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Content writing is the backbone of digital marketing. Content writing should be such that it grips its readers and reaches out to maximum audience. In today’s competitive market, you need expert content writers to achieve that goal.



We, at Markfiniti, aim to provide you with top quality services in terms of content writing based on your needs. We take over your content needs so that you don’t have to fret over any complicated digital marketing requirements.

Top Quality Service

Markfiniti is one of the leading brands that aims to provide you with best practices in content writing that will transform your business and bring traffic to your work. Our expert team has you in safe hands

Digital Marketing Strategies

We share tried and tested digital marketing strategies for websites of our clients. These strategies have been used by us and we have helped many other brands with these strategies.

Value for Money

We provide best value for the money we charge. We believe in delivering on our promises and satisfying our clients to the highest extent.

Attractive and Original Content

We use techniques that appeal to reader’s psyche in order to provide you with ways where you can make your content attractive to the reader.

Evergreen Content

We work hard to provide our clients with strategies and techniques that produce content that is relevant for a longer period of time.

Communication and Confidentiality

Our team at Markfiniti is available to communicate with you any time during the process. We value communication and feedback of our client and try to incorporate it in our work. We also make sure that our work and communication is confidential among our teams.

Choose Your Plan.

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Content Writing is Not Just Blogposts

It is not just about writing articles or blogposts. Content writing is used in every kind of content creation like:

  • video scripts
  • audio scripts
  • email newsletters
  • titles
  • media posts and more…

SEO Friendly Content

Content writing is not the only parameter for growth in digital world. The content must follow some techniques to make waves out there. These techniques are SEO techniques. SEO optimizes the content based on rules like keyword usage, link building, description tags etc. These rules improve your website’s ranking on Google.
Markfiniti provides you with best content writers who have expertise in language as well as SEO techniques so that you get prompt results. SEO content ticks many boxes of online marketing which gives you these benefits.

Simplicity Meets Performance

Increased Social Media Visibility

Your business benefits from tried and tested techniques of SEO like link building and keyword search which help increase your business’s visibility in the digital world which ultimately leads to business growth.

Increased Traffic

SEO helps improve our chances of ranking on Google through use of high-ranking keywords which provides us with increasing traffic to our website.

High Website Engagement

When more people visit our website, there is more engagement and dwell time on our website which again helps with our website ranking.

More Business Growth

More traffic and dwell time translate into more sales in our business.

Timely Website Updates

Based on SEO and keyword searches, the website and content are maintained and updated regularly.

Link Building

SEO techniques helps you build a reputation by linking your website with authoritative pages which boosts your page’s visibility


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What is content writing?

Content writing is a process of producing content that includes extensive planning, researching, writing and editing. The whole process is very important to produce content that is original and sets you apart from others.

What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism is taking someone else’s ideas and calling them your own. Plagiarism can also be unintentional. It is important to avoid plagiarism because it can negatively impact the writer, the employer and the business.

How to avoid plagiarism in content writing?

Stealing someone else’s idea is not an ethical practice even if it was done unintentionally. Therefore, it is important that you adopt practices that can help reduce chances of plagiarism. You should always cite the ideas you take from other authors. It is also important to check plagiarism with online software before you publish your work, in case you missed any.

What is SEO content writing?

SEO refers to Search Engine Optimization. It is a process in which a website and its content is optimized to add keywords that improves ranking of website on search engines like Google. Content that is written with these objectives in mind is SEO optimized and ranks high on Google.

How to do SEO content writing?

It is important that the content on your website, blogs, videos etc. should be optimized to score higher ranking on Google. SEO experts talk about use of keywords, LSI, images with keywords and other factors that can help improve your ranking on Google through your content.

What is the difference between content writing and copywriting?

Copywriting is basically targeted to writing content to sell the products. It’s quite straight forward in its approach. The texts are also short. Content writing is broader in its approach. It does talk about marketing its products but its more subtle. It can also include reviews, comparisons, etc. and is a longer text.

What skills should a content writer have?

A content writer does not only need writing skills. Along with writing skills, he/she also needs research, original approach to the topic, SEO techniques, editing and time management skills.

How do you earn money from content writing?

If you acquire all the skills mentioned above i.e. language skills, SEO techniques etc. and you are good in their application, you can apply to marketing organizations, newspapers, etc. looking for content writers or even work as a freelance content writer.

How to do research for content writing?

Basically, it depends on what kind of content you want to write but generally your sources should be authentic studies that provide accurate information to your readers. Nothing is worse than giving out wrong or outdated information. You can look into authentic websites around your topic, scientific studies, books and encyclopedias to gather your information for your content. And remember not to plagiarize.

What is technical content writing?

Technical content writing is similar to content writing in the sense that it follows all SEO rules and is aimed to produce higher sales. The difference is that the content is technical i.e. relating to technology. A technical content writer should make the content, which is technical, more accessible to the reader and follow all rules of content writing.

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