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 15 Easy SEO Copywriting Hacks That Get Results In 2021

If you are looking for SEO copywriting, this is a definite guide for you. SEO copywriting is the way you design your content that it attracts other people and search engine robots.

It basically involves learning to add keywords in your content so naturally that it attracts a larger audience, keeps them engaged and keen to scroll down to read more and doesn’t get any penalty from Google.

For instance, I used small sentences in the start of this article and a tempting cluster word which also includes my keyword “SEO copywriting”.

Still sounds difficult to understand? Let us discuss it in detail.


SEO Copywriting Easy Hacks and Strategy

The SEO copywriting hacks include ways to engage your audience, build you brand and call your audience to action.

The core of SEO copywriting is that you keep the readers hooked to your site, increasing their time on site which reduces bounce rate from your page and send important signals to ranking algorithm of Google.

Following are some easy hacks and tips for SEO copywriting,

Tips for content writing

i. Use Questions to Engage Audience in SEO Copywriting

Do you know what is the most exciting thing in reference to human psychology?

It’s all right if you didn’t know about it before. I also got mad at myself after finding it out and not realising it before. Though, it is so simple and obvious.

It entirely changed my perspective about SEO copywriting.

What is it actually? People are intrigued to find out the answers to the questions they have just been asked. They seek to get knowledge about the missing information.

Do you know why is it so? It is because of the human psychology which tends to get hooked until it finds the answer to the specific question.

Finding an answer to a question

People don’t even realise that it’s happening to them because it is a subconscious process. However, they can feel the need to read more text.

Did you realise that I have been using questions to engage you from the start of this section?

Later in this article we’ll learn how to use this human psychology as a SEO copywriting hack but let us understand the importance of questions first.

Specific Questions

You can use specific questions including,

  • Are you facing difficulty in breathing?
  • Did you know that the global literacy rate is 86.3% and is increasing each day?
  • Do you wish you could earn online more than your onsite job?
General Questions

You can use more general questions like,

  • Have you ever thought about it?
  • Does it sound right?
  • What can be better than this?

Questions like these grab the attention of readers and give them a reason to continue reading.

ii. Building Bridges Between Problem and Solution

It’s an interesting method which works on the bridge model and helps to engage people in your content and continue reading.

It involves providing the reader with a desired picture in their mind, bring them back to reality and provide a bridge between reality and their desired picture.

completing the bride

This hack consists of three simple steps:

  1. Desired outcome. Let the reader imagine where they would like to see themselves.
  2. Current situation. Bring them back to reality and their current situation.
  3. A bridge linking both. Position the content as a solution to get their desired outcome.

The content writers usually focus on only one aspect of this process in introduction but the application of all these steps in combination proves to be more effective.

iii. Using Reader’s Psychology as SEO Copywriting Hack

As discussed earlier, we know two things:

  1. All your readers have same psychological flaw
  2. We can use it as a SEO copywriting hack referred as open loop

Trying to understand the psychology of others

This hack can be very powerful in attracting and keeping people on your page. Moreover, it also drastically increases dwell time and reduces the bounce rate.

This open loop consists of two easy steps,

Step 1: Open the loop by showing a little glimpse of what is coming next

Step 2: Close the loop by actually adding the content later in your article

iv. Ignore Already Learned Writing Strategies

In schools, teachers always told us to write in a way that it starts slow and gradually lead to an amazing ending.

It can be accurate in case of writing for a novel but when you are writing an internet content, things get a lot different.

The percentage of people actually sticking to an article till its end is less than 30%. So, writing the way your english teacher told you would only result in wastage of your best content.

changing previously learned things to improve SEO copywriting

Therefore, it’s really important to lead with your best available content. But isn’t it stupid to give your readers the answer right away?

No, it can actually be very helpful in creating a loop. They can see the results but still don’t know how to do that.

Therefore, they read the article further to find how to do that.

v. What You Need to Do to Engage Skim Readers?

More than 50% of the people read your post just for 15 seconds or even less than that because internet has developed this culture of skim reading.

The scan the article and decide if they want to continue reading it. But what makes them to decide that?

Your heading helps you get a click on your page and your subheading play a significant role for them to stay on your page.

Writing down important words which can help in making subheadings

The subheadings can help in buying a reader on that section of page. So, if it is good enough, chances are that the readers will stick to your page for longer. Thus, it also reduces bounce rate.

They must be tantalising which increase reader’s interest and relevant to increase accuracy of search results.

vi. A List of Clickable Contents

A list of clickable contents like on this page can help in drastically transforming your SEO copywriting.

Google recognises the better user experience on your page and push you up on ranking algorithm.

It adds to the user experience by giving them the option to go to the more relevant section directly.

Clickable contents to improve User experience

Adding table of contents in your article also add clickable links to your search results. Like,

Google results showing clickable links

This has two benefits,

  1. Google boosts you in ranking algorithm and sees this as a better user experience
  2. Users have the choice to click to the most relevant content

We are very close to the best hack on this list, but we need to understand a few more things before that.

vii. Increased Use of Power Words

Power words basically target your very basic emotions.  When your audience reads them they cannot resist but feel something.

illustration of strength of words

These words may include,

  • Happy
  • Sad
  • Curious
  • Beautiful
  • Angry
  • Excited
  • Ugly
  • Greedy

And Click here to see many more power words like these. You can use these words in your title, introduction, subheadings and call to action.

Okay now is the time to discuss the powerful hack you were waiting for all this time.

viii. Optimize Your Content to Improve Attention

Think about how many times a day your reader had to pay their attention to things around. They mostly spend days on problem solving, decision making, work, family, friends or watching their favourite shows.

So, when they come to your page they don’t have enough attention left. Therefore, it requires you to express more using less words.


It involves the use of content which is,

  • Easy
  • Simple
  • Engaging
  • Accurate
  • To the point

Moreover, it also involves the proper distribution of sentences in line. In this post you will not see any paragraphs more than two lines.

It is so because distributing content in lines significantly improves attention for the readers and it is more engaging.

So, remove the lengthy paragraphs in your content and divide the information into shorter and to the point sentences.

ix. APP Technique for SEO Copywriting

This is the technique used by the SEO legend Brian Dean.

The word APP stands for,

Agree: Identify and accept the problem of reader and agree with it

Promise: Offer a promising solution or fix to their issue

Preview: Giving them a hint of what you will be discussing in the article

APP method for SEO copywriting

If you use proper words and target proper emotions then you can make the reader agree with you in seconds.

For this, a content writer should,

  • Reflect empathy
  • Promise them that they’ll find a solution by the end of article
  • Give a brief preview of what they are going to learn

x. Pop a Bucket Brigade

Bucket brigades are important to utilise human psychology. The human psychology cannot help but wait to find our the end of a sentence.

punctuation marks in SEO

It involves the use of colons (:) or ellipses (…) to grab the attention of your audience and increase their engagement.

The question arises that where to put these in your content? Use google analytics to identify the point at which your readers leave your page.

Once, you identify those areas, insert a bucket brigade and see if the bounce rate decreases after that.

xi. Write For a Middle School Reading Level

Most of the people from your audience are not proficient in english language.

Only few countries in the world has english as their first language. While, the other countries either have mixed languages or english as a second language.

So, if you are using very technical and difficult language for article writing, then you are reducing the audience for your article.

Use fewer and simpler words in your content to engage more people.

Easy and simple words in SEO copywriting

After writing an article, tap on the readability section and check the Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level. It should be ideally between 5.0 to 8.0.

xii. Choose Best Title and Headlines

Title or headlines are the tags that people look on google.

Using emotionally charges power words can dramatically increase your audience.

You can go to the end of you article and edit the title in it like,

Edit your title in article

Power words can be used at the start or at the end of the topic but it is totally up to you.

xiii. Hack For Meta Description

Meta descriptions basically comprise of the small text boxes under your search results.


Meta description in SEO

Google has quite clearly stated that they don’t use meta descriptions in raking algorithm. So, they are often not paid attention to but they can be very helpful as SEO copywriting hack.

Meta descriptions can significantly increase your Click Through Rate (CTR) if they are tempting, informative and engaging.

xiv. Use of Appropriate Font

Words and fonts can have different impacts on people.

Fonts in writing

People tend to take comic sans less seriously and take times new roman way too seriously.

Fonts can also affect your scan path. They will either,

  • Maintain and help in the path
  • break the flow while reading and cause them to stop

The best font that engages more people in audience is Serif fonts.

xv. The Use of Active Voice in SEO Copywriting

Using active voice gives more clarity to your content and attracts more people.

Active voice in writing engages more people

Lesser words are used in it and it simpler to understand. It also plays a vital role in attention efficiency.

The simple sentence structure followed in active voice is,

(Subject) – (Verb) – (Object)


  1. SEO improves ranking
  2. Alisha uses computer

Now we are going to look at a few tips for SEO copywriting



Best Tips and Practices For SEO Copywriting

Are you finding ways to engage more audience and improve SEO?

If you are currently having problems in how to benefit more from SEO copywriting and struggling ways to attract large audiences, then you are at the right page.

Following are simple and easy SEO copywriting techniques and tips related to it which may include any business or any industry. Moreover, the use of these techniques in different stores, marketing, agencies and even blogs have resulted in good outcomes.

Tips and ideas for SEO copywriting
  • Target your audience by knowing them
  • Check the audience volume in your region and globally using keyword tools like Semrush
  • Use subheadings and divide content into smaller portions which are easier to read
  • Adding images and videos in your content to grab attention and keep reader’s interest in your article
  • Use a compelling design for your website which is easy to use and is attractive


Now you should know clearly how to drastically upgrading your SEO copywriting.

Now, I would like to know about your favourite SEO copywriting hack.

I’ll be looking forward to your responses in the comments section below.

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