How To Promote Your Blog: Learning the Fundamental Ways

June 12, 2021
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June 12, 2021 Mehr Jan

When it comes to understanding how the whole blogging mechanism works, know one thing- it is essentially comes down to how are people going to see and react to your content.

The initial stage in which you plan and start writing your blog is quite interesting. This is where all the interesting ideas start pouring in.

Once you have spent all your time and efforts into getting the ideation process in full rhythm, the next step is to try to understand the target market. This is extremely important because you need to know what kind of niche will you be targeting.

It is when all your efforts will start to pay off.

But when it comes to handling a successful blog, there are a range of things things you need to keep in focus and adhere to. This includes doing your proper research before taking out any steps.

Even if you have a good plan of action, sometimes the way you control and handle things can lead to the falling of your strategic goals.

This article aims to talk and highlight all you need to know when it comes to understanding and making use of blog promotion in the right manner.

So let’s begin:

Why Does Blog Promotion Even Matter?

emphasis on blog promotion

When it comes to making noise about the work you have done, sometimes all it comes down to is who are you talking to exactly.

Is it possible that you just share the links to your blog once on social media and then consider it as a job well-done and be over with it?

Not really. In this fast paced and highly competitive world, that frame of mind won’t be taking you anywhere.

Unless you are one of those high-end celebrities, it will not work as you wish it to be. But the good news is- there are some solid ideas you can definitely try and hope for results.

Effective Tactics to Promote Your Blog

When it comes to talking about your blog in the essentially right manner, you need to ensure that you have it all set and have used the kind of tone and tactics that will target the niche audience. With that thought in mind, lets now talk about some of the essential methods which allow you to promote your blog effectively:

Looking into Repurposing the Content

When we talk about the act of repurposing your content, it means you are looking into some of your best and most popular top posts. And taking in a birds-eye view on how should you be publishing them properly.

Your single post can be represented in a range of ways, be it like an infographic, a video on YouTube, a podcast or even something you would create like a SlideShare. The point is you will have to essentially look into ways in which you can get a high reach and ensure it is offering what the audience actually wants.

Building Links to Your Site

building links to sites

This pertains to how you will be making use of ins and outs of the content. It essentially means being able to create solid organic links. And that you can do when you have a solid understanding of how link-building happens.

When you are building links to your website, you are basically making use of the dynamics that ensure your long-term SEO strategy for your blog is in good state.

You need to emphasize how backlinks will help. This is the integral key to link-building. Understanding why you need these positive approvals to make your content stand out. When you have strong sites ‘backing’ your content, it becomes a magnet which attracts the target audience unlike anything else.

Use of UTM for Marketing Campaigns

When it comes to understanding and making use of marketing campaigns, you should also look into and understand the technical side of it. This means making use of UTM links.

So what are UTM links anyway? These basically pertain to and relate to adding codes to your blog posts ends. When you do that you are essentially monitoring the Google Analytics campaigns.

When you add and make use of UTM links, it actually gives you a better understanding of what is driving the traffic here. It allows you to get the detailed result on what will drive the traffic to your page.

The Role of Social Media

This is essentially the holy grail to getting your blog in the limelight. You will need to keep your social media stance strong. This means making the best use of promotional strategies and getting to talk about how your blog will value against its social media channels.

But for that to happen, you need to invest the time and energy to cultivate and create a strong social media presence. This can only be done when you have made swipe-up links to your daily content.

You should also aim to create a strong social media content calendar. This will be consisting of a range of engaging posts. Also you have to look into getting a 3-4 month of traffic drive to any new content or blog that you make.

Sometimes not doing much and overemphasizing your blog post helps. This means you are not linking and mentioning your blog post on your social media. When you have a strong following on social media, they will get curious and try to link up to your blog post naturally.

Using the Quora

make use of quora

This is one of the most popular platforms which allow you to engage with people and get them to talk and discuss your blog. This podium is especially effective when we talk about new bloggers who need to set their base and build a solid structure.

How you will start off is you will first create a Quora account. When you have done that, you will then have to ensure that you will be answering various questions which relate to your niche. It is essential at this stage that you are on your toes. You have to see and understand how the Quora works.

One major pitfall is when people are blindly copy pasting their URL into the Quora answers. This is not right. Neither helpful.

What you should be doing is understanding how to make use of Quora in a better way. And this can be done when you are actually answering the questions properly. Look into ways in which you will be giving information in a genuine manner.

Heard of Subreddits

This is yet another platform that you can make use of. You must have heard of the popular conversational giant ‘Reddit‘? Well subreddits is basically a platform which allows you to make use of and share your knowledge with an audience which is eager to learn and have more information on a topic.

This is actually a ready audience that is active. You have many opportunities to share full knowledge here about your blog. In subreddits you are basically adding to the existing topics and conversations. It yields great results and feedback.

It works in the same manner as Quora but some people consider it to be more effective due to the kind of feedback and focused conversations it can curtail.

Getting the Most Out of Flipboard

This is one of the most interesting social network sites. As the name suggests, it allows you to take control of a flipboard.

This is a platform through which important and happening news is collected and posted on its cloud for its members and readers to go through.

How its useful for bloggers is that it aims to generate and drive the traffic to your blogs. You can do so by posting and talking about your content specifically. But when flip your blog posts, it is essential that you share content which is intriguing and relevant to the audience.

Using the Influencer Touch

When it comes to establishing a strong outreach campaign, it helps to make use of the trends which are popular and in demand.

One such platform is making use of  influencers marketing to talk about your blog. But this a bit tricky- you cannot just walk up to an influencer and demand they read and respond to your blog by posting it around. You actually need to build a sturdy relationship.

This means you will have to also think of mutually productive ways in which both of you gain from this interaction and collaboration.

The Impact of Guest Posts on Blogs

adapting guest blogging

Lastly I want to mention and talk about one of the best and oldest marketing techniques. To promote your blog, sometimes it helps if you make use of your voice on another popular blog. How this will work is that you can pitch ideas to them. How you will add value to their blog by posting something interesting. This will allow them to have unique and interesting pieces of content on their page while allowing you to have really good solid backlinks.

Remember when it comes to creating a solid and effective blog works in phases. What you create matters a lot, but it also equally matters how is it reaching to the audience and what are you doing in trying to promote it properly.

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