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Online Marketing For Beginners

Online marketing is the selling and promotion of goods and services.

It is a means to spread the word about your brand on the internet realm.

It uses marketing strategies to reach your target audience so that it results in sales. This article discusses these strategies and the ways you can use them to leverage sales.


What is Online Marketing?

With an ever increase in digital mediums, there is an opportunity to market and advertise the brand, products and services to a wider audience.

The methods used to convey the message are SEO, advertising, social media and email.

Let’s find out more about them below!

what is online marketing

Search Engine Optimization and Marketing

SEO either On-page, Off-page, Technical or Local can increase the visibility of your brand.

It is a means to market your brand and its products as well as services by ranking it higher on Google SERPs.

SEO optimization uses organic means to rank your website higher whenever the audience searches for relevant keywords.

As your website appears on the first page, it increases your reach, traffic and visibility.

Plus organic ways to drive traffic to your website are free even if it is slightly time-consuming.

You will have to master how to optimize your pages using the right keywords, meta descriptions, internal-external linking, alt image tags, and headings.

Moreover, the off-page SEO tactics include gaining authority backlinks.

Once you have a grasp over these concepts and user experience your page will start ranking on the search engine results page.

You just need to ensure that you write quality content plus descriptions describing your products and services.

This is a free way to get your website to rank and bring organic traffic.

Though, you can also get paid search traffic through pay-per-click advertising.

Advertising your website by launching a paid Google ad will put your website right at the beginning of the results page.

That is why there is a greater possibility of someone clicking it and reaching your products.

This is Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

Besides paid search advertising there is online advertising on social media platforms and other websites in the form of banner ads or interstitial ads.

Now social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram also allow you to put an advertisement on your target audience’s homepage and promote through social media influencers.

Advertisements are the means of online marketing to increase the reach of your website to people that are your target audience.

This brings us to…

digital mediums

Social Media Marketing and Email

While social media platforms allow for advertising, it is best to make an overall content marketing strategy to promote your business.

It can include creating content around your products and services.

Then promote that content like ads or directly link the products from your website onto your audience’s homepage as seen in Facebook advertising.

However, you should make full use of the medium to interact with your audience rather than just send them one-way ads.

Create content, engage, make giveaways, be responsive to their queries and your marketing strategy should be useful to your brand.

While creating content and for different social media platforms, it is important to remember that it should fit the context.

Instagram’s content needs to be visual, Twitter’s should be short and TikTok’s should be engaging.

The wrong context will not work for the right audience.

Besides social media marketing, there is email marketing that can tap into a different audience.

The Return on Investment from email marketing is high.

Moreover, through email, you can reach each audience member individually customizing the newsletter to their need.

Give company news, updates on new products, sale offerings and more directly to your potential customers through email.

When you attach a link then they are more likely to click directly there even if they miss out on other news.

All you need to do is to make a subscriber’s list of customers who are likely to read your emails.

Once, they start receiving the mail, it will go directly to their inbox.

Not only that but email is also a good way to get new customers.

In fact, it is 40 times more likely to get you new customers rather than social media platforms.

This is also due to the fact that since emails are personalized, your audience can relate to them more.

Hence, you can get a loyal base of customers without having to pay for advertising.


Content Marketing and Blogging

Blogging is another way to interact with your customers.

Not only can you optimize your shop pages and landing page, but also your blog.

This will also help to reach out to your customers and converse with them or reply to them back more conveniently maintaining your relationship.

Optimize your blog with your target keywords.

Write the keyword in the H1 and H2 headings.

Add the keyword in the alt text and meta description.

Keep your text up to 1500 words or more so that it is quality content.

All this will increase the ranking of your website and more people will be able to interact with it.

Therefore, you need to keep your blog updated.

Even if people do not write comments, they will still be able to see your website on the first page which can lead them to your products and services.

Besides that, you can share the content across platforms to attract other customers.

Share it on your socials and send it to your email subscribers.

This helps to build brand awareness and it can also be means of providing beneficial information to your audience.

If you provide value then your audience finds your business and content trustworthy.

Hence, they may even end up purchasing your products.

Besides, there are other means of online marketing such as:

All these strategies are aimed at increasing your brand awareness and reach.

Due to this promotion people are more likely to notice your business and buy from it.

There are other advantages of this too. Let’s find out below!


Online Marketing Benefits

Increased reach and sales are a benefit of using online promotion for your business.

Gone are the days of newspaper and tv ads, now online medium is more widespread than the too.

This allows you to look at the impact of these channels.

measuring benefits

You use different channels and mediums to promote your business online.

Hence, you can measure which platform works best for your brand.

For instance, if you are a business consultancy company then LinkedIn may perform better than other mediums.

Then you can use that one medium more than the others.

Moreover, it also shows how people on these mediums interact with your content, website and landing page.

If they eventually become buyers then you can track the medium they came from and how you can use that medium to your benefit.

It can help you to determine which medium will bring you more valuable customers.

Hence, you can increase your promotion and marketing tactics on that platform.

You can also find out which of these mediums is the most cost-effective depending on the conversion rate.

checking analytics

Furthermore, the analytics and insights can identify which platform is better for delivering value to customers so that it leads to repeat sales.

Also, you can determine which customers show strong engagement and potential for upsells.

This usually goes for mobile apps as high engagement can result in more sales.

It goes without saying that if you promote your business well it can generate more sales.

As long as you target the right audience and use online marketing strategies you can achieve your goal.

But first, you need to get started!



Starting Online Marketing

Making realistic and measurable goals is the first step of starting any business.

Is it sales, followers, subscribers?

The next step is to make your strategy and online presence.

starting online marketing

Is it a Facebook shop, an Instagram page, an E-commerce website for your business?

If your goal can be to start a business and sell 100 items in the first month then you will need any of these platforms to facilitate that goal.

Or if you want to start a blog then set up a WordPress blog and start sharing your pieces on social media.

Social proof from your audience (readers and customers) also helps in developing trust in a new brand or business.

When you start optimizing and sharing your content then soon you will start ranking.

Also putting a lead capture form on the landing page can help in bringing traffic to a new site.

These small steps will launch your business and if you carry out online marketing wisely then soon you will get valuable customers.


Online marketing can also be called digital marketing, internet marketing or web marketing.

It is the means of promoting your brand on social media channels, email, blogs and other mediums to increase traffic, reach and sales.

Therefore, it is essential for every business today if they want to have valuable customers and gain a steady profit.

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