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January 4, 2023
January 4, 2023 Mehr Jan

If you look at the dynamics of how Google works, it’s actually quite interesting. How? For one reason, it consists of a range of elements for you to consider and follow. Among them ‘People also ask’ is a very interesting feature.

It is safe to consider that Google is a continuously evolving concept. There are so many updates to how its algorithms even work.

Major new features, tools and segments keep on getting added to it. While the old ones keep getting a productive boost.

Now when we look at people also ask, this is yet another helpful add-on which actually comes in 85% of the searches.

What happens here is that you will see how Google actually looks at the kind of questions which will help the searchers be able to get some more details.

You can say it actually emphasizes how the potential buyers may be getting more information as needed.

This is a key optimization tool.

Let’s learn about it even more:

Why Use People Also Ask?

understanding how SERPs works

The first thing to know is People Also Ask (PAA) is actually a Google SERP feature.

We already know how SERPs feature works.

This is where users will be getting some additional information which they will utilize. It really helps with their initial search.

You get some additional information which allows for the users to make a comprehensive overview and understanding.

The answers can serve in some leading ways.

Allowing you to get all the information as needed.

The kind of information you are getting is actually clickable web pages.

But the answers come in different forms.

That means you will either be getting them as paragraphs, or lists. Even as tables or images that give visuals and better understanding of all.

Now let’s know more about how PAA works.

How People Also Ask Box Looks Like?

You probably don’t know it but let’s see how does the PAA box even look like.

It is actually a feature box that consists of 2 to 5 questions.

They consist of a format where you can click and get information.

These are all clickable results.

What happens here is when you click on a question, a drop-down list opens and you will be getting the chance to see the results in detail.

Many wouldn’t even know it but this works exceptionally well.

There are so many endless options and answers you can look into.

The PAA box is actually going to give you the results which are most relevant.

Remember Google creates these features and updates to make your life easier.

Which is why it helps when you will be searching for something and are able to attain such results that give users a complete experience.

How PAA Provides SEO Optimization?

Looking at how SEO works, the PAA is going to allow the optimization of SEO become more extensive.


The PAA is responsible for providing major brand SERP optimization.

You will see that it actually shines the light on how you can provide and engage with users in the best possible way.

It all comes down to taking on choices that will generate results.

And the interesting thing is when you click on one of the answers, it will be leading to more inquires.

Which leads to even more results.

So it works like a continuous chain till you are able to see what is it your targeted customers are actually looking for.

In simple words, this process allows you as an e-commerce business to create a shopping experience which your target audience will love.

It isn’t just about browsing anymore.

You will be able to bring forth results that lead to revenue generation.

Getting a Ranking in PAA box?

So the question arises as to how will you be able to attain a high ranking in PAA.

It actually works in similar ways as any featured snippet.

The main thing to know here is that you should be giving short answers.

This usually comes about 2-3 sentences long. Not many have the time and stamina to actually go through long, detailed answers.

Google makes use of these small answers to allow you to get a quick overview and understanding of what needs to be targeted and how.

Another tip to know here is that if you make use of lists, it is better than to make use tables.

This is because Google will not be able to display the tables in the right context.

Numbered or unnumbered lists work better in this regard.

You should also make use of questions often.

This includes putting them up in subheaders. They allow the users to be able to understand exactly what is included in your topic.

When you do so, it makes an impression on Google. Because then it shows that you are really answering questions directly.

For getting a good ranking on PAA, it makes sense to adapt a question as opposed to a subheader.

Does Target Keywords Help?

It is important to identify as to how keywords play an essential role in this.

The kind of keyword setting you are targeting, does it play a role in People Also Ask optimization?

For you to understand and know of this, you need to understand the rank tracking tool. And how it essentially gives results.

One thing to know and emphasize here is if you will be making use of the PAA feature, it essentially means that when you are able to see the kind of traffic it will generate.

SEO optimization largely depends on keywords and ranking. This is how you will see some leading results which will be making a difference.

Images and Optimization

the impact of images

Another major factor to consider here is how image optimization also fits into the whole equation.

As we know how visuals make such a strong impression.

These are also included in PAA.

That puts on a major influence when it comes to getting the users attention.

So how to make use of images in PAA, you will be making use of descriptive alt texts.

Also it is highly effective if you make use of informative file names.

Make sure to use some captions as well. When you make use of certain text, it leads to a better understanding of what the image is actually depicting.

It also helps when you make use of surrounding text. That is also going to lead to some major reach.

All of this leads to a high ranking that works effectively for you in the long-run.


Google has plenty of features and tools which allow you to get to a good reach.

Among them people also ask is a leading one.

It is a SERP feature which is going to be yielding some really good ranking options for you.

In this article , I have shared some leading information which you should be knowing when it comes to making use of this feature.

It is important to know just how it will be allowing you to see how the results are long and strong.

When you have a good hold and understanding on how people also ask works, you can see the way it leads to get a good ranking.

Not just that, it will also be allowing businesses and websites know how users will be reached out.

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