Event Coverage

Capturing forever moments that matter at your event is our vision.


Why Should We Cover Your Events?

We work as a cohesive team, so you have a successful project that is never dependent on the availability of a single individual with limited knowledge.
A complete highly alluring web development organization with 14 years of experience in the field, Markfiniti conveys exceptionally accessible, useful, and outwardly captivating web products and both platform based and custom web solutions for enterprises.

High Quality Videos

First and foremost reason is simple- we aim to provide you with high quality videos that capture all the imperative moments of your event.

Value for Money

We know you may have a range of options to choose from out there, but we are focused on providing you with the best video solutions according to your budget and expectations.

Aim for Flexibility

Holding extensive experience with more than +50,000 hours of event filming, we are committed to providing you with what you desire in the best possible way.

Fast Deliverance

We understand some events call for quick accessibility to the produced data. In such cases where time is critical and deliverance is set on a fixed time schedule, our team commits to giving quality videos in the quickest way, while maintaining proficiency.

Competent Production Team

At Markfiniti Technologies, we have a strong, experienced group of individuals led by a producer, who has studied your project well enough to know what your needs are and how to attain them through a quality-focused implementation plan.

State-of-the Art Video Equipment

It is important for us to remain up to speed and for that we always keep our production equipment and techniques according to the recent technological advancement. We take pride in creating the best videos that cover your event in the best quality.

Choose Your Plan.

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Best Development Process

It is not just about writing articles or blogposts. Content writing is used in every kind of content creation like:

  • Our Result-Oriented Delivery System
  • Align Business Goals with Winning Visuals
  • Effective Cost and Time Schedule
  • Attention-grabbing Video
  • Action-Focused Video Editing
  • Your Approval is Key
  • Your Event –Your Ownership
  • See It to Believe It

Get the Professional Eye-Guaranteed Results

We understand how your events need the best set of professional eyes that won’t overlook the specifics; the most imperative parts of your epic gathering. And this is how we train our event coverage team- to be present and be committed.
Our video capture attitude is to make the coverage a fascinating retelling of the event whenever required. Event videos need to be passionate, focused and should always have a fantastic opener; we strive to get all that done.

Let us make these videos the star of your show.

Simplicity Meets Performance

Our Result-Oriented Delivery System

We know you want results which are fast but do not compromise on quality. Hence we have created a tried and tested system which aims to cover your major events without missing a single, important moment. Our system follows certain steps to ensure there is complete consistency from the first step till last.

Initiating with Clear Consultation 

The project initiates with a simple consultation session which aims to understand as clearly as possible what our clients’ desires from the project are. It is important for us to know our clients and what type of video to opt for, for the event coverage.

Align Business Goals with Winning Visuals

Our video producers sit and discuss clearly what our clients aim is to get from the visuals and how to sync that vision with the goals of their business to attain long term results.

Effective Cost and Time Schedule

It is understood your time is valuable and we aim to provide you with concrete results, taking into account the time it will take to cover all the necessary steps for the video coverage of your event, including the dynamics of post-production.

Attention-grabbing Video

We will remain focused on providing the most professional team of video creators, including a dedicated producer on set, who will ensure your event is covered with the major goal in focus.

Action-Focused Video Editing

The raw footage once shot is edited in the most professional environment. The time it takes in editing really depends on the length of the event, but we aim to get it done efficiently while taking the desire time frame into consideration.


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What kind of events is covered by Markfiniti Technologies?

We have years of experience covering a variety of events, under various categories including corporate events, celebrations, exhibits, wedding parties, fashion and launch events, concerts and auctions, trade shows, among others.

How early do I need to book for my event?

It is best if you inform at your earliest once the event’s date has been set in, as we need whatever time we have to finalize all the technical details before taking on the coverage of your event.

How much will it cost me for my event coverage?

It is our aim to provide you with the desired results in the most cost-effective framework. We ensure your event is covered in your desired budget, not compromising on quality along the way.

What kind of coverage is provided for corporate events?

This is usually done in one of two ways, depending upon your needs and requirements- either through highlight coverage or spotlight coverage.

Can I make edits to the videos before approving the final version?

Yes. We make sure to involve you in the processing phase, so you can have a close-hand look and decide on any edits to be done before we finalize the recorded version.

Why should I opt for a 4K video recording as opposed to an HD?

We believe in moving with the advancement of technology and recommend the quality results our clients deserve. Our 4K videos provide high image quality captures as well as are known to give longer shelf-life. While we can provide you the video assets in HD, we would recommend for top quality results to go for 4K.

Will I have the original video files of my event?

Yes. Once the whole video has been shot, processed and finalized, we shall provide you with the original video files, as the sole ownership to its rights and reproduction. We shall however include the same just for our portfolio presentation

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