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Why Choose us?

Algorithm Efficiency

Staying up-to-date with search algorithms is a hefty and hard task. Our team will take on that task, keeping in view the changes and updates that are being continuously implemented by Google.

Promise of Cost Effectiveness

We care about your valuable resources and the segments of your website. We ensure that SEO is implemented in an effective way, so that your content is optimized to the prospective customers in a timely manner, earning revenue for the company.

Value-Driven Profile

Our SEO experts will focus on providing you with the best optimization strategies which will ensure your online profile builds strongly and naturally, giving you solid brand recognition.

Result Analysis

We will look ways in which the results from our SEO-optimized strategies can be made even better. Because SEO and Google algorithms are continuously evolving and we ensure your website and content remains in optimal position.

Comprehensive Feedback Reports

It is important to understand the return on SEO activities hence we provide you with detailed statistics on how our optimization efforts have given results. This ensures and provides proof on our efforts and intel for you to understand SEO, optimization and high ranking.

ROI-Focused Efforts

We understand your aim is to increase your profits and return on investment (ROI). Our tactics and strategy plan to ensure the content optimization efforts sync with increasing your profits.

Choose Your Plan.

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Maximize the lifetime value of your content

Having content that just gets the information out won’t do much for your website.  For online ranking on Google and other search engines, your site needs to have that ‘oomph’ factor.  Content marketing has gone through various stages of recognition to be considered as a leading marketing strategy.
And when content optimization is talked about, it means ways in which search engine optimization (SEO) tactics and tools can be implemented to provide strong organic searches, giving you a solid and high ranking.

My content is great, why aren’t my sales?

The competition to gain a share of the online market is fierce. Different websites are creating content at accelerated rates to get a strong ranking in the market.  But does good content ensure a high ranking?
Unfortunately no. Your target market will not find your amazing content if it’s not on the top search results of Google.
And this is where SEO and effective content optimization comes into the picture.  SEO is considered as one of the most important online marketing tools many websites are utilizing.  As SEO experts with a dedicated team of content writers, we will adapt this strategy to ensure your website’s content is highly ranked, ensuring increased traffic, which means more visitors and increased sales for the business.

How We Optimize Content for Your Website

Here’s a complete view of how our content optimization services work:

Solid Measurement Framework

The first step is for us to create a solid framework for you that will define the content performance optimization audit. We will look into ways in which to create your buyer persona- this means getting all the details in identifying your prospects and what content, keyword search and buyer’s intent do they hold.

Keyword and Intent

This is the most important part of the whole SEO mechanism. And our SEO experts will not just look into keyword volume but identify why there are more search queries for certain keywords over others and what is the major intent of the searchers. This allows for them to create content framework which will yield high interest from visitors.

Audit Your Content

Once we are assigned onto your site, we will look into getting the technical details out of your existing marketing strategy. This includes taking in all the details on how your website and analytics stand and how to make it efficient with the emphasis on strategic SEO campaign creation. We will also be holding stakeholders’ interviews to get their insights on the strategic update.

Identify Content Gaps

While studying the specific search queries by the target market, we would come to know how the existing content is stacking against the inquiries by targeted users. This allows us to identify the gaps and write quality, SEO content for your content assets.

Keyword Optimization

There are a lot of new trends and tactics that help get your SEO in order; however keyword optimization still remains one of the best.
We will look into every page onto your site and target a keyword on the basis of optimizing every title, headline, body, the Meta description length, Alt tag for images- enduring all these parts of your content contains the keyword and its variations.

Video & Images Utilization

Making use of catchy visuals helps in creating strong authority of your content. We will review your content and analyze on how to create a perfect mix of videos and audios, including placement of infographics and other diagrams as simple text doesn’t get you a strong read and an optimal SEO status.


YouTube video ad campaigns are known to yield amazing reach and results, however they can be a little overwhelming. Here we’ve listed out a few of the common questions you have about the ad campaign and how it can get you amazing feedback.

What guarantee will I get that my content is completely original?

We understand how crucial it is to completely understand how Google Analytics works to gain maximum advantage from it. Hence you can rest assured we take content’s authenticity very seriously.

How qualified is the team which will be writing content for our site?

Every single page is done through our experienced and dedicated SEO-focused content writers. The content before going live on site is reviewed by our editor to ensure everything is well written and optimized

Once the agreement has been made, what material do we need to provide to kick start the procedure?

As we would be aiming to give you a SEO-heighted makeover, we would need to do an analysis of your existing content and we will ask for some imperative information about the company like your goals, the customer research, journey maps, as well as other technicalities that allows us to understand and gain your current framework in terms of Google Analytics and Search Console. This allows to structure our optimization properly.

Is the optimization done in one go or can I review the pages as you move forward?

Our optimization strategy aims at the whole site, rather than individual pages. Once we have created a concrete framework on the steps and actions to implement, we should do so on the complete site and not in sets and sections.

Can I just ask my analytics department to focus on optimization services?

As the name suggests, your analytics team aims to provide feedback on your current content framework. Example they will look into how the traffic is being generated for the website and how many page views you are getting. You will need separate, dedicated SEO expert content writers who will enhance your current design.

Is there any solid assurance that the optimization services will bear the desired results?

While we can value and rate the content against the key SEO tools and factors with which it is currently being optimized and how we adapted all those technologies in our work, there are still external aspects that play a strong long in content perception, including the continuous need of Google to change their algorithm. These are not in our control however we aim to create a solid plan which takes into consideration all the outside concerns too.

What if I’m not entirely happy with the suggested optimization strategy and game plan?

While we take immense pride in our ability to create an optimization framework which is effective and result-oriented, we can understand if you have any certain reservations to some strategies like the specific keywords chosen. In such cases we exercise flexibility to give you what comes in your winning matrix.

What is the payment module like?

Since various websites have their own concrete objectives and design layout, we don’t set a standard pricing regime for all our clients. We have a briefing session, look into your requirements and create a plan emphasizing the utilization of various SEO tools and techniques to attain highly optimized content.

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