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Search Intent Types: A Complete Guide

So you are looking to rank in Google but for some reason it is not working. This can probably be due to what we call as sidelining some of the most important factors in this. One can be the importance of the ranking factor ‘search intent’ and adapting the search intent types.

Many people don’t know this but it is extremely important . I cannot stress enough how having a strong search intent adds up to making your Google ranking effective.

This is also known as user intent and it means getting solid results from the query you are typing into the search engine.

There are generally a few common kinds of search intent that you should be knowing.

Identifying them and seeing how they work makes all the difference in the world.

So when we talk of creating content that is going to make a distinctive impact, I want to make sure you have a good handle on what is search intent and how it works.

Let’s start:

What is Search Intent?

Search intent as the word says is basically looking at the intentions behind which a search is being done.

So when you are inquiring into something, you put in some keywords and that will be giving you the results you are looking for.

This is essential as that will allow you to make a significant move and ensure that you are making a search with a specific goal in mind.

There are different stages involved in this and it is important to know what all of them are.

The main reason is because through the years Google is actually trying to improve the algorithm. So much so that it is works effectively while trying to determine the search intent for different people.

When Google aims to rank pages effectively, it is looking at and realizing what is people’s search intent.

This will allow your pages and website simultaneously to get an effective ranking in the process.

So now that you know the importance of this, I want to highlight and speak of the four main types of search intent.

Search Intent Types: Knowing the Difference

Before you can even understand how does search intent work, it is important to look at the four main kinds which are making a difference.

These will allow you to see and create content which is suiting to the kind of content your readers are looking for.

Knowing so allows you to have good information laid out which is going to make your blog and content even more interesting for the readers.

So knowing the difference allows you to have a complete overview on the kind of information will be allowing your readers to get what they need.

The major types are :

Informational Intent

As the name suggests, this is basically when you are aiming to take on information. The people who are using this are basically just looking for some kind of information. And this information can be regarding anything.

It can be intel needed for educating children, it is information on SEO, it is about specific dining places- you name it.

So when you see someone making use of informational intent, it is definitely targeting a specific topic that the reader has a mind.

And how does Google align in this whole equation?

One thing you should know is that the way Google is understanding this intent is not as simple as how you would.

Its algorithm allows you to get a more insightful look as to why this is something which is being researched and how can you see results from it.

When it comes to getting a complete overview, Google also knows ways in which certain search terms work better than others. Especially when you are aiming to get some good results.

It is also much more handy if you include certain videos and images. All of this comes together in giving a complete overview.

Now lets move into what is navigational intent.

What is Navigational Intent?

Now lets talk of the second popular search intent types. This is called the navigational intent. The people who make use of this kind of intent are actually looking into getting details on a specific kind of website.

Example if someone is looking at Facebook, they are intentionally aiming to get information on Facebook websites.

And this means that you are aiming to look for your company’s name online and go through search which are giving such kind of results.

When it comes to high ranking, getting one for a navigational term is really important and works well.

You will also see how Google Analytics plays a role in this. It is going to aim for and emphasize a strong ranking effectively.

If a person is looking for Google Analytics, they will essentially be getting that kind of Google Analytics website.

And this is then yielding the specific results you are aiming to get in the process.

Transactional Intent

Now let’s look into the third of the main search intent types.

This is when there are plenty of folks who are buying things online. And they are browsing the web in order to find the best kind of purchase as well.

In this case, a person is making a transactional intent already knows what they want. They are pretty much clear on that information.

It is all about coming online to make that final purchasing decision. The other things have already been sorted.

So you already have all the information you need sorted out in that regard. People who are looking into using this kind of intent are able to get major results from it.

They know already what is it that they wish to buy and how they can get to that specific page right away.

This kind of intent is quite popular and suggests ways in which you can actually get to the results you want right away.

So someone who is typing in IKEA mattress 45Dirham, knows exactly the kind of product they want, where they want to purchase it from and how much will it be costing them overall.

Commercial Investigation

This is basically something that works around a scenario which is to happen sometime in the future.

Some people out there are not going to purchase something right away. In fact they are aiming for buying something in the near future.

It is when they are making use of their web and working on their research to see results.

Whether its an electronic equipment, a new sofa set or getting some plants for the house from a good nursery.

All of these are decisions on things that you will be needing in the future and not right away.

They already have made the intention. But it is possible that they may be needing a little more convincing before they decide on the final decision.

And such kind of search intents are what we consider as commercial investigating intents.

According to the internet, it is one of the most popular kinds where a decision is being considered.

But the final call has not been made as yet.

When understanding Google dynamics, this will be one of the leading elements you have to consider and work around.

Now let me share with you details on what is keyword intent.

Keyword Intent

So this one basically means the kind of words people are putting in their search queries.

Knowing so allows you to have a good insight into what is the user intent.

You can actually make use of it in an effective manner.

That is you can also create and formulate keywords which are intent-specific keywords.

They will emphasize and increase your chances of getting to see similar and organic keywords being put into search intent.

So when we talk of search intent types which are specific, what do we exactly mean?

Identifying the Specific Keywords

Keyword targeting means you are aiming to get specific kind of words which suit to your specific intent.

So when you have a transactional intent, you will be looking at things like:

  • buy
  • deal
  • discount
  • product names
  • great offers
  • choose product
  • purchase

Whereas when it comes to informational searches, you are looking into keywords which probably will be including :

  • information
  • how to
  • getting the best deal on
  • why
  • insights on

So these little things matter, and when you have it all figured out the right way, you will notice how it yields great results with Google also ensuring proper ranking.


Search intent is probably one of the leading ways in which you can get great results. Seeing how it works with Google ranking, knowing the dynamics of search intent types plays an integral role in giving you great results in the process.

In this article I shared some of the leading dynamics to what it means to have an understanding on search intent and how does keyword understanding come into the picture as well.

Knowing this allows you to have a good handle on what kind of keywords will be yielding what kind of results. And how Google uses all this information in ranking pages, blogs and websites.

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