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Online Games: Why Are They Popular

Online gaming is the latest trend. They allow you to enjoy your favorite game from anywhere, at any time. All you need is Internet access, and you can enjoy the experience of playing online games in the comfort of your own home.

Apart from all the downsides of online games, you would be surprised to know that online games can be a way to help supplement your child’s learning. These games can even teach them key life skills. Explore the ways these games can benefit your child’s development.


Online Games an Introduction

As you know, it is part of human nature to try to relax and enjoy oneself when one has the time. Indeed, many experts believe that playing games is the perfect way to unwind. These games are hugely beneficial in combating stress, promoting good health, and keeping your brain active and fit.

Some of them are free and some you need to spend a certain amount on.

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However, several facts explain the growing popularity of free online games. Most of these online games are free of charge, and you do not have to spend money to buy them. Neither do you have to keep playing the same one again and again. You have the freedom to pick and choose from thousands of free games available on the Internet.

They are free of charge, so you don’t have to worry about spending too much. Also, the games are easy to understand, so even beginners at gaming can manage to play them.

Although online gaming is a form of entertainment, as parents, you can support and guide your children to help them develop their creativity, nurture relationships with friends and even improve strategic thinking.

It can also help your children build perseverance to attain goals and build resilience. In addition, it can help them improve their communications skills so that they know how to respect other people’s opinions and views.

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Game Design Software Tools

In today’s world, you do not have to work from scratch to build your own game. If you have the passion, skill, and knowledge for game design, you can build and release your own game. You only need to select which game design software you want to use to bring your ideas to real life.

These popular game design software tools are easy to use and develop games:

1 GameMaker Studio 2
One of the best game design software options available, especially for beginners. GameMaker comes with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop interface for game logic and variables. You can build the entire game without knowing any code though it uses C programming language at the backend.

2 Unity
Unity is perhaps one of the industry’s most powerful and widely used game design software tools. You can easily create 2D and 3D games for nearly any system using Unity.

3 Unreal Engine 4
Featuring cutting-edge, advanced features, Unreal Engine 4 is perhaps the most professional software for gaming. It allows users to rapidly develop complex game logic without ever interacting with a single piece of code. Unreal also makes it easy to export to popular platforms across computers, devices, gaming consoles, and VR systems.


Social Media and Online Games

Online gaming and social media were two distinct entities. There was less overlap between the two, the primary reason being they have separate audiences.

Years passed, and online gaming has undergone numerous changes. The gaming industry no longer serves a niche market for a single age group, demographic, or customer segment. Gaming is now a viable way of community building and networking.

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Thanks to the Internet of Things which has fast-tracked the exchange of information by allowing players to market their gaming exploits on social media efficiently.

Importance of Social Media In Online Games

Today, the young generation is well connected to the gaming world, and they thoroughly enjoy sharing their experiences on social media.

In some way or the other, the majority of gamers are connected on social media. Every gamer is either on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or Snapchat.

Gaming companies know that social media platforms are beneficial for sharing information among gamers. Info about launches of new games, new deals, rewards, and fascinating facts; keep the gamers updated and also help attract new players.

Online games are now more socially accessible than ever. The rise of multiplayer games in gaming and social media allows gamers to chat with people they may not even know.

Hence, gaming companies expand their social media presence and raise their advertising budget to increase their audience.

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Online Games Design and Development

Game developers and designers develop online games. They are some of the tech industry’s best problem solvers, having a skill-set that helps them in fields outside of gaming such as AI, simulation, data visualization, neural networking, and education.

They are experts in game design, digital media, and animations.

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Are you the next player in a fast-growing industry? Become the architect of your digital world. You would surely agree that online games have the power to connect, excite, and educate like nothing else. As technology advances, games are becoming more detailed and immersive. These games are slowly becoming popular among all age groups.

Game designers have extensive knowledge of broad skills and are well versed in the development of different languages. They are familiar with the game development process, from pre-production and planning to program and finally, the debugging stage. They also know programming, 3D modeling, animation, UI design, and software development.

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Game Development Process

The game design process and game development process involves three main phases.

1 Pre-Production

The concept of the game is established during pre-production. This is also at this stage that you will outline the development and design requirements. And you will plan how this game will be made and what resources it might require.

Some prototypes are specifically created during pre-production. Good project management is required for a successful pre-production phase.

2 Production

The major part of game development and design happens during the production phase. This is usually the most extended phase in the complete game development process.

Designers, developers, artists, and project managers work together to build the game, hitting the various milestones along the way. Finally, a successful production phase requires good collaboration across teams.

3 Post-Production

The maintenance phase of game production starts with post-production. This is where bug fixes and additional features are added to the online games.

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Benefits of Playing Online Games

Games can keep both children and adults engaged by enhancing memory, brain speed, concentration, and multitasking skills that would help a person in the long run.

Gaming is a sociable and fun way to spend time, encourage teamwork and develop skills. With a large number of online games available, choose games that will keep you engaged and support you in developing key skills.

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Outlined below are reasons why online gaming has become increasingly popular in recent years.

1 Learning and development benefits

A great source to develop early learning skills for younger children – Certain games can help younger children improve early reading skills with the support of teachers and parents. Games like Times Table Rock Star and Endless Alphabets are great tools to help children learn more engagingly.

Enhances memory, brain’s speed, and concentration – These games require problem-solving skills and the right strategy to win. Regularly playing these games can help your child improve short and long-term memory and help their brain process information faster. They also teach them to build their tenacity to achieve a goal.

2 Physical and social benefits

Improves multitasking skills – Several games require players to find items while fighting off other opponents. These require a high level of attention to detail and quick reactions. Studies have proved that playing these types of games can help children develop their multitasking skills.

Promotes teamwork and builds confidence – Multiplayer games allow children and adults to take on a number of roles. You can learn how to manage a team if they are the leader or negotiate ways to win if you are part of a team. The shared experience can be a great way to collaborate and learn from one another.

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Reasons for Popularity of Online Games

Online gaming has recently gained huge popularity as we live in the digital era when everything happens online. We use games to entertain, relax, or even earn decent money for one’s livelihood. Many YouTubers and bloggers became famous just because they shared their gaming tricks and tips with the audience.

Not that only are these games a source of fun, but they do have other benefits as well. You will get a chance to improve your cognitive and physical abilities while enjoying your favorite game with friends and family.

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Listed below are the reasons why online gaming became extremely popular:

1 Convenience

Online gaming will allow you to enjoy your favorite game from any location, at any time. Just with Internet access, you can enjoy the experience of gaming in the comfort of your own home.

You do not have to spend money to buy games. Instead, you have the freedom to pick from thousands of free games available on the Internet. Moreover, games are easy to understand, so even beginners can manage to play them.

2 Real-time playing

Online games have become highly popular in this digital era. Primarily because they can help you connect with other gamers easily. You do not have to meet people physically if you want to play together.

In addition, online games allow you to play real-time with your friends, no matter where they are situated. All you need is an Internet connection. It is a good place to meet other passionate gamers like you.

3 Enhanced experience

Decades ago, the gaming experience was not the same as it is today. The sounds and graphics were basic, and they did not offer a complete experience.

With the development of new technologies, the online gaming world is becoming much better. The improvement allows you to enjoy the best experience as a gamer. The stereo sound creates a realistic gaming experience. The game’s animations and graphics look more realistic now. Virtual reality, a modern innovation, can enhance the whole experience.

Final Thoughts

Advancements in modern technologies have completely changed the aspects of gaming. Improvements are made to bring the gamers one step closer to the real world.

Nowadays, everyone can find the game that works for them. Even if you are a beginner, you do not have to worry. There are tons of video content, tutorials and tips that you can find on the Internet. Gaming is all about the fun and excitement and the joy that victory brings with it.

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