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Experienced App Developers

Our team consists of android app developers who are expert in programming languages. They are dedicated individuals invested in providing you the desired result.

Cutting Edge Technology

We invest heavily in new technology to keep up with new innovations in the field and to increase our efficiency. Our team is also similarly trained in new developments.

24/7 Technical Support

Our team provides 24/7 technical support to solve any glitches in the working of apps if need arises.

Competitive Pricing

We have market competitive prices and we guarantee best results. We fulfill our guarantee and provide value for your money.

Tried and Tested Methodologies

We have experts with experience who follow tried and tested methods to give you best results for the product you desire.

Testing and App Improvements

We provide the opportunity for testing the product by our experts and finding out any glitches when the product is fully made.

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In need of an android app to boost your business or your reach? You have come to the right place. Markfiniti specializes in android app development which can be built for any purpose from commercial to informational to social etc.
Android app development is basically development of applications that can run on android systems. These apps can be built for boosting business, widening audiences, educational or informational aims, healthcare etc. Any kind of enterprise can build an application for furthering their business or cause.

Android App Development for All

We cater to different clients from different fields and needs. Some examples are:

  • Android Game Development
  • Social Media Android App Development
  • Enterprise Android App Development

The apps made are designed to work either as TV android apps, mobile android apps, tablet android apps and wearable android apps.

Benefits of Android App Development:

Customizable Product

Our team values communication with your team and your input in understanding what you want and is willing to customize the product according to your desires.

Compatible to all Android Devices

The apps are developed in a way that they are compatible to be used in any kind of android device; be it mobile phones, tablets, etc.

Great Design and Experience

Our app developers make sure that they provide our clients the best design and experience of the app that their customers will love.


Our team is available for consultation throughout the development process and later, to ensure no problem remain unsolved. Our team provides extra help to fix any bugs that may arise in the app. Our expertise and resources won’t disappoint you. So, give us a call or book an appointment with us.


How to develop apps for android?

Android apps are developed mostly in Java programming language. You need to have proper qualification for web development to be able to make these apps. Therefore, our professionals at Markfiniti are here to help you make your apps.

What is an enterprise application?

It is an application that is made for the benefit of an organization rather than an individual. These could be businesses, schools, universities, government etc.

What is the language used to develop android apps?

Java is the official language used to program android apps. There are other possibilities like C++ but Java is most widely used.

Which is the best software for android app development?

Many software like AIDE, Stetho. Gradle etc. can be used to develop android applications but it is important that a professional does the job because he/she can provide you the best results.

How long does it take to develop an android app?

Basically, it depends on the kind of work to be done for the app but generally it takes somewhere between 4 to 6 months. There can be times where it can take less than 4 months or more than 6 months depending on the circumstances. It is not set in stone.

How to earn money from developing android apps?

After getting qualified for developing android apps, you can join a digital marketing firm or start your own business to develop apps for customers and earn money.

Is it easy to develop an android app?

If you are starting from scratch and have no education to support your work, it will be difficult. But with proper qualification, it is not a hard to develop apps.

Can you develop android apps on Mac?

Android apps can be developed on a Mac, but you need to have required software and tools to be able to do that. You can get started with ‘Android Studio for Mac’ for android app development.

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