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Our marketing team at Markfiniti provides you best sources to improve your standing of your app amidst of all the competition

Thorough Market Research

Our team makes sure to do homework before we start marketing your app. This includes in-depth research about your product and your competitors so that we can go above and beyond that and work with original ideas.

Expert Professionals

Our experts in marketing team have gained experience over the years in marketing strategies and are ready to help you in any way with these proven strategies and experience.

Digital Marketing Strategies

Markfiniti has gathered a team of experienced professionals who are experts in digital marketing strategies. These digital marketing strategies demand a different approach than ordinary marketing which we make sure to provide satisfactorily.

Communication with User

Success of app marketing in part depends on incorporating user feedback into your product. We make sure that we set up mechanisms that record reaction and feedback of users that can be incorporated to improve user experience of the app.

App Growth

Gaining new followers and increasing downloads is one the parameters of app growth. Through our marketing strategies like burst campaign, special discounts etc. we ensure that your app is duly advertised to gain followers in app stores.

Customer Retention

Retaining followers your app has gained is quite important in mobile marketing. Our team takes into account user feedback and keeps improving user experience accordingly to help retain your app customers.

In today’s technologically advanced world, commercial and business activities have also been adapted to be used digitally. Our mobile phones have opened a whole new world for us. We can handle our businesses from our mobile devices and app marketing is one such endeavor in advertising your product.
App marketing basically is a way to advertise your app to potential followers/customers and increase downloads. But it is more than just gaining followers or increasing downloads. It lets you create your brand recognition, advertise it and interact with the community built around the app.

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What is In-App Marketing?

In-app marketing is basically a marketing campaign that happens within the app and is basically targeted towards those who have already signed up for your app. As a result, it focuses on improving user experience, engaging with users and understanding their feedback. It can include loyalty programs, informing regular users of certain incentives, promoting social shares as an incentive etc. It is another one of app marketing strategies.

How Successful is App Marketing?

You can gauge yourself how helpful app marketing is for you. A few pointers that can be indicators of its success are as follows. Tracking these pointers can give you an idea how you can change/improve your app’s outlook.
Active users Gathering data about users that remain active on your app during a week or a month can tell you about your app’s usage.
Session lengths How much time your customers spend on your app is also an indication of how successful your app is.

Benefits of App Marketing

There is a great potential for app marketing to greatly improve your business plan as it uses mobile devices which are more likely to speak to customers than other traditional methods. It can be beneficial in following ways.


This stage in marketing advertises your brand to attract users. Different marketing strategies are used here like paid advertising, app store ads, social media advertising etc. that improves standing of your brand.


When more users download and use your app, the conversion on your app increases. Some instances of conversion are people making purchases on your app, set up an account or even download your app.

Keeping Users Engaged

App marketing values its customers as they are what makes that app or product. Therefore, app marketing devises ways to engage the customers in producing a better version of the app based on the feedback.

Retaining Customers

It is important to keep your customers once they have signed up. App marketing allows you to adopt ways in which you can retain existing customers by improving their experience.


Any marketing strategy adopted can be traced to measure its effectiveness to understand if a particular strategy is appropriate for that product or needs a change.


These marketing strategies can be implemented and received by customers very fast because of the use of advance technology on both sides.


YouTube video ad campaigns are known to yield amazing reach and results, however they can be a little overwhelming. Here we’ve listed out a few of the common questions you have about the ad campaign and how it can get you amazing feedback.

What is mobile app marketing?

Mobile app marketing basically is a way to advertise your app to potential followers/customers and increase downloads. But it is more than just gaining followers or increasing downloads. It lets you create your brand recognition, advertise it and interact with the community built around the app.

How to market a new mobile app?

There are many strategies that can be used to market an app. Some are paid advertisement, incentivizing social shares etc. It basically depends upon your needs and the product, so it is best to consult a professional at Markfiniti.

How much does app marketing cost?

It depends on the work required for that specific app or product. An expert in Markfiniti office can give you a quote upon your visit.

Is mobile app marketing worth it?

App marketing uses modern technology to connect with people. It has not only proven to be effective but also fast and far reaching. Considering these advantages, app marketing is totally worth it.

How big is the app market?

Making an app and selling your product through it is one of the most effective ways of selling products in today’s world. It is mainly because of the use of advanced technology and use of mobile devices by a majority. More people are able to access your products at their leisure and making an app is an effective way to do it.

What is a good market penetration strategy for a mobile app?

This process generally needs a lot of research about the product and competitors. Based on that, a strategy has to be set for a mobile app. It can differ from one product to another.
How much does it cost to put an app on the market?
How to market a fitness app?

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