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Our advertising experts at Markfiniti are qualified to provide you wider reach and increased sales through advertisements through established practices.

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Our team at Markfiniti puts in their best efforts to fulfill your objectives and provide you with what you are looking for so that you get your money’s worth

Instagram Ad Objectives

Marketing objectives need to be specified for Instagram ads like reach, brand awareness, sales, traffic, engagement etc. Our team makes sure that these objectives are met

Relevance and Connection

We put forth the best of the product we are advertising so that it connects people, engages with them and also remain relevant in today’s world.

Increased Brand Awareness

Instagram ads increase your brand awareness by appearing on the feed of a target audience. If attractive, people go on to the website for more information which is what provide you.

Increased Conversions

The end goal of any kind of advertisement is more sales, signups etc. which Instagram ads provide if they are done professionally. We guarantee best services in this regard.

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Instagram Ads

In the age of social media, it can be overwhelming to know where you want to start to have a social media presence for your business. There are many platforms where you can start from. Instagram is one such platform. Some people tend to downplay the importance of Instagram as compared to other platforms which shouldn’t be the case.
Markfiniti provides you with a service according to your needs navigating the rules of advertising on Instagram.

Instagram Ads Makes Use of:

Young audiences Instagram tends to be used by young people a lot which means if your product is geared towards youth or middle-aged individuals, you reap good results by advertising on Instagram. You generally do not get same results for products geared towards elderly customers.
Targeted Reach Instagram provide you the opportunity to reach exact audiences by targeting specific location, demographics, interests, behaviors etc. which leads to increased following and customers in a shorter period of time.

Forms of Instagram Ads:

There are many ways of advertising on Instagram. Depending on your product and target audience, you can choose the right form for you. These can be

Story Ads

Story ads appear in between stories on the story panel, selling products or widening business’s reach.

Photo Ads

Photo ads generally appear on customer’s feed where photos, generally posts, are promoted.

Video Ads

Video ads i.e. a short clip can appear in stories or in feed. A link can be included to direct customers to a page or website.

Carousel Ads

Carousal ads include scrollable images, so it can have more than one image that can be viewed by swiping the images.

Collection Ads

A collection of photos and videos can be used as well to visually inspire the customer and make them follow you to your website.

Ads in Explore Sections

Explore section of Instagram is also a place of advertising where your ads can be in the form of video or photo.
It is important to decide what is best form for the product you are trying to sell. Our team provides its invaluable insight in this regard.


Getting the full hang of why outsourcing your lead generation activities can be daunting. So get your inquiries out and let us deal with them. If you still feel there are some questions unanswered, be sure to contact our digital marketing experts who will get back to you on your inquiries in no time.

How to create Instagram ads?

There is a lot of work that goes into making your marketing objectives before you go forward with any advertisement. These objectives are set based on the product, audience, etc. and then ads are created. It best to contact experts at Markfiniti to guide and help you through the process.

How much does Instagram Ads cost?

As mentioned above, it is not just about putting an ad. There is a lot of work that goes into it. The cost of Instagram ads depends on that.

How to make Instagram ads?

Firstly, there should be some research done based on the product and audience. Based on it, some goals are set, and appropriate formats are chosen for advertisement. Lastly, an ad is made based on the format that can connect with people.

Do Instagram ads work?

Yes, they do. Instagram is mostly used by relatively younger segment of the population. If your products are aimed for young people, you will get great results.

What are the benefits of Instagram ads?

A successful Instagram ad increases traffic and dwell time on your website. This ultimately increases sale. It also helps improve brand awareness that is needed for your brand to succeed.

How can you improve brand awareness through Instagram ads?

Instagram ads give an opportunity to the brand to reach audiences around the world. Many well-established bands like Vogue take benefit from the power of Instagram to boost their sales. It is the world of social media and online purchases are increasingly becoming the norm. Making use of platforms like Instagram is the way forward. It lets you market your product to millions of people around the world and you can further improve on your branding strategy by making use of Instagram.

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