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Increased Traffic

Infographics helps improve the chances of ranking on Google through use of well polished infographic designs which will provide you with increased traffic of your website.

Long-lived Designs

We work hard to provide our clients with unique infographic designs which they desire for.

Attractive Designs

Our infographic design service includes delivery of graphically appealing and attractive designs that suits your online business.


Our team at Markfiniti is available to communicate with you any time during the process to listen to your opinion and help you achieve what you desire for.

Top Quality Service

We are among one of the well known companies which aims to provide you with best infographic services which will bring life to your website.

Value for Money

We always value your money and try our level best to satisfy our clients to their utmost extent.

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An appealing infographic speaks a thousand words!

Infographic consists of:

  • graphically attractive design
  • authentic and up-to-date data
  • a unique story
  • eye-catching title

While creating graphically appealing infographics for our clients we make sure to:

  • not to provide vague ideas
  • present unique ideas
  • recieve an approval from client’s end
  • convert data into an attractive and eye catching infographic

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More business growth

Efficient infographics would attract people and translate into more dwell time for your website.

Interest Builder

Infographics designed by our experts will be more helpful for the presentation of facts and figures in an interesting way.

Higher Rankings

Your website can get more traffic and increased visibility in search engines in digital marketing with the use of info-graphics.

Greater Understanding

People can understand your idea more clearly through info-graphics based on the fact that the brain processes 90% of visual information daily.

Eye Catching

As a result of eye catching abd colorful infographics users get attacted.

More Dwell Time

Visuals lead to more engagement of users and less bounce rate.


How much should you charge for an infographic?

An infographic will cost anything from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. CopyPress, like most agencies, charges clients around $2,000 from start to finish for an infographic.

Which is better canva or Piktochart?

If you need to have a easy way to learn which Graphic Design Software product is better, our unique algorythm gives Canva a score of 9.4 and Piktochart a score of 9.0 for general quality and performance.

What are infographics?

Simply put, an infographic is a visual image used to convey information. Infographics can be complex, representing a large amount of data in a visual form, or they may be simple, representing just one or two facts. Infographics are generally comprised of graphics and text, but may also include illustration and/or photography.

Why should I use infographic design?

Infographics are a great way to convey information in a visually compelling way, as opposed to large blocks of text or bullet points. They can help simplify complex data, making it easier to understand at-a-glance through visual elements that make abstract data feel more concrete.

What makes a good infographic design?

A good infographic design clearly and effectively conveys the desired information. It is also pleasing to look at, eye-catching, and creative.

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