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SEO Dubai: 7 Trends to follow in 2021

Search Engine Optimization SEO is an effective and efficient way to attract organic traffic to your platforms if you use it right. With fact-changing world dynamics, SEO Dubai trends are changing and evolving dramatically, and keeping up with them can be challenging.
According to a study, about 70-80% of the users are more inclined towards organic research rather than paid listings. What is more interesting is about 28% results in a purchase.
Here are the 7 biggest SEO Dubai trends to follow in 2021.


Why is SEO Important?

Search Engine Optimization, SEO is a practice that many people are using today to increase the quality and quantity of organic websites as well as creating brand awareness through non-paid search engine results.
Moreover, it is about understanding the fact that what people are searching for online, the answer they are seeking, what words they use, and the type of content they wish to read.

This allows you to connect to the users who are searching online for the solutions you are offering through your websites.

Importance of SEO

SEO is made of a number of different elements, each one of them plays an important role in optimizing your website and increase online traffic. Moreover, it also helps to improve your search engine rankings on different search engines.
To put it in a nutshell, SEO is important as it makes your website more visible, and that means generating more traffic and more opportunities to convert prospects into potential customers.
It also helps to create:

  • Brand Awareness and
  • Building relationships with the customers
  • Increasing your Sales
  • Turn prospects into potential customers

Positioning yourself as an authoritative expert in your niche. An SEO expert keeps in view different aspects like link building, keyword research, on-page, and off-page SEO among other factors.

You can consult any SEO agency in Dubai for SEO on your website.

Website ranking.

Importance of SEO

One of the most important functions of SEO is it improves visibility. It means that you are making it easier for people or users to find you when they are searching for something on the internet.

Moreover, the higher you rank on search engines, the more likely you will get traffic on your website.
Another important function of SEO is to generate web traffic.

As you become more visible and rank higher in search engines, the organic traffic increase on your website.

It involves marketing strategies to improve your brand awareness and increase your target audience. Thus, SEO results in profits you aim to achieve.

The more authoritative content you have on your website, the higher you will rank. Therefore, more prospects will come to trust your brand.

Another reason why SEO is important is you put the effort in creating content and optimizing with on-page SEO improves the usability of your site and creates a user-friendly real time experience using different platforms like social media marketing.

Moreover, an SEO company in Dubai will help you to target audience, increase your website ranking, increase pay per click on your site. Many companies today are using these services like a real estate agency, hospitals, etc.

Now let us dig into the 7 biggest SEO trends to follow in 2021

Voice Search

With changing advancements and user-friendly devices, voice search is a Game Changer.
According to Google, 4 out of 10 people in the US perform at least one voice search per day. Isn’t it interesting!
Moreover, the same Google survey found that about 85% of the consumers consider voice search the future. Why?
Because it is simple and a fast way to search for anything and anywhere you want.
Moreover, another study suggests that Voice Search is the future. Moreover, according to this study, half of the searches will be performed by voice in 2021.

Now that we have some stats to consider, here are a few ways you can optimize your site for voice search:

Voice Search

Consider optimizing your content around longer and conversational keywords. This helps because people use totally different words while searching via voice than writing.

Moreover, voice searches tend to be more natural and longer than keyboard searches.
For instance, you might search for SEO Tools while writing on the keyboard while via voice you might be searching for ‘What are the best SEO toots for small scale business?’
Moreover, consider adding FAQs to your content.

Finally, adding snippets of content that specifically answer the search queries can help you a lot.

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Core Web Vitals

In 2020, Google announced three new matrices, Core Web Vitals for measuring the user experience, Interactivity, and Visual Stability.

Core Web Vitals

The matrices are related to one thing only and that is the page speed.
Meaning, how fast your page loads, how soon does it gets interactive and how stable it is while users are loading it.
Moreover, these Core Web Vitals will be among Google ranking factors in 2021 which means that you will have to pay close attention in order to appear first on the page.

Mobile-Friendly Website

According to Google in 2019, mobile-first indexing is an important factor to determine the ranking of your website.
Meaning. The search engines look primarily at the mobile version of your website.
This change makes sense because nearly 73% of internet users will access the internet solely via their mobile devices by 2025.
You can check how effective your mobile site is with Google’s free mobile-friendly test. Moreover, you can take a peeks at the report in Google Search Consoles.

Mobile Friendly Website

In order to make sure your website is mobile-friendly, make sure that Google can crawl your URLs so that you do not have a ‘disallow directive’ in place.
Moreover, make sure you use the same meta robot tags on the website and mobile sites.

Video SEO

With changing SEO Dubai trends, people are now moving to video content especially on YouTube.
YouTube reports that they have more than a billion active users. What is interesting is that people are spending more time on YouTube than ever before.
However, there is a downside to it.
With growing users, the platform is getting more crowded and competitive. Therefore, optimizing your video content is a key Trend in SEO this year.
It is just like normal SEO when it comes to video SEO. Keywords are the key
For this, you can use autocomplete feature of YouTube. You can then use these keywords in your YOuTube Video titles, tags, and descriptions and you can even say your keyword out loud in the video.

Image Optimization

With changing user preferences, people now look at visual images to purchase products, obtain information, and more.
Google has long insisted on making and optimization of visuals, therefore, making it a part of their long-term plan.
In case your visuals are not optimized, make sure to do so now.
You can use high-quality, relevant visuals on your website.
However, make sure to customize the content on the corresponding page. Use alt tags, which crawlers use to classify images.
Finally, add visuals to your site map, where they can be easily crawled to.

Search Intent

By 2021, Google is making Search Intent its top priority. Meaning, They are getting better and better at bringing up more relevant results that match Search Intent.
Search Intent is basically the main goal of the user when typing a query into the search engine.
Common types of Search intent are:

  • Informational
  • Commercial
  • Navigational
  • Transactional

    Search Intent


Moreover, if you want to succeed with SEO and content marketing today, your search intent needs to be a big part of your approach.
Why? Because it is Google’s number 1 goal.
You can figure out the Search Intent by analyzing the keyword.
For instance, a keyword that states ‘What is Intermittent Fasting?’ is informational.

A user searching for it is not intending to buy something, rather they want to learn something. This means that they do not want to land on an e-commerce page. On the other hand, a keyword like ‘book a call’ is transactional and the user is ready to make a move.
However, commercial keywords are somewhat mixed. Sometimes a user is close to making a purchase and other times there are still deciding on different options.
Navigational queries are there to take the user to a specific place on a website. Like “Markfiniti Blog”

In the final step, make sure that your page aligns with that specific Search Intent.

Google’s AI Algorithm

Google introduced a new artificial intelligence algorithm, Rank Brain, a few years ago. and recently it confirmed that it is one of the important ranking factors for any website.
How can you adapt to Google’s Ai Algorithm?

Google AI Alogritham

People think that this factor puts emphasis on ‘User Experience Signals’, which means you need to optimize your title tags for On-page SEO and CTR.
Moreover, Google also wants to see that users are getting what they want from your website, blog posts, or your pages.
So if some click on your website and instantly go back to the search results means that your page is not making users happy.


SEO is getting more and more complex with changing dynamics and is even clear with the above trends.
The days of just optimizing your keywords and meta titles are long gone. With the latest SEO current trends, you need to think about everything, from video optimization, voice control to mobile-friendly websites. Moreover, these matrices are constantly changing and it is crucial to stay on the top of your place in your rankings.
We at Markfinti make sure to stay up-date with the SEO trends.

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