Importance of Meta Description Tags

May 4, 2021
May 4, 2021 Mehr Jan

A Meta Description Tag is one of the most important elements of SEO Copywriting. It is probably the ultimate tool which keeps you on the top.

As the name suggests, it is a quick description on what is your page all about.

You can also call it as a summary of what your article or blog post will contain. I want to clarify one thing here- having a meta description does not necessarily mean that you are now bound to get high SEO rankings.

meta descriptions play an important role in SEO

And yet it plays a major role in your site’s prominence. Many SEO wizards consider it as a major element that keeps you at the top of your game.

In this blog post, I am going to be talking about and sharing all there is to share about meta descriptions.  How it impacts visitors, why are they important in SEO rankings and how can we determine the real search value that comes with it.

So let’s start of this highly interesting and may we say important discussion:

What is Meta Description?

meta description highlights what the page is about

In it’s simplest sense, it means having an attribute inside your meta tags which actually describe the page.

It gives a complete overview on what are you talking about on this page and how does it impact and have an effect on the reader.

It’s prominence lies in the fact that it appears on the search engine results. While there may be various content marketing tips, this is also a key player in making a difference.

If you don’t actually put in a meta description, Google will make use of some part of the main body text and have it placed there.

It is not hard to find. You can easily discover it as you just need to right-click on the page and select view page source. This leads to you discovering the page’s code which also contains the meta description tag.

So now that you know what Meta tags are, let’s look into why do they matter so much ?

The Importance of Meta Descriptions

use of meta as a conversion factor

These are one of the major SEO elements for your page. You can consider it as important as the content you are working on.

It puts a huge focus and gives a boost to the SEO efforts you are already contributing. So how does it do that. Let’s find out:

The meta description is actually considered as organic ad text. This means, that if you are having an ad which is ranking for a keyword, then popular search engines like Google and others will make use of the description as a summary of that page.

Also it comes to focus that your meta tag is equally important to the ad text. Keeping that in mind, when you have a good meta tag, it means you are able to get the most out of the click-through rate. It is considered as one of the leading SEO techniques you can master.

It plays a major role in getting the most out of organic search results. So this is a major win when you have the viewers actually seeing your page in organic search results and then clicking and landing on the site.

It is quite clear and proven that those which don’t fit an appropriate meta description into their page will likely suffer as it plays a major role in impacting your

This in turn leads to higher traffic paving onto your page. And who wouldn’t want that?

Now let’s talk on the benefits it provides:

Benefits to Making Use of Meta Descriptions

bold text appears in search engine results

So now we have a good understanding on how meta descriptions work.

One of the major things which defines how meta tags are important despite not playing a role in the ranking mechanism is that they are actually useful as a conversion factor.

Hence it is a major tool when it comes to including this small statement in your homepage, internal pages as well as all your blog posts and service pages.

You Get Bold Text in Search

This means you have this major text which is bold and while it isn’t helping search rankings per say, it is important to know that they also major part in getting the searcher’s attention.

How is this? When someone is typing out a keyword matching yours, your page will come into the search engine results with the keywords being bolded.

This is why it is imperative that you make use of a quality keyword and make sure that it appears in the SEO title and meta description. So your meta tag should include the exact keyword as the one you are targeting.

It is also helpful that you write it in a way so that you can get more clicks and results from it.

Social Networks Implement It 

This is a major and important fact about the kind of role meta descriptions play when it comes to social networks. They are essential and useful as some of the leading social media tools like Facebook and Google+ actually bring out the meta description.

This meta tag almost appears entirely. And it is the first thing which become readily available for viewing. So better make it something that will stand out.

Meta descriptions are also used in social bookmarking networks. It is as essential as any other page’s description and allow for your channel and platform to get a major boost on the network.

In today’s day and age, how you present your text is a direct sell out to how your site is going to be ranked. How you present your words and express matters a lot.

Ensure that you are doing so in the best optimal way.

So how do you decide on the kind of meta descriptions to put on? How do you know when something will definitely take the lead in looking good?

Here’s looking into writing good meta descriptions:

How to Write Meta Descriptions that Are Awesome

ensuring meta description is of high quality

There are just a few general guidelines you need to follow. They ensure that you have some pretty cool meta descriptions which are getting you noticed the right way. Here’s looking into great word usage:

  • The first and foremost important thing is that your meta descriptions should consist of keywords which are properly researched. Look for topics that are popular and in demand, and work out your meta tags which make use of them
  • You should also emphasize the kind of language you are using. You need to add value into your meta description but do so by making use of your creative intuition when writing the meta description.
  • Don’t copy ideas. Now here’s a fine line you need to consider. Copying means taking it completely from someone else. However that doesn’t mean you can’t take inspiration to know what stands out and take in bits and pieces on how to make your own stance.
  • Also you need to include your targeted keywords in your text. This is highly important. Make sure you are using the keyword you are targeting your blog post for.
  • Sometimes it helps if you do a little research to ensure the keywords used in the text are actually relevant to the what your page is talking about.
  • Make sure you don’t use the same meta description for any two or more pages in the same site.
  • When writing the meta description, make sure it is one that is spelling out all the benefits of the blog post. This gives the readers a nudge to make use of this specific blog post.
  • It also helps if you can make use of an urgency in your meta description. When you express with urgency, it means you are serious about what you are talking of.
  • Create compelling language. With such fierce competition around, it is important that you make use of content which stands out. And it is even more important that you give in a meta description which is highly catchy. It  will bring the viewers to your page instead of that of the competitor’s.

So before concluding, I want to talk about another major factor:

How Long Should Meta Descriptions Be?

When it comes to creating  a meta description, there is actually a set and standard length which should be used. This is highly important.

It shouldn’t be too long, neither should it be too short. Usually around 160 characters in length is good.

It is essential to keep your characters length at optimal size.

This is what keeps the readers and viewers intrigued and connected to your page and site.


ensure meta description is well-created

Your meta description is essential to your page. It is probably one of the leading factors when it comes to understanding how search engine optimization works.

As well as how the importance of meta descriptions plays a role in keeping your content and page in optimal condition.

Know this- your keyword is like a bridge that connects you to your customers.

I hope this blog gives you all the information you need when it comes to using meta descriptions. If you are looking into keeping yourself on top, it is essential you look into ways on how meta descriptions work best.

This allows for you to make use of this highly interesting tool in the best way.


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