Why Choose Our Consulting Services:

There may be many reasons for why you deserve the expertise of a consultancy firm. Here are a few things Markfiniti promises to deliver:

Exceptional Expertise

We hold a strong track record that speaks for our expertise in the field. Considering our track record, having worked with a range of clients and companies from various sectors, our team is committed to providing a keen eye on strategically enhanced business operations.

Catalyst Role

It’s hard to institute change in a work culture, especially when it’s needed in a company that has been following a certain work regime and pattern for many years. However sometimes it’s extremely important to be implemented and we provide a concrete plan of action which doesn’t get affected by the emotional and morale setting in the company.

Giving Objectivity

We aim towards providing our clients with a fresh and clear viewpoint. Our concern is only your business’s well-being and we target our resources and action plan towards providing just that.

Teach and Develop

While other companies may be charging for providing certain set of recommendations and strategic guidance, we want your company’s human resource department to excel in the latest discoveries and updates in their respective field of operations, as we also provide teaching expertise on how they can remain competitive in the business.

Quality Audit and Review

One of the major aspects we will look into is providing you with assistance and giving you complete guidance on the auditing process for your firm as it plays an integral role in giving you with a strong business structure, ensuring the various elements are in sync to give an expert quality assurance to your work setup.

Effective Validation

We are also in charge of providing you with proper levels of validation to ensure the various strategic suggestions are put into proper effect. We will put our suggestions and design plans through test protocols to ensure the implementation process is as effective as possible.

Get Your Company to Run Smoothly

When setting up a new business or firm, the various departments and their functions are planned properly and well thought through, however attaining the desired results do not come easy and on time.
So what do you do?
You get the services of a dedicated team of consultants who strategically identify the problems currently being faced and present the game plan on how to get things done in the productive manner.
Markfiniti Technologies holds extensive experience when it comes to providing company executives with the complete know-how on making their business boom. We focus on strategic deliverables – providing consulting on integral aspects of the company’s framework.

Choose Your Plan.

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Identifying and Solving the Problem:

Our consultants consider your company’s smooth and productive running as the ultimate goal. We are committed to developing our team’s skills on research and analysis to the highest order so to ensure the problem is recognized in due time.
We have a strong sense of developing new concepts and implementing strong problem-solving skills which are innovative while being analytical.
Also we know it isn’t enough just knowing what the problem is, it’s important to be able to communicate the game plan effectively too.

Our Team Stands Out Because:

You can check out the profile and some videos of our consultants showcasing their excellent verbal and written communication skills. We pride in our team of experts who are:

  • Ethically aware
  • Hold intellectual curiosity
  • Are committed to giving 100% to intensive workloads
  • Have strong interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work with hostile environments

Why Should We Spearhead Your Advertising Project?

You can opt for in-house production or some other company you feel might have done an ad job you liked, but here are a few solid reasons why Markfiniti Technologies excels in providing client-focused, quality-adhered videos that make your brand stand out from competition.

Google Certified

We know you aim to collaborate with a dedicated team of professionals; hence we are proud to inform that Markfiniti Technologies is certified in video production and YouTube channel management from Google.

Google Partner Badge Holder

We are also certified from Google in all of Google’s advertising services and even hold the Google partner badge. The Google Partner badge stands as a proof of how we have passed Google Ads product certification exams and are up-to-date with the latest product knowledge.

Impressive Portfolio

We feel we can do this job because we have plenty of experience of having done this job. Taking into account clients from major sectors of the industry, we have been able to deliver successful advertising projects, ranging from corporate, education, and entertainment, web-based and even social media targeted.

One Company for All Stages

Keeping in mind the importance of time and resources, you would want one company handling all the aspects of an advertising production properly and effectively. We are committed to giving our 100% to all the stages of the production for your video, from the concept realization, to creating a compelling script.

Quality Equipment

We know qualified human resources alone won’t get the job done. You need quality equipment to get to a quality production. Hence we invest heavily in purchasing and keeping our techniques and equipment up to date for long-lasting deliverance.

Outcome Focused

Your ultimate message- what you wish your viewers to know at the end of the video is our point of creation. We aim to provide excellence in every step along the way, ensuring all the quality measures are intact to deliver the ultimate message. We ensure your time and money, every bit of it is accounted for.


Still doubtful over what defines consultancy? Here you will find some of the most commonly asked questions regarding consultancy and what are consulting services. If you are still in the unclear, and want to learn how Markfiniti will being your business strong standing and value, feel free to contact us for further information.

What is consultancy?

It basically consists of a team of expert consultants who aim to give their expertise to a company that needs guidance on getting a better return from their business through windows of operations, management and structure.

How can I work out whether my company needs consulting?

You most likely need to get the guidance of a consultancy firm when you are continuously facing challenges which are causing a negative impact on the growth of your business.

How will you determine the scope of a consulting campaign for my company?

We are committed to ensuring your time and investment is justified every step of the way. Hence we have a detailed assessment study in the very beginning allowing our consultant experts to identify the various concerns and prioritize the objectives, as per the goals and size of the company we are collaborating with.

What are your consulting charges?

We don’t believe in the notion ‘one shoe size fits all’, in fact our services package is carefully tailored to provide you with an action plan tailored specifically to your business needs, with an aim to not shock with a ‘not-to-exceed cost estimate’.

What can I expect from the initial consultation?

Our initial consultation sessions with our experts in the field and our management is conducted with you to provide complete transparency on the process to ensure that we understand what your company’s obstacles are and how they can be combated to ensure the business’s goals and objectives are met. If we feel it isn’t something that we can tackle through our consulting framework, we would inform the same to you without any hindrance.

What if I don’t support your results or findings after the consulting period?

If this occurs, which is highly unlikely, we will provide you with a complete overview and revision of the results; however the acceptance or denial of our findings is entirely your call and decision to make.

If I adapt your set of recommendations after the consulting sessions are completed, how soon will I see improvement?

While it isn’t possible to create a standard timeline of events to occur, we have seen through our impressive portfolio of clients that once the changes and recommendations have been implemented by our clients, they will be able to see a significant improvement in their operations within the first 3 months, however these improvements are small in scale and a significant makeover is detectable over a course of a year or so.

How soon can the consulting project be initiated?

Once we have had our initial discussions to formulate the game plan, we will be able to confidently get into your business framework and kick start the consulting services right away.

Do you provide refunds in case I change my mind about the consulting services halfway through?

Unfortunately that isn’t possible. Once we have started our work on creating a business plan as per your company’s framework and objectives, we have already invested labor, time and expertise into providing you with a customized plan that will serve your business exclusively. However we are willing to sit and discuss ways in which we can provide flexibility and listen to your suggestions and opinions while going through the consulting process.

Can we see samples of your work with previous companies?

We can provide you an inclusive sneak peek into some of the business plans that we have worked on. We can also provide you with names of some of our clients with whom you can communicate with and understand our mode of operations.

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