9 Popular Chrome Extensions for Content Writers

September 15, 2021
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September 15, 2021 Azka Munir

Chrome Extensions for Content Writers

A content writer can benefit from a little help from various chrome extensions. These essentially improve functionality and aid in your work.

Hence, when you are writing content, you can actively use the extensions to guide you in serving their main purpose. Google Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers.

Google Apps along with the Google Chrome extension makes it even easier to use. This article discusses how you can use these extensions to produce the best content.

Grammarly for Grammar and Spell Check

The first extension is Grammarly.

Honestly, this list would have been incomplete without mentioning it.

It not only corrects your spelling but also takes care of grammar and gives suggestions about better words and phrases.

This is content writers’ staple.

In fact, I am using it right now too.

While writing creative words, using idioms and fancy phrases is a writer’s job, you can make mistakes while doing so.

Hence, this digital writing tool helps to point them out in real-time.

Using natural language processing and artificial intelligence it works on Google Docs, WordPress, Linked In, Gmail, Twitter and anywhere you are writing on the web.

Furthermore, correcting your work while you are writing helps to pace up your work and makes it easier to do as well as nearly perfect!

While the basic version can do a good job pointing out spelling, grammar and sentence structure mistakes, the premium version is even better.

It gives advanced vocabulary suggestions, checks plagiarism, punctuation check, as well as checks the sentence style.

If you do not have the extension then you can also copy-paste your content into the Grammarly software.

However, with the extension, you will have perfect grammar and spelling in everything you write.

It will clarify your sentences and also improve your writing fluency over time.

By using the Grammarly extension you will no longer receive complaints about grammar from your clients or commenters.

Magical- Text Expander for Saving Time

As a writer, you probably have several assignments and are constantly running out of time.

Time efficiency is all you need.

Utilizing your time for efficient use is crucial.

That can come with short cuts keys.

For instance, if you know you usually write, “Thanks for your reply, I will get back to you soon”, you can use Magical (previously Auto Text Expander) to make a shortcut for this whole sentence.

Save the whole text by using a single shortcut command.

For instance, if you save this sentence by Thanks, the extension will expand it on its own.

Furthermore, these shortcuts are customizable and sync across all the Chrome browsers you use.

What’s more, is that you can backup the shortcut keys.

When you have several clients and loads of work, anything that saves time can greatly increase your productivity.

Lose your stress and reduce time spent on sending emails and replies using this extension.

stayfocusd chrome extensions

StayFocusd to Limit Distraction

When you are working using the internet, it is tempting to sneak to check Youtube for a minute.

Though, that one minute quickly changes to 10 and so on.

Now unknowingly you may have spent an hour surfing makeup videos.

However, content writing and copywriting require focus.

Logging out of distracting websites and social media sites will not help.

What you need to do, is to block them.

This is the only way to retain attention while you are writing and limiting all distractions.

Stay focused is the ultimate extension to help you with that.

It can block the websites and particular links that are distracting.

These include:

  • full website
  • subdomains
  • pages
  • content within pages such as images or games, types of video content on a page
  • website paths

The key here is that you will set a time where you can access all these links.

However, once that time limit is up, StayFocusd will block those sites and pages.

Hence, you will no longer be able to access them, limiting distraction and focusing on work.

This extension stays true to its name, giving you an opportunity to Stay Focused on your work.

After all, in order to produce quality work, you need to pay full attention to it.

It will not only limit distraction but also increase your speed and productivity.

Google Similar Pages and Evernote Web Clipper for Research

Besides writing the most important aspect of a content writer’s job is research.

You may have to surf through lots of content and research papers to find what you want to include in your content.

That is extremely time-consuming.

Sometimes researching may take you even longer than writing.

Hence, if you want to be efficient in your research process, make use of the following extensions.

Google Similar Pages

With the help of Similar Pages, you can find similar content while you are already researching one.

You do not have to separately search different content for similar topics.

Rather you only click the extension when you want to see similar results.

It will show you other pages that cover a similar topic right when are researching.

Therefore, it cuts down the time you will spend on separately searching content and works simply to show you the pages you want to research in one place.


Evernote Web Clipper

When you are researching several articles, books and research papers, it is hard to keep a tab of all of them.

Chances are you may like an excerpt but forget where you found it among the sea of tabs.

Thus, you will lose a good piece of content that could elevate your writeup.

This is where Evernote Web Clipper comes in handy.

Using this, you can capture text, images, emails, articles and even web pages.

Once captured they are saved in Evernote for all time.

Hence, you will no longer have to worry about losing your content.

You can highlight text and other information, save entire web pages and even sync this information across different devices.

It is your go-to tool to keep a record of all the information you like.

You can take inspiration from these to create your own content.

One Tab to Streamline Your Research

Do you have several tabs open while you are reading this article?

If you want to write the best article, you will have to surf across several resources to find what you want.

However, when you have too many tabs open, you can lose focus.

In fact, you also slow down your computer while opening several tabs as it uses the free RAM.

Though One Tab will give you an easy way out.

It will combine all the tabs into one where you can access the URLs of all the web pages.

Furthermore, it saves the tabs so you can access them later.

It largely affects memory usage and can save up to 95 percent of memory.

Furthermore, if you transfer the tabs to One Tab you can reduce the CPU load.

You can also share the whole list of URLs with colleagues if you are working together.

Hence, it will increase your work speed plus, your computer will no longer lag.

Thus, if you noticed that your computer was slowing down while researching, you probably need One Tab to streamline and access everything.


Feedly to Receive New Updates

Do you stay updated with your niche?

As a writer, you probably do.

However, the Feedly extension can make accessing news, new updates, and trends even easier.

In this fast-paced world, there is a lot of news to catch up to.

Ever-changing trends keep a writer on their toes.

Plus, if you write for one niche you may not want to know about several other irrelevant trends and topics.

Feedly makes this easy by providing you with updates on your specific niche.

Hence, whenever you begin writing you do not have to worry about finding a blog post topic.

All you need to do is open your extension and look into the updates and trends.

Furthermore, you can filter it to receive the information you want.

You will not only receive information but also adds and that too in an orderly manner.

Hence, it makes researching efficient without being overwhelming.

Also, if your workflow is smooth, working is an enjoyable experience.

Converting Speech to Text and Vice Versa Using Chrome Extensions

Constantly typing on the keyboard will soon tire you and your hands.

That’s where you can make use of speech-to-text extensions.

Rather than typing, dictate what you want to write.

It is about three times faster hence, can pace up your workflow.

The Speechnote extension uses Google’s Speech to Text engines as well as proprietary algorithms.

Hence, if you want to quickly finish your work but your hands hurt, then you can rather speak it out for Speechnote to write it for you.

Furthermore, you can also convert text to speech by using the extension SpeakIt.

You may wonder why you will need this?

Simply review your work.

If you want to review your article it is best to read it out loud or let anyone else read it for you.

This way, you can find out the grammatical inconsistencies and problematic sentence structure more clearly.

Learn more about using Google Translate to Generate New Content Ideas here. 


Why Should You Use These Chrome Extensions?

In this digital world, there are several apps (IOS and Android) as well as extensions that can facilitate your workflow.

Using these Chrome Extensions you can make your work simpler and easier.

Though, it is up to you if you want to see each aspect of your work manually.

using chrome extensions

If you type fastly, you may make typos.

Though, Grammarly will correct that for you as you keep typing.

SpeakIt will help you notice the typo and incorrect sentence structure while you review your final work.

Moreover, Feedly will give you new content ideas when you are running out of topics without having to extensively search for them.

Evernote helps you save any useful information while researching without having to come back to it.

While One Tab saves your free memory and prevents one more problem due to your computer lagging and getting stuck between work.

Stayfocusd will help maintain your attention in work while Google similar pages will make research easy.

Other popular extensions include Mercury Reader, Print-friendly & PDF, Great Suspender, Password Managers and HTTPS everywhere.

You can get them in the chrome web store or chrome app.

Otherwise, you can search them in your address bar and once installed find them on your tab page.

Hence, these Chrome extensions work to not only make your work easy but also fast enhancing the browsing experience.

You can wrap up your work in time without having to extensively research on your own, review your article yourself and look for errors in it.

Hence, you can increase your workflow and become more productive.

Summing Up

By using these Google Chrome extensions you can deliver the best work.

Your clients will be happy to see a refined product in less time.

Thus, if you are a content writer looking to manage your time better and produce better quality work, these extensions can come in handy.

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