get to know why what you’re offering is of potential use to them.

Are the leads generated through my campaign available for utilization by other companies as well?

No. The leads that you will be getting through the efforts of Markfiniti are yours to respond to. We don’t believe in creating unnecessary competition among our clients, however do know that once the leads have been made available to you, it is your job to provide a speedy response before the lead reaches out to other platforms in this competitive world.

Is there a difference between B2B lead generation and B2C lead generation?

The B2B lead generation is pretty much the same as B2C as leads still means targeting individuals however we will work out different strategies to ensure a solid return as per the lead generation type

Are there any client references I can reach out to before signing up with your company?

Yes. We provide an impressive profile of testimonials for you to look into and make an informed decision. We also have contact details of our satisfied clients list for you to have direct interaction and feedback with.

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