Advertising Production


How Video Production Happens?

While every video, every project takes its own energy and focus to go from production to completion, the skeleton framework for all the projects usually follows the same structure:

A Creative Blueprint

This is basically the official documentation listing where we will finalize all the major decisions before the project takes off. This includes factors like identifying the target audience is, the video format, where will the video be shown, the budget to work on, among others.

Identify the Audience and Target Market

We will help you in identifying who your audience is, as its imperative there is clear conscience on you the target audience is so to emphasize concrete advertising targets.

Determining the Core Objective

Since your objective will determine the full strategy and action plan of your advertisement campaign, we will invest time and resources to ensure the media plan defines concrete objectives as it will directly lead to your goals.

Storyboards Finalized

There are certain specifications which need to be followed for all the ad projects. Since there are a large number of mediums for you to opt for your advertising campaign, we help you in creating and coining a storyboard which suits to specific kinds of mediums.

Implementation of Media Plan

And once when everything has been sorted, it’s time to set things into motion. The media plan will be implemented as per our effectively designed schedule, setting various targets and milestones for each step.

Coming Together

We believe it is key that we provide a little preview of the efforts; we setup a pre-screening through which we are able to get a third party’s perspective on what we might have possibly missed out and can be improved. For Markfiniti, a quality outcome is the target and we adhere to specific standards to attain just that.

Impactful Advertisement Videos That Talk Your Brand

No one can deny how important and crucial advertising is to a business.
Every business needs that significant window of opportunity which lets it shine the spotlight on its brand’s uniqueness and greatness.
Your business needs it too. That is how we are able to create a demand for our products and offerings. For some, it is also essential for a company’s survival- to make some noise that we are still around.

Choose Your Plan.

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So where do you stand?

Either way, advertising leads to market domination. It helps you to create a presence and make a solid style statement.
Now: If that is something you haven’t got a clue on how to go about, leave it on the expertise of Markfiniti Technologies. We have our certified marketing and advertising experts who will passionately pursue the need for a winning advertising campaign for your company and your brand.

You Deserve Innovative, Ground-Breaking Advertisement Campaigns

Markfiniti Technologies has been passionately collaborating with various exciting brands, companies and agencies which have lead to the creation of some of the most compelling advertising production projects.
We consider adapting state-of-the art technologies and remain a pioneer towards creating new and creative methodologies which provide the target audience exciting and relatable brand stories and marketing messages.
It is our vision to design every project according to the vision of the client, utilizing various platforms for the video production process, including social media platforms such as YouTube for which we hold channel management certification from Google. We focus on content creation and deliverance adapting the best practices on each social platform.
Our aim is to make your video and advertising campaign the talk of the town.

Why Should We Spearhead Your Advertising Project?

You can opt for in-house production or some other company you feel might have done an ad job you liked, but here are a few solid reasons why Markfiniti Technologies excels in providing client-focused, quality-adhered videos that make your brand stand out from competition.

Google Certified

We know you aim to collaborate with a dedicated team of professionals; hence we are proud to inform that Markfiniti Technologies is certified in video production and YouTube channel management from Google.

Google Partner Badge Holder

We are also certified from Google in all of Google’s advertising services and even hold the Google partner badge. The Google Partner badge stands as a proof of how we have passed Google Ads product certification exams and are up-to-date with the latest product knowledge.

Impressive Portfolio

We feel we can do this job because we have plenty of experience of having done this job. Taking into account clients from major sectors of the industry, we have been able to deliver successful advertising projects, ranging from corporate, education, and entertainment, web-based and even social media targeted.

One Company for All Stages

Keeping in mind the importance of time and resources, you would want one company handling all the aspects of an advertising production properly and effectively. We are committed to giving our 100% to all the stages of the production for your video, from the concept realization, to creating a compelling script.

Quality Equipment

We know qualified human resources alone won’t get the job done. You need quality equipment to get to a quality production. Hence we invest heavily in purchasing and keeping our techniques and equipment up to date for long-lasting deliverance.

Outcome Focused

Your ultimate message- what you wish your viewers to know at the end of the video is our point of creation. We aim to provide excellence in every step along the way, ensuring all the quality measures are intact to deliver the ultimate message. We ensure your time and money, every bit of it is accounted for.


We know it can seem like an overwhelming decision when it comes to who should be marketing your brand. So before talking to us directly, here’s a look into some of the most common inquiries we get. If you still have some questions regarding advertising production and our services, feel free to reach out to us and we can talk some more:

Do I really need to invest in an advertising campaign?

Yes. Plainly put, at some stage of your business, you will need to advertise to create awareness about your brand. You can either opt to do it in the start of your company’s creation to make some noise or even midway, to let the target market know you are here to fulfill their demands.

How do I know your production video will cover all my objectives?

We aim to have everything done in the best way through a proper communication channel. The first step is for you to define your objectives to us in a precise and clear manner. Once we have completely understood what you need the advertising campaign needs to attain, leave it to us to work our magic in the execution of the concept in a convincing way.

How do you decide how long our brand’s video is going to be?

We create videos as per the creative brief; we usually suggest to clients to keep videos engaging by not stretching them unnecessarily. As long as the video is attaining the pre-determined goals in an effective strategy layout, the video’s running time is justifiable.

What are the major aspects covered in your video production service?

We aim to provide a full circle of impactful advertising production plan. This means you get all the services needed to give you an engaging product from the creative planning to all aspects of production and post production.

Will you be deciding which video format and type will be suited to our advertising needs?

We will be providing you with a game plan according to important key factors you’ll be handing to us first. This includes your value proposition and what vision do you aim your video will be supporting. We will be running a complete information breakdown on your company’s standing so to understand what video type and medium suits your brand and goal.

How much does a video cost?

This is something which cannot be determined with a standard number for every client. Since every single advertising video we create is suited to the client’s creative plan, its scope is different from others, hence resource utilization varies. It is important we provide custom tailored content which will provide tangible results; hence the costs differ from case to case.

Do you also provide services for branded content?

Yes. We are committed to giving you the best services, synched with state of the art technology and hence we bring a winning combination of advertising with marketing content.

Is it possible for you to make use of my own equipment in the production?

While we don’t encourage that due to the fact we have our own dedicated team of experts who have mastered some of the best production equipment in the business, which provides the highest standards of quality, we can look into how your gear can be an added benefit to the process and then decide.

How many times will I get to make edits in the video?

One of our strongest traits is that we involve our clients through ever stage of the advertising process. From conceptualization till execution, you will know how it’s being done. Hence you will have complete transparency in the production process and can provide feedback wherever felt.

What is the delivery time for my video?

While we can’t really set a fixed timeline on the delivery, due to the fact every video comes with its own production stages and goals, we do take a minimum of three weeks to ensure all the post-production stages have been effectively covered for this is as important as the production process.

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