Pillar Pages: A Guide

February 20, 2023
February 20, 2023 Mehr Jan

If you are well tuned to SEO writing, there is a term you definitely may have heard of . It is known as pillar pages.

A pillar page basically consists of content which is comprehensive.

That is it relates to a broad topic which has been discussed in complete detail.

You will see that it basically covers a whole hub of information on a certain topic.

It is important to know just how the content is made use of.

The related content allows you to see how a website works.

Pillar pages have been in use for a long time.

They relate to strong understanding on the website’s layout.

In many cases, because there are so many words of content, these are organized in labelled sections and chapters.

There are also certain multimedia factors which are added to it.

This will include not just images, but also videos and other infographics.

In this article I will be sharing all of the same for you to have a complete understanding on how pillar pages work.

So let’s begin:

Pillar Pages in SEO

importance of pillar pages in SEO

Now let’s see as to how pillar pages will be playing an important part in SEO.

This it does so by improving the search engine ranking.

I will now highlight some of the ways in which pillage pages will be contributing towards your SEO standing.

The first thing to know is that it leads to an improvement in the website’s structure.

This is because it will be acting as the central hub.

And allows for you to create and form a proper understanding on the hierarchical structure for the website.

Hence search engines will be able to crawl and index the content in a proper manner.

Another way in which it shows results is that pillar pages will be focusing on target keywords.

Because it is focusing on a certain topic  and providing information all relating to certain aspects.

Not just the page title, but you will see how these kinds of keywords will allow you to focus on and create a proper association.

There will be a definite increase in engagement as well as well-designed pillar pages which can lead to an engaging setting.

It will also lead to visitors being able to visit the site. These kind of pages will also be reducing the bounce rate time.

And that means the content of the website will be extremely important to manage.

When we talk of pillar pages, you should be knowing just effective this tool can be. It will allow you to improve the search engine rankings. And will also give a boost to the organic traffic of that site.

How It Improves SEO?

Now let’s look into and define just how pillar pages will help in building your trust with searchers.

You will see it leads to giving a boost to your visibility online.

Not only does it improve the site structure, but also focused on the boost to technical SEO.

Crawling your site will become very easy to manage.

And also allows Google to find and rank the pages in an effective manner.

For an ideal structure, you need to ensure that ranking pages will come quite easy.

This is the kind of architecture that allows you to manage the homepage in leading ways.

Pillar pages will also be supporting this model and allowing you to have a really good user experience.

It basically means how your website will be constructed in a way so that the navigation command is well taken care of.

When you see how there are a whole set of related pages. You will need to figure out how these will actually be grouped under the same page.

Doing so allows you to handle the searches in some leading ways.

This is how the improved experience on your site leads to you getting a site which is in full control.

Google’s algorithm needs to be highlighted in this way.

Allowing you to rank higher in several manners. That is why you will essentially be able to create a definite platform which stands out.

Eyeing the Competitive Keywords

Another manner in which you see just how pillar pages work effectively is when these will be targeting not just the common, broad keywords.

But it is also focusing on competitive SERP.

This means you will essentially be ranking for keywords which stand out in such ways.

The content needs to be properly organized.

And it should be created in ways that it allows you to rank with other pages effectively.

When it does so, there is an effective manner in which you will see just how it accumulates traffic and also gives a boost to backlinks.

This is what we can consider as link juice. It is important to know just how it will provide you with concrete results.

You will also see how this aims at building your reputation in several ways.

Make sure you hold onto and bring on the search in definite ways.

Steps to Creating Pillar Pages

designing pillar pages

Now I will share just how pillar pages even work when leading to the improvement of SEO.

One thing to do is deciding the topic you will be ranking for.

That allows you to have a proper target audience in focus.

When you have several topics in focus, it is important to know how clusters can play a role in this.

And when you have decided on the keyword for your pillar page, next comes the step to make use of a keyword research tool.

This will allow you to see just what keywords are really popular and competitive.

Next comes the step where you will be creating your own content.

Make sure you will adapt some leading strategies which allow you to make use of on-page SEO tactics that are long lasting.

This is what will allow you to make use of some leading SEO elements.

It consists of images alt tags, as well as meta description.

These also work wonders when you know how to make use of them in the long run.

You also need to look at how internal linking is done.

This is done so for it allows you to highlight topics in hand and being able to create some solid ranking with other quality sites.

They work in wonders and make your process stand out in several ways.


Pillar pages are really popular. They have been around for a long time allowing you to create content which is defining quality and high standards.

When you are able to create a proper setting for the same, it will make your whole setting stand out.

Make sure you know just how pillar pages are made.

Knowing this will allow you to manage your content in some leading ways.

It is important that all of these essential tools are well-looked after.

In this article I have shared all the leading elements you need to know when considering how you will create and bring on a major impact for your SEO management.

There are so many ways in which pillar pages will be impacting your SEP goals.

Knowing these will allow you to handle and bring on some essential ways to see solid results.

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