What are SERPs Feature? And Its Importance in SEO

January 1, 2023 Mehr Jan

When we look at and discuss the impact of  SEO on the way we handle things, there are so many changes happening. A lot of new add-ons has led this way of researching to go to new heights and give solid results. Among them, SERPs feature is very common.

You must have heard of this plenty of times.

I am going to be sharing with you all that you need to know when it comes to how SERPs feature even works.

It is actually what we consider as search engine results page.

A way of Google responding to how queries will be tackled.

There are so many ways in which you will be getting to use it.

Applying the features of SERPs is not a one day task. You will have to understand how it is used to adapt it in your working framework.

You will be getting to know in full detail the dynamics of how this leads to great results for your company and adapting SEO in every way.

What is the SERPs Feature?

getting the SERPs results

Now let’s begin with the basics on what does this even mean.

It is relating to search engine results pages.

These are the web pages a user will be getting when they are making a search on a specific keyword.

There are several kinds of search queries you will be looking at.

These keywords relate to the kind of information they can find online with ease.

How it works is that every person would be entering their intended keyword into the search engine.

When they do, the search engine will be presenting with results. And each of this result is known as a SERP.

What you should be knowing is that each SERP that comes with it is unique.

Let’s look into how that happens.

Unique SERPs for Every Keyword

Your search engine works effectively by allowing the results of a keyword become distinctive.

That goes for the search results you will get which can differ for the same keyword.

Because when a search engine is going to be giving results, it does so on a range of factors.

This includes not just the keyword, but also elements like the location, user’s search history, as well as the kind of social settings which you will be having.

What is interesting when two SERPs  are providing the same results, there might be a few differences that can exist.

The interesting thing to know is search engine results are never constant.

They are constantly changing. So you can assure that the rapidly updated technologies will be leading to you getting the best use of Google.

Which is why the kind of SERPs results you were getting means they will differ from the previous ones.

Providing the Organic Results

Another major thing to consider about SERPs is that you will be seeing the results which are organic.

While you get paid results too but the organic ones are basically what you will be getting that appears swiftly on the search engine’s algorithm.

The main way in which SEO professionals are doing their job is by optimizing this web content and making sure that because of that, the ranking is higher in the organic search results.

Did you know that even the organic results will also differ from one SERP to another?


For one thing, it means you will be making use of links which are coming from the relevant pages.

Now when we are understanding the search results, you will find they fall into three main categories:

  • Informational
  • Navigational
  • Transactional

The first one is pretty basic and it relates to when you are giving information on a topic. There is not really a commercial aspect to it. Whereas navigational relates to how a user will be trying to get the information from a certain website.

This works definitely to ensure you are getting all the major results in.

And finally we have the transactional. This is the kind where you will most likely see the paid results.

The main element to consider here is that the searches will yield proper results. And you have the user intent to be purchasing something.

The Role of Ranking Signals

It is important here to identify and analyze just how the organic results will be providing you a strong base.

One of the few leading elements to consider here is what we call the ranking signals factor.

Organic results which you are attaining will be coming in an index form that is based on the kind of search engine results you get.

Let’s take this in the practical sense.

When you look at the ranking factors, there can be so many.

But which are the precise kinds and the kind of role Google makes is what matters.

It is only Google which actually knows and is able to adapt some significant elements in ensuring that the ranking is done effectively.

SERPS Feature & On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO

Now let’s look into how SERPs links to how On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO works.

In its most basic sense, search engine optimization is actually a very strong element to look into.

It relates to when you are adapting techniques which are going to impact how the whole mechanism works.

We will be looking into and working out the dynamics of both.

For On-Page SEO you are aiming at creating some SEO strategies that will ensure the content is being viewed.

There are plenty of elements that comes into play here.

It will relate to and give some solid results which in turn lead to strong optimization of the pages.

Whereas the Off-Page SEO is basically looks into the kind of tactics you apply that impact the whole website.

It consists of some major factors which include link-building. You will look at the creation of backlinks. How they make your presence strong.

It all comes down to getting a good and solid ranking for the SERPs feature and results.

The Common SERPs Features

As we already discussed that Google is constantly evolving.

This means they will be providing and coming forth with better results as compared to previous ones.

Now, when we look at and understand just how the sources of data works, there are a few key elements to know here and understand:

Featured snippets- it is basically relating to when you see a certain snippet of the results which are coming at the top ranking.

Then there is the knowledge card. This is also going to be coming on the top. And it relates to providing the proper query results.

There are several formats that come in this.

Visuals also play an integral role in this. Which is why the image pack is yet another factor to inform.

Handful of thumbnails are also important to know of. Google images is also a key factor to consider here.

There is also another important SERPs feature to know here. It is called as People Also Ask ( PAA).

This relates to when you are asking questions from Google. And with query, the user will get answers that are pulled from the highest ranking sites in the search engine.

All of these are important features to consider. They will help in adapting key SEO practices.


how SERPs attain SEO goals

When we talk about SERPs feature, there are just so many to define and consider.

It is important to know of how they work.

That will allow you to create a concrete workflow that ensures proper results that are long-standing.

In this article, I have shared all the essentials you need to know.

With it, you will be able to create and ensure that there is some elements which define and provide a solid framework of attaining results.

Follow these simple tactics and you will understand Google and how it works.

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